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Anime Synopsis

Episode 1 “The Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia”

Human Resources Continuity Guarantee Agency, Caldea.

The last master of humanity, Ritsuka Fujimaru and his servant, Mash Kyrielite, have traveled through six eras and regions in order to regain the future lost by the “human incineration” performed by the Magic King.

And now they step into ancient Mesopotamia for the last singularity repair.

Two people who arrive at the place where gods exist daily and are attacked by an overwhelming number of demons. The one who appeared from the sky at the time of was a beautiful girl.

Episode 2 “Citadel city Uruk”

Under the guidance of a young man, Elkidu, who offered guidance, Fujimaru and his team aim for Uruk.

However, Mash feels a disturbing atmosphere in Elkidu, who travels in a different path from the intended direction in a deep forest.

In front of such a party, suddenly a couple of men and girls who have left the other-worldly appear. And a man’s word revealed the hidden secret of Erkidu …

Episode 3 “King and people”

A party with Fujimaru who played a audience with Gilgamesh, who ruled Uruk.

Fujimaru tells Gilgamesh that he wants to get the Holy Grail that is causing this singularity in exchange for defeating the “Three Goddess Alliance” that threatens Mesopotamia.

Gilgamesh, however, argues that Chaldea’s power is Do not borrow from the crisis of Uruk.

Tense situation immediately-suddenly Uruk city god Ishtar invaded in front of them, and it became a battle.

Episode 4 “Call of jungle”

Fujimaru recalls a sight at a singularity that he once traveled. Regret that there was one who was harmed by the Magic King and could not be protected. Fujimaru was still worried about his choice.

The king’s be ordered from Gilgamesh so that he can head for Ur’s investigation. Along the way, a party attacked by something in a Intense heat forest.

Despite being confused by the words and actions, he managed to reach Ur. Contrary to expectations, Fujimaru and others are surprised by the people who live in peace.

But there was a hidden secret in that peace …

Fujimaru is forced to make one “selection”.

Episode 5 “Gilgamesh Journey”

Fujimaru and others are stun by Gilgamesh who suddenly visited the Chaldean Embassy.

The new king’s order, which was reported directly, was a survey of the Persian Gulf.

On the way, Areas not attacked by the three goddesses, and Merlin and Ana are not participating because there is no pass.

In other words, this trip was supposed to be a journey of only two people, Mash who visited for the first time in a long time.

However, there is a prestigious king who turns his head in a single word.

The trip of Fujimaru and others will be a lively one, with flowers in old tales.

Episode 6 “Clay plate of destiny”

Fujimaru and others who have completed the investigation of the Persian Gulf will beg a new king’s order.

The idea is to collect the clay plates that Gilgamesh previously lost in Kuta City.

Kuta city is said to have disappeared without any notice after the appearance of the three goddesses, and the inhabitants also took their breath away.

In a quiet city, they decided to search for clay plates by hand.

So Fujimaru suddenly gets lost in the cold world.

It was a space isolated from this world called the realm of the dead.

Episode 7 “a feint operation”

After successfully collecting Gilgamesh clay plates, Fujimaru recalls his confrontation with the King of Magic at the Fourth Singularity in a deep sleep, reaffirming the need for the last Holy Grail.

Meanwhile, Merlin, who sensed that the demons on the north wall were about to enter a large-scale offensive, took Fujimaru and others to the north wall. There was a figure struggled by the unit commanded by Leonidas I.

Fujimaru and his group heard that they had lost contact with “Nipple” a fortress city in the north from Ushiwakamaru.

Episode 8 “Demon Mother God”

Fujimaru and his group begin a battle with the fake Elkidhu who has been waiting to save the people left in the fortress city Nipple who has lost contact.

With the help of Faw, he managed to maintain his balance, but during the battle, the demon goddess finally appeared.

Merlin even hands and feet do not come out of that mighty power.

Meanwhile, Ushiwakamaru and Leonidas I who Confront intense battles the demon beast goddess.

In order to overcome the situation that can hardly be injured, the two people activate the ”noble weapon” with a preparedness to death.

Episode 9 ” Good morning, the goddess of Venus “

Fujimaru who lost Ushiwakamaru and Leonidas I.

Girugamesh, who received a report from the party that returned to Zigrad, said that it was necessary to capture the three goddesses in order to counter Gorgon, and first ordered Fujimaru to make Ishtar a friend.

Fujimaru and his team headed to the temple of Ishtar with the “secret measure” given to Gilgamesh.

Episode 10 ” Hello, goddess of the sun “

Fujimaru and his colleagues, who have successfully made Ishtar their friends, get information on “Marduque’s hatchet” stored in the dense jungle / Eridu in the south as a key to overthrowing Gorgone from Gilgamesh.

At the same time as Ishtar reveals the true name of the goddess of jungle based in Eridu, the goddess of jungle rushes to Uruk.

Fujimaru and his colleagues rush to the goddess of the dense forest who attacks humans one after another with a smile, but the goddess begins to talk about “a certain situation”.

Episode 11 “Temple of the sun”

Fujimaru and his friends, who easily put Jaguarman on their side, reunited with Uruk soldiers who were thought to have died before Eridu.

A party that knows their safety and finds a way to overthrow Quetzal Coatl.

Then arrived at Eridu sun temple and challenged the battle of Quetzal Coator, one of the three goddesses alliance.

During a fierce attack to destroy the sun’s altar, Fujimaru borrowed the power of Ishtar and Challenge straight ahead souled Quetzal Coatl.