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Anime Synopsis

Episode 1 ” In a Pinch on Our Maiden Voyage! “

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Admiring female Marines known as the Blue Mermaids since childhood, Akeno Misaki enrolls at Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School in order to become one herself.

After briefly reuniting with her childhood friend Moeka China, who is assigned as captain on the ship Musashi, Akeno is assigned as captain on the destroyer ship Harekaze, much to the ire of Deputy Captain Mashiro Munetani.

As the ships head off towards nautical lessons, the Harekaze, which is running late due to engine troubles, suddenly comes under attack from the instructor’s ship, the Sarushima.

After narrowly evading attacks with no response from the instructor, Akeno makes the decision to launch a dummy torpedo at the Sarushima so they can safely retreat.

However, this leads to the Sarushima reporting that the Harekaze has mutinied.


Episode 2 ” In a Pinch During the Pursuit! “


After looking over the damage done during their encounter with the Sarushima, the Harekaze starts making its way to the nearest port in the hopes of explaining themselves to the authorities.

Along the way, however, they come under pursuit from the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee.

Faced with unfavorable battle odds, Akeno comes up with the idea to use the smoke from the ship’s funnel as a smokescreen in order to get a shot in.

During this, a small craft leaving the Graf Spee gets hit in the crossfire, prompting Akeno to set out and rescue its pilot.

After the Harekaze gets to safety with the pilot in tow, Akeno receives a distress call from Moeka, telling her that the Musashi is in danger.


Episode 3 “In a Pinch in Pajamas!”


As Akeno becomes worried about Moeka’s distress call, the Harekaze intercepts a message reporting the ship’s alleged mutiny.

Later that night, the ship comes across the I-201, a submarine from Toumai marine boys’ high school and attempts to send a message to them, only to once again come under attack.

As the girls try to evade the submarine’s torpedoes, the rescued German pilot, Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingelner Friedeburg, wakes up and helps the crew fight off the submarine.

After managing to escape, Wilhelmina informs Akeno that something on the Spee caused her crew to stop obeying orders.

As the ship receives orders from Yokosuka’s principal to return to school, Wilhelmina moves into Mashiro’s room.


Episode 4 “Maidens in a Pinch!”


Needing more supplies for the ship, particularly toilet paper, Akeno and a few others make an excursion to a nearby ocean shopping mall.

Meanwhile, as Mashiro has worries about being compared to her mother, the principal, a peculiar rodent is picked up on the ship.

Just as the girls get their supplies, they are confronted by some Blue Mermaids who capture Akeno.

As ships surround the Harekaze, Shima Tateishi suddenly becomes possessed by something and starts shooting at the other ships until Wilhelmina stops her.

Afterwards, it is revealed the ships are those of the Safety Oversight Office, who believe in the Harekaze’s innocence and give them some supplies.

Meanwhile, the rodent that was found in the box picked up earlier is sent to the medical room, where Minami decides to investigate it, believing it to be not a hamster or a rat.


Episode 5 “Pinched by the Musashi!”


As the Harekaze takes a well-earned break, the Blue Mermaids interview the instructor who attacked the Harekaze, Kaoru Furushou, who can’t remember what drove her to do so, while Akeno talks with Rin, who is worried about her cowardly personality.

Meanwhile, a group of instructor ships from Toumai Marine boys high school go to investigate the Musashi, only to suddenly come under attack from it.

Back at the Harekaze, as the girls hold a welcoming party for Wilhelmina, they are requested to investigate the situation with the Musashi.

Despite Mashiro’s warning, Akeno goes off on her own to rescue Moeka, but crashes her skipper just as she gets near.


Episode 6 “In a Mined Pinch!”


Upon returning to the Harekaze, Akeno takes a bath with the engineers, sharing her worries about Moeka with Wilhelmina and Rin.

Later, Minami discovers that the cause of their electrical equipment malfunctioning was the rodent, which was carrying a virus that caused Shima to act the way she did earlier.

The Harekaze soon finds itself surrounded by mines, prompting the crew to do some minesweeping.

When the two skipper crew, Kayoko Himeji and Ritsuko Matsunaga, get caught up in an underwater explosion, Rin manages to convince Mashiro to let her and Akeno set out to safely rescue them.

Meanwhile, Minami decides to try an antibody she created for the virus on herself.


