Yuki Yuna Is a Hero| Shikoku 【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place

This time, I went to Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, the sacred place where Yuki Yuna Is a Hero.


Yuki Yuna Is a Hero | Anime Introduction

[Area around Kannonji Station, Kagawa Prefecture]

The stage will be Kannonji City at the western end of Kagawa Prefecture.

It is an area where production of lettuce and iriko (boiled and dried) is thriving.

In addition, there are many tourist spots such as “Zinne-in Temple / Kannonji” and “Ibukijima”.

Famous among historical drama fans is “Zenigata sand painting” (photo) used for the title back of “Zenigata Heiji”. A huge sand picture that imitates Kanei Tsuho, and it is said that there is no worry about money if you see it.

[Kannonji Station]

Kannonji Station is the entrance to the stage of Yuki Yuna Is a Hero.

This time, from Tokyo to Okayama by Shinkansen,

I changed to an express train and crossed Seto Ohashi to Kannonji Station.



I arrived in Kagawa and I was hungry, so I went to the udon shop that appeared in the anime.

Tsuruya is about a 15-minute walk from the station.

I entered the store and ordered immediately.

I chose Yuna ’s favorite food, “Meat Bukkake Udon”.

It was really delicious.


[Road Station Toyohama]

During the meal, I heard that there was a vending machine with Yuki Yuna Is a Hero specification.

I headed after the meal.

Many goods such as Yuki Yuna Is a Hero goods were sold at the roadside station.

I recommend going by car or taxi


Opening scene

A bridge with three arches.

It is a symbolic scene of the work.


[KotoHiki Hachimangu]

It is right next to the tribridge.

The shrine climbs long stone steps.

However, there is a parking lot near the Zenigata-style observatory so you can go by car.


[Kotohiki Park]

The row of cherry trees that appeared in the 10th episode is Kotohiki Park.

The cherry blossoms in full bloom were very beautiful.

“Zenigata sand painting” is in Kotono Park.


[Beautiful beach, “Ariakehama”]

In summer, it is crowded with bathers.

It will appear a lot in the anime.


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