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Anime Introduction

[What is Yuki Yuna Is a Hero ?] 

Yuki Yuna Is a Hero (結城友奈は勇者である) is the second of four works called the “Hero Series”.  

Yuna Yuuki wakes up in the morning, gets ready, goes to school, takes classes, clubs, plays with friends …  

Junior high school second grader who spends such a normal daily life.  

The club that she belongs to is in a special club called “Hero”.  

Days of battle with ”Vertex”.  

It depicts the calm everyday life that is destroyed by the magnificent truth that is revealed, and the appearance of the women who still strive to live positively.  

The original of “Hero Series” is a light novel.  

The first work is “ Washio Sumi is a Hero”(鷲尾須美は勇者である)

The second work is “Yuuki Yuna is a Hero” 

The third work is “Nogi Wakaba is a Hero” (乃木若葉は勇者である)    

The fourth work is “Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero”(楠芽衣は勇者である)  

Now, from the 4 works of the Hero series. 

[What is Vertex ?]

The human enemy “Vertex” is depicted as an absolute enemy in the Hero series. 

Since the exact identity is not stated, it is the part where fans are considering various things. 

The only thing that is certain is that they are “sent beings”. 

[The name of the small enemy is “stardust” and the aggregate is “vertex”]

A total of 12 Vertex are coming aiming at Shinjyu-sama”(神樹様)

There seems to be a cycle in the attack, but it is said that it is not in trust in the “god century”(神世紀)

Before becoming a vertex, stardust was a terrible existence that appeared in the era of the first hero, “Nogi Wakaba is a hero”, and attacked people one after another. 

For some reason, animals and plants are not attacked, but only people are attacked

[12 types of vertices] 

Valgo Vertex 

Cancer Vertex 

Scorpion Vertex 

Sagittarius Vertex 

Capricorn Vertex 

Leo Vertex 

Aquarius Vertex 

Libra Vertex 

Taurus Vertex 

Aries Vertex 

Pisces Vertex 

Gemini Vertex 


Yuna Yuki (結城 友奈 Yūki Yūna

Mimori Togo (東郷 美森 Tōgō Mimori

Sumi Washio (鷲尾 須美 Washio Sumi

Fu Inubozaki (犬吠埼 風 Inubōzaki Fū

Itsuki Inubozaki (犬吠埼 樹 Inubōzaki Itsuki

Karin Miyoshi (三好 夏凛 Miyoshi Karin

Sonoko Nogi (乃木 園子 Nogi Sonoko

Gin Minowa (三ノ輪 銀 Minowa Gin

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