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Anime Synopsis

Episode 1 “Transfer student came”

Ichijo Hotaru decides to transfer from Tokyo to “Asahigaoka Branch School” because of his parents’ work.

But there was a school with only five students, including myself!

Hotaru Ichijo transferred from Tokyo, Natsumi Koshigaya of the mood maker, Komari Koshigaya of the highest grade in girls, Renge Miyauchi, the youngest with a unique sensibility, and their daily life in the relaxed countryside of the country begins!

Episode 2 “Went to Mom-and-Pop Candy Store”

Ichijo Hotaru, who has completed a transfer to Asahigaoka Branch School, had a fun school life with his classmates.

In particular, she was in contact with Komari Koshigaya, whose height was less than 140 cm, with the idea that she was a cute senior.

However, that feeling will eventually change to loving.

Then one day, a call is received from Komari, and they will play together.

Episode 3 “I ran away with my sister”

When Ichijo Hotaru arrived at school, Natsumi Koshigaya told me that he would go on an excursion today.

Despite not knowing her destination, she sought an excursion and went there, where she had a teacher with Renge who was already wearing a hat and changing into rubber workwear …

Episode 4 “Summer vacation has begun”

On the day that summer vacation was about to begin, Hikage, the second daughter of the Miyauchi family, who went to school in Tokyo, returned home.

It was a that Hikage boasted of talking about the city, but Ichijo firefly came to play there.

When Renge is walking by the stream, she meets a girl of the same age have a camera. The child claims to be Honoka Ishikawa …

Episode 5 “I pretended to forget my swimsuit”

Speaking of summer vacation, sea bathing!

All of Asahigaoka Branch School will go to the sea together.

While Renge Miyauchi and Natsumi Koshigaya in bathing suits were playing happily on the sandy beach, Komari Koshigaya never entered the sea, did not change into a swimsuit, and for some reason just stared at the sea.

Meanwhile, Ichijo Hotaru appears in a dignified bikini …

Episode 6 “I worked hard as a ghost”

During summer vacation, Komari Koshigaya and Natsumi sisters, who received a preaching from their mother for studying, joined with Renge Miyauchi and went to Ichijo Hotaru’s house in a hurry.

Hotaru, who doesn’t know anything, has made a lot of Komari’s small stuffed toys.

When I was worried about where to put the finished product, the chime of the Hotaru’s house sounds…

Episode 7 “The rice crackers became curry”

Asahigaoka Branch School where summer vacation is over and the second semester has begun.

Natsumi Koshigaya, who overslept from the first day, vigorously opens the classroom door and rushes in, but there is no teacher and there are only students who are free at each seat.

Therefore, we propose various games to kill time.

However, the sensitivity of Miyauchi Renge is too different …

Episode 8 “Cooked rice at school”

All classmates prepare lunch using ingredients harvested from the schoolyard of the Asahigaoka branch school.

Meanwhile, Komari Koshigaya is in charge of cooking potatoes.

While Hotaru Ichijo is watching, she is struggling to make sweet potato rice to surprise her sister Natsumi.

And it’s time to eat …

Episode 9 “I tried a school festival”

At the suggestion of Natsumi Koshigaya, the first school festival will be held at Asahigaoka Branch School.

As I was preparing for the event to be held at the school festival, I realized that even if it is held on the weekend, I will not decide on invited guests, Konomi Fujimiya comes to play, Miyauchi Renka’s older sister, Hikage, Kagayama Kaede You are invited to the school festival …

Episode 10 “Saw the first sunrise”

A schoolyard with no one, a tree withered in winter.

The closing ceremony of the second semester was over, and all the members of Asahigaoka Branch School spent the end of each year.

The Koshigaya family prepares for cleaning, the Ichijo family prepares for Osechi dishes, and the Miyauchi family prepares for New Year’s buckwheat noodles.

At midnight, Kaede Kagayama visits the Miyauchi family and everyone goes to see the first sunrise …

Episode 11 “I made a kamakura”

The bus stopped due to a severe snowstorm, and in the Asahigaoka branch school decided to stay at school.

However, she stayed at school for the first time in her life, so Hotaru frolic.

At that point, the teacher was sleeping deeply on one of only three futons.

Episode 12 “Spring has come again”

Asahigaoka Branch School decided to select wild grass and wild plants while listening to the voice of the warbler in the spring sunshine.

Ichijo Hotaru, who has no experience of picking wild flowers, collects wild flowers while learning the types of wild flowers from Komari Koshigaya.

In addition, while Renge Miyauchi is picking wildflowers, she starts to worry again about whether she lives in the countryside.