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Continuing from the previous time, we will continue to cover Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki.

Up to the previous article, Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki | By Nagoya [Anime Holy Place].

Well, last time, we introduced up to episode 4 along the flow of animation.

This time, we will introduce the introduction from episode 5 to the final episode.


In episode 5, various Nagoya souvenirs will be introduced.

Most of them originated in Mie and Gifu.

First of all, it is Tenmusu.

Tenmusu is a rice ball made with shrimp tempura.

Tenmusu originated in Mie.

You can also buy it at Nagoya Station, so please check it out.

It is sold at a store next to the ticket gate of Kintetsu Nagoya Station.

Miso katsu

Miso katsu is also born in Mie, just like the Tenmusu.

A pork cutlet with miso.

You can also eat at Nagoya Station.

You can eat it at Yabaton Nagoya Station Meitetsu.

Very juicy and delicious!


Akafuku was originally born in Mie.

The outside is anko and the inside is mochi, so it is delicious.

It is number 1 in sales at Nagoya Station.


The place where Jin invited the Yatogame to eat in episode 6.

Sugakiya is said to be a place of relaxation for Tokai students.

It was Yoshiduya.

Perhaps the stage is in Nagoya’s Meisei store.

Eat with a special fork called ramen fork.

Pork bone works well and is delicious.

Osu Shopping Street

In episode 8, Osu shopping street is introduced.


Where Jin buys a camera.


If you say Ameyoko, you’ll imagine Tokyo Ueno, but it’s also in Nagoya!

Yatogame bought a camera here.

Beckoning cat

Osu’s beckoning cat is often used as a meeting place.

Looks like Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Local idol

In Osu, you can sometimes watch live performances by local idols.

It is a unit called “OS U”.

In the anime, Tadakusa cheered on with great momentum.

The way of cheering is so unique that you may not know without studying on YouTube.

As mentioned above, Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki sacred place was introduced through an animation capture image.

If you come to Nagoya, why not visit the area around Nagoya Station and the Osu area?

Access to Osu

Nagoya Station → Nagoya City Higashiyama Line / Fujigaoka → Fushimi Station → Nagoya City Tsurumai Line / Akaike → Osu Kannon

It takes about 11 minutes.

The charge is 200 yen.


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