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Anime Holy Place

This time, I will introduce the Tachikawa area in Tokyo, which was the stage of “Zwizder”, the anime broadcast in 2014.

The story of “Zwizder”

The Tokyo Metropolitan area has taken over the military and has drawn the “Tokyo Rebellion (Tokyo Sengoku period)” where Japan was confused.

Asuta Jimon, a boy who quarreled with his parents, meets Kate Hoshimiya, a young girl who calls himself the international secret society “Zwizder”.
And it is a science fiction comedy that gets involved in their world conquest.

The anime stage “Tachikawa”

Tachikawa has a park where you can feel nature, and there are also futuristic buildings.
From here, I will introduce the Tachikawa area in Tokyo, which was the stage of “Zwizder”.

“Tachikawa Station” often drawn

Tachikawa Station, which appears many times in the story, is one of the main stations in West Tokyo.

There is a deck in front of the station, and the monorail runs high.
Since it is a futuristic place, it often appears as an anime stage.

In addition, a large street extending from the north exit of Tachikawa Station is also drawn in animation.
This is where Asuta, who runs away, was walking in the middle of the night. (Episode 1)

Access from Tokyo Station to Tachikawa Station ↓

“Showa Memorial Park” drawn in the punishment scene

A typical spot in Tachikawa.
In the anime, it often appeared in punishment scenes for members.

t is a 10-minute walk from Tachikawa Station.

“Intersection near Tachihi Station” drawn as a base

The intersection near Tachihi Station (Tama Monorail) is also animated.

In the story, there was originally tha “Zwizder” base, which then disappeared and became a vacant lot.
In fact, it was a vacant lot at the time of anime broadcasting, but now there is a shopping mall that opened in 2015, and the state of the city is changing.