Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki | Nagoya【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place


The main character Kaito Jin has moved from Tokyo to Nagoya.

He looked forward to the dialect and food culture unique to Nagoya.

But no one speaks the dialect.

The main character was very disappointed.

But at that time he met Monaka Yatogame, the heroine.

She uses many dialects and always carries miso.

Gin is attracted toYatogame.


The stage will be Nagoya City.

There are some famous words introduced in this work.

“There are no sightseeing spots in Nagoya.”

“Nagoya specializes in gourmets, but there are almost no places to go sightseeing.”

Mai Tadakusa-chan said.

This word has permeated among Japanese people. haha


Surprisingly, there are many tourist spots!

Certainly, there are few conspicuous buildings like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, but Nagoya still has many attractions!

So, this time, I will go around the charm of Nagoya with Yatogame.

Nagoya Station

Nagoya Station that appeared from the first episode of anime.

It is the gateway to Nagoya

It is also a meeting place for Yatogame and gin.

Nakamo tsukete miso kakete miso

Scene from the first episode of anime.

When I met a Yatogame and a gin, it was sandwiched in a notebook that the turtle had dropped.

Nakamo tsukete miso kakete miso

The rumor that Nagoya people always carry miso was true!

Comeda coffee shop

In the second episode of the anime, the Komeda Coffee Shop appeared.

A tortoise that gracefully enjoys coffee at a coffee shop during the morning Going to school.

“In the morning we need to have breakfast at Komeda”

In Nagoya, breakfast is popular at Komeda.


Animation episode 2, scene at Komeda coffee shop.

The food that Yatogame chose was Shironoir.

Although it is explained in the anime, the normal size is quite large.

We recommend mini size!

Gold watch

The place used to meet up with turtles in anime episode 4.

A gold watch installed in Nagoya Station.

Takashimaya is built around.

Most used as a gathering place for Nagoya people.


This is also one of the famous places in Nagoya.

It ’s very big.

There is also a height of 6 meters and 10 cm.


Pointed monument in front of Nagoya Station.

In the Nagoya dialect, say “Tokkin Tokkin”.

Nagoya Mode Gakuen

It ’s a very unique building.

That’s all for today’s interview.

The second half of the article is Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki ②.