Episode 7 “In a Stormy Pinch!”


Due to a shortage, the crew has to conserve water by drinking ramune and using seawater for showers and cleaning until they can replenish supplies.

They soon run into some luck when they come across some rain, only for it to suddenly turn into a storm.

This leads Akeno to reveal that she has a fear of lightning, as it reminds her of a day she became separated from her parents during a shipwreck, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The Harekaze soon learns of a stranded mall ship and are sent to help evacuate its passengers.

As Mashiro and Wilhelmina lead a rescue party, Mashiro gets caught up in a flood while rescuing a cat named Tamonmaru.

Just as Mashiro laments her bad luck, she is rescued by the Blue Mermaids, who take Minami’s antibody with them, while Tamonmaru’s owners deciding to let him stay with Mashiro aboard the Harekaze.

After the rescue mission, the Harekaze sails through a fog not knowing another ship was just near them.


Episode 8 “In a Pinch with the Hiei!”


While sailing out of the fog, the Harekaze encounters another ship of their school.

Initially assuming to be the Musashi, it turns out to be the Hiei.

The school orders the ship to monitor the Hiei while avoiding being hit as reinforcements from the Blue Mermaids were deployed, arriving in four hours.

The crew realizes that their course was leading to a residential area and worries that the infection will spread from the Hiei to the residents.

Meanwhile, Mashimo visits her mother, the principal at the school explaining the source of the infection and how it began.

Meanwhile, Akeno devises a strategy and receives permission from the principal to execute it in order to stop the Hiei.

The plan was successful with the Hiei running aground and the Blue Mermaids arrive, led by Mashiro’s other elder sister, Mafuyu.


Episode 9 “Mina in a Pinch!”


Upon splitting up with the Blue Mermaids to investigate two large ships headed in different locations, the Harekaze come across the Admiral Spee, Wilhelmina’s ship.

The Harekaze launches an attack on the Spee in an attempt to stop it, only to find it is not trying to evade their torpedoes, keeping them from targeting their weak point.

Remember her last encounter with the Spee, Akeno, Wilhelmina, and some others take skippers to sneak aboard while the Harekaze distracts it.

As Akeno’s group make their way past the infected Spee crew, Wilhelmina faces off against her captain, Thea Kreutzer, and Kaburagi manages to administer with the vaccine, stopping the Spee’s attack.

As Wilhelmina returns to Spee, she has a tearful farewell with Coco.


Episode 10 “Happy at the Equator Festival!”


Since Harekaze reached the equator, engineer Maron Yanagiwara decides to organize an Equator Festival on the Harekaze.

Meanwhile, the Blue Mermaids prepare an operation to distribute the antibody to the other infected ships, requesting help from the other students.

As the day approaches, Maron becomes upset when she finds that no one seems to be excited for the festival.

She soon cheers up when Hime Wazumi builds a palanquin for the event, and the other girls soon start getting into it.

The festivities soon get underway with various performances and attractions, including a play, a sumo tournament, and finally a sing-along.


Episode 11 “In a Pinch with a Battleship’s Big Cannon!”

Akeno becomes anxious over putting her crewmates in danger again as the Harekaze is sent to pursue the Musashi.

While the Blue Mermaids try to rescue and stop the Musashi, Moeka, who has been trapped on the bridge with a few crewmates, recalls how the rest of her crew became infected and took control over the ship.

As the Blue Mermaids ships begin to diminish under the Musashi’s firepower, Akeno expresses her fears about letting her crewmates get hurt.

Receiving some advice from Maron, Mashiro and the rest of the crew give Akeno their support, encouraging her to take action and head off to rescue the Musashi.

Episode 12 “In a Pinch with the Last Battle!”





The Harekaze begin their approach towards the Musashi, launching all of its torpedoes at the stern to slow it down.


As the Harekaze take heavy damage from the Musashi’s heavy firepower, they are aided by the arrival of their school’s ships including HieiMaikazeHamakazeGraf Spee (Wilhelmina’s ship) and Tenjin (instructor Furushou’s ship).

With everyone’s support, the Harekaze launches a rocket to create a smoke screen over the Musashi, allowing them to board the ship, leading to a long-awaited reunion between Akeno and Moeka.

After returning everyone safely home, the Harekaze sinks at dockside as a result of all the damage it took, earning everyone’s respect and honor for the journey it went through.