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Anime Synopsis

Episode 1 “Disband the Club”

Yui Hirasawa has just started high school and wants to do something for a change but can’t make up her mind on whether to join a club or not.

Meanwhile, Ritsu Tainaka drags her friend Mio Akiyama, who had already decided on a club, to join the light music club instead, only to be informed that its members have already graduated and it will be disbanded if it doesn’t recruit at least four members by the end of the month.

With Ritsu in drums and Mio in bass as the starting members, they come across and manage to convince Tsumugi Kotobuki, who initially wanted to join a different club, to join up with them.

In order to attract a fourth member, the three each put up a poster for the club which catches Yui‘s eye.

Misunderstanding the term “light music“, Yui submits a form only to find out they were looking for someone to play a guitar, which she had no skill for.

Despite this, the three members try to get Yui to stay, and after playing a short piece for her, she decides to join the club and learn the guitar, which she first has to buy.

Episode 2 “Instruments!”

As they go looking to buy a guitar, Yui is drawn to a Gibson Les Paul which, to her dismay, has a price tag far beyond her current budget.

The girls decide to get part-time jobs but is unsuccessful in earning enough to augment her funds.

Yui then suggests that the others keep what they earned and decides to be contented with a cheaper guitar.

When Yui is drawn again to the Les Paul, Tsumugi rises up to the occasion

Episode 3 “Cram Session!”

It is the time for midterm exams.

Unfortunately, Yui spent more time on practicing how to play her guitar chords instead of studying and so ends up failing.

Failure in the retest meant she cannot participate in club activities and so the club will be disbanded because of insufficient membership.

A day before the retest, Yui begs Mio, Tsumugi, and Ritsu to help her.

Mio comes through, but Ritsu is more of a distraction than help.

Days after the retest, an exhausted Yui returns to the club room with perfect marks.

To celebrate, the girls ask her to play the guitar chords she had learned so far, only to find that Yui has completely forgotten them.

Episode 4 “Training Camp!”

Mio finds a box filled with stuff from the previous light music club in the club room, including a cassette tape of the previous club’s performance at the school festival.

After listening to it, Mio is inspired to get the gang together to practice over the summer break for the upcoming school festival.

Worried about cost, the girls turn to Tsumugi, who just so happens to have a villa along the coast.

They travel by train to Tsumugi’s beachside villa, where Mio is determined to practice, however she is outnumbered and ends up playing around with the girls instead.

After eventually getting some practice done in the evening, Mio is awed by the sight of Yui playing guitar in front of some fireworks.

Mio confesses to the others that she wants them to be as good as the old light music club, playing the cassette tape for them.

However, when tape flips to the backside, Mio is horrified by the shrieking intro of a vocalist in the old club.

To cheer Mio up, Yui plays a perfect guitar solo and learns a new trick of vibrato on the guitar.

Episode 5 “Advisor!”

The light music club is still not officially recognized, as they did not turn in a club form months before and have yet to find an adviser.

The girls ask the music teacher Sawako Yamanaka to be their adviser.

Though she initially refuses, it is discovered that she used to be a member of the previous light music club as a death metal enthusiast, and Ritsu uses that fact to blackmail her into becoming the adviser.

As the club still needs a vocalist and lyrics, Mio writes a song called “Light and Fluffy Time“, which is accepted, despite protests from Ritsu.

Since Mio is too embarrassed to sing, Yui offers instead, but she cannot sing and play guitar simultaneously.

Sawako teaches her to do so, but after all the training, she loses her voice.

With only three days left to the school festival, Mio must perform the vocals herself.

Episode 6 “School Festival!”

On the day of the school festival, an anxious Mio wants to practice for the club’s live event, but everyone else is obligated helping with their classes’ other stands.

They later get some practice done, but Mio is still nervous about singing center stage, with Sawako’s costume choices not helping her mood.

Ritsu holds a mock concert introduction to calm Mio’s nerves.

Although she still has jitters when the concert starts, the others encourage Mio to do her best, having seen practicing diligently beforehand.

Though the show manages to become successful, Mio trips over the guitar cable as she leaves the stage, accidentally exposing her underwear to the audience.

She ends up getting a fan club, but is traumatized by her embarrassment.

Episode 7 “Christmas!”

Yui’s sister Ui Hirasawa remembers how Yui once attempted to give her a white Christmas when they were little, by putting pillow-stuffing on the tree outside.

Ritsu decides to hold a Christmas party for the club, and while her initial plans of holding it at Tsumugi’s house fail, they eventually decide to have it at Yui’s house while Yui’s parents are on vacation.

Yui’s friend Nodoka Manabe also gets an invitation.

The girls decide to hold a gift exchange at the party, and go shopping for various gifts.

Ui prepares a lovely Christmas dinner for the group, which gets a little out of hand when Sawako shows up out of nowhere.

After the gift exchange, Yui and Ui end up giving each other just the right warm accessories for the winter.

After the rest of the group leaves, snow falls and Yui and Ui decide to sleep together, though, unfortunately for Ui, Yui ends up hogging the sheets.

In the New Year, the club decides to visit the shrine to make their New Year wishes.

Episode 8 “Freshman Reception!”

Ui enters Yui’s school as a freshman, as well as her classmate Azusa Nakano.

When the class arrangements are announced, Yui, Tsumugi and Ritsu end up in the same class, while Mio ends up in a different class with Nodoka.

The group puts up with Sawako’s ideas of promoting the club by dressing them up as animals, even though it seems to be having the opposite effect.

Ui and her classmate, Jun Suzuki, visit the club only to find everyone dressed as maids, but the girls soon change into tracksuits after finding it impossible to play while wearing the maid outfits.

Meanwhile, Azusa walks around looking for a club that is right for her, initially passing up the light music club because they lack seriousness.

The light music club gets ready for another live performance at the freshman welcome assembly, but Mio is still too embarrassed to do the vocals, so Yui does them instead.

Yui forgets about the lyrics at the beginning of a song, but Mio manages to get over her shyness and back her up.

Ui brings Azusa to watch the show, and Azusa is moved so much by it that she decides to join the club.

Episode 9 “New Club Member!”

Azusa officially joins the club, but is shocked to find everyone drinking tea and eating cake instead of practicing.

She yells at them when Sawako tells her off for actually practicing, but Yui manages to calm her down with a surprising tactic.

Despite her objections, Azusa finds herself weak against Tsumugi’s tea and cakes.

Yui herself is rather shocked that Azusa plays guitar much better than herself.

Sawako brings a pair of cat ears for Azusa to wear, much to Azusa’s discomfort, leading Yui to give her the nickname “Azu-nyan“, as “nyan” is the Japanese counterpart of “meow“.

Noticing that Azusa is a bit upset, Mio encourages the band to practice more, but the group quickly reverts to its lazy state.

Azusa then becomes frustrated, wondering as to why the band members she admired at the live performance behave as they do.

After Azusa expresses her frustration, Mio explains to her that she stays in the band because they have fun performing together and because they like each other, thus convincing Azusa to stay.

Episode 10 “Another Training Camp!”

Azusa and Ui hang out together for the first time for lunch, joined later by a stealthy Ritsu.

Yui and Ritsu invite Sawako to join their next training camp, but she appears uninterested.

The gang arrive at an even larger villa than last year, though Tsumugi apologetically points out that it is still not as large as the one she had desired.

Yui and Ritsu want to play and Mio and Azusa want to practice, but Tsumugi casts the deciding vote in favor of playing.

Although Azusa objects, she ends up having the most fun anyway, even getting sunburned in the process.

After practice, dinner, and fireworks, Ritsu suggests a test of courage, and Mio and Azusa are shocked by the sudden appearance of Sawako.

In the middle of the night, Azusa discovers Yui practicing the guitar, and they bond.

Azusa meets up with Ui again, saying that despite not practicing much, she enjoyed the trip as she got to know more about the group.

Episode 11 “Crisis!”

When Ritsu is reminded by Nodoka to fill in the stage-use application form in advance, the band members notice they do not have a name yet.

Azusa inspects the rust on Yui’s guitar strings, and it becomes apparent that Yui has never given her guitar maintenance before.

They take it to the guitar shop, where Mio is entranced by rare left-handed bass guitars.

After the guitar is repaired Yui realizes that she has to pay for the maintenance service, but has not brought any money with her.

Though Tsumugi offers to pay instead, the shopkeeper, refusing to take money from her, tells her to consider it a free service.

Later, Ritsu starts to become jealous of Mio spending time with Nodoka and begins to fall out with her.

She ends up with a fever, so Mio visits and smooths things over, joined later by the other girls. Back at school, a recovered Ritsu gets in trouble for failing to turn in the application form on time, but Nodoka backs her up in front of the student council.

Since the girls are unable to decide on a name for the band, Sawako makes an executive decision and assigns the name “After School Tea Time” to the band.

Yui unfortunately ends up catching Ritsu’s cold.

Episode 12 “Light Music!”

Yui is still sick from her cold, which is possibly attributed to her wearing a short yukata for too long.

As the band tries to make do with Azusa as lead guitarist, Yui supposedly shows up over with her cold.

However, her playing is too perfect and when she accidentally messes up her honorifics, it is revealed that she is actually Ui, who had managed to play after a few days practice.

Yui appears, but is still in no condition to play, so Mio tells her to stay home and recuperate until the day of the live performance.

Yui eventually makes it in time, but forgets her guitar at home, so Sawako fills in for her while she goes to get it.