Tamako Market | Kyoto 【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place

This time, I went to the Demachi Ogata Shopping Street in Kyoto, the holy place of the TV anime Tamako Market.

The TV anime was broadcast from January to March 2013.

There are 12 episodes.

In April 2014, the sequel “Tamako Love Story” was released.

“Tamako Market” produced by Kyoto Animation is an anime that has become a hot topic because the main staff is the same as the masterpiece “K-ON!”.

The Demachi Ogata Shopping Street in Kyoto is the stage of this “Tamako Market” and the motif of the Usagiyama Shopping Street.

Many anime fans visit this area, and a small shopping street is crowded.


This is a story about the unusual everyday life of Tamako Kitashirakawa, a girl who lives in the Usagiyama shopping street, and encounters a strange bird that speaks language.

Usagiyama Shopping Street, which is the stage of this work, is inspired by the Demachi Ogata Shopping Street in Kyoto.

It’s a small local shopping street covered in arcades like anime.

It looks really similar, and every day there are young people who have a camera.

I’m sure it will be irresistible for fans.

[Keihan Fujimori Station]

The stage is depicted as the school route for Tamako and others, and the model is the front of Fujimori Station on the Keihan Main Line.

Demachi shopping street, which will be introduced later, is the home of Tamako, and the nearest station is Keihan Demachiyanagi, so you should use Keihan Fujimori Station.

However, as long as you watch anime, it is just a passing point on the way to school.

Despite being in front of the station, the station building is not shown.

From this, even if it is a model, the position setting is considered to be different from the real world.

Changing only the position setting is K-ON! Same as.

K-ON! I will write about this article later.

[Our Lady Academy]

This is a high school model where Tamakora attends a school just a short walk from Fujimori Station.

[Keihan Demachiyanagi Station]

It is the nearest station of Tamako’s home.

Usagiyama shopping street is also nearby.

[Demachi Shopping Street]

Cross the Kamogawa River from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station Exit 3 and turn right at the next intersection.

This is the model of the Usagiyama shopping street.

There were many people in the area.

[Ikawa Toy]

[Chibikara Honpo Kyoto Demachi]

A huge fish object!

[The edge of the shopping street. A place that crosses Teramachi Street]


Kyoto Station → Nara Line Local Nara → Tofukuji Station → Keihan Main Line Semi-Express Yodoyabashi → Hujinomori Station

Cost ; \270



Kyoto Station → Demachiyanagi Station

Kyoto Station → Nara LineLocal Uji → Tofukuji Station → Keihan Main LineLocalDemachiyanagi → Demachiyanagi Station

Cost: ¥410