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This time, we will introduce the area around Sasazuka and Hatagaya, which was the stage of “Working Demon King!” (Tokyo MX and others).

Satan, who invaded the human world, was defeated by the brave Emilia and drifted from another world “Ente Isla” to Tokyo, Japan.

However, Satan, who has lost his magical power, makes a living while using his name as “Sadao Mao” to collect information to restore his magical power.
Furthermore, the hero Emilia who followed him was making a living as a part-time job named “Emi Yusa”.

One day, this is a popular fantasy comedy work where the two people meet by chance.
This time, we will introduce the attractions of the city along with the spots of Sasazuka and Hatagaya, the main stage of the story.

Sasazuka Station

The nearest station of the apartment where the main character, “Sadao Mao” lives, is Sasazuka Station.

There are commercial facilities under the overpass from the station, and there are about 40 shops, including apparel, centering on restaurants and side dishes.
Many restaurants are open until late at night.

Source: Walker+
Source: Walker+

This is the meeting scene of Emi Yusa in Episode 8 and Suzuno Kamazuki, Crestia Bell from another world.

Sasazuka Station can be reached in 5 minutes from Shinjuku Station (Tokyo).

Street in front of Hatagaya Station

“Sadao Mao” is a fast food restaurant “Maguronarudo”.
In the setting near Hatagaya Station, there was “Moss Burger” at the place when the animation was broadcast.
Currently, “Miyabi Sushi” is in operation.
Opened in April 2015, this restaurant offers over 30 types of sushi made with fresh ingredients and a variety of dishes.

Source: Walker+
Source: Walker+

The street in front of Hatagaya Station where there is a “Maguronarudo” where “Mao Sadao” works.

Sasazuka Intersection

Around this intersection, “Sadao Mao” and “Emi Yusa” come to Japan and are depicted in impressive scenes, such as the scenes they first met.

Proceed east from Sasazuka Station and cross the Nakano Street.
In the story, parking lots and buildings are depicted almost as they are, and you can feel the world of animation.

Source: Walker+
Source: Walker+

In episode 2, “Sadao Mao” meets by chance at “Emi Yusa” and “Sasazuka Intersection”.

Sasazuka Kannon Street

The scene of “Emi Yusa” and others returning from the amusement park (10 episodes) is drawn near the shopping district of Sasazuka Kannon Street.

Sasazuka Kannon Street is a shopping street with a history of nearly 100 years.
Currently, there are about 40 restaurants and restaurants along a 200m road.

Source: Walker+
Source: Walker+

Scene where a train with Eisa Yusa who came back from the amusement park enters Sasazuka Station

2000 Years Park

This park is located near the apartment where “Sadao Mao” lives, and was depicted in a scene confessed by Chiho Sasaki, a junior at the part-time job.

Source: Walker+
Source: Walker+

When she sent Chiho Sasaki who came to her home, “Mao Sadao” was confessed by her.

It is about a 5-minute walk from Sasazuka Station and is in the residential area just past the Sasazuka Kannon Street.


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