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Anime Synopsis

Episode 1 “Stupid, class and summoning war”

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Fumizuki Gakuen where class facilities are ranked by grade.

Here, the “test summoning war” is held. There, test scores are increased and battles against summons beast that steal enemy class equipment take place.

Akihisa Yoshii, the stupid “observation disposal person” in the fool’s group F-Class, fights for Mizuki Himeji’s “test summoning war”!

Episode 2 “Lily, rose and health and physical education”

この画像には alt 属性が指定されておらず、ファイル名は スクリーンショット-209-300x180.png です

Woodwork Bond is a water-soluble vinyl acetate emulsion that exhibits strong adhesion to wood, but takes a long time to dry and is sensitive to water

Instant adhesive is a one-part cyanoacrylate adhesive.
Although it boasts strong adhesion, it needs to be carefully set so that it cures quickly and does not stick to your fingers.

Episode 3 “Food expenses, dating and stun gun”

この画像には alt 属性が指定されておらず、ファイル名は スクリーンショット-210-300x180.png です

Captain Willard, an army airborne officer on a secret mission in the CIA, is tasked with assassinating Colonel Kurtz, a former captain of Green Berets

On the night of a buffalo sacrifice festival, Captain Willard heads for the assassination of Colonel Kurtz, who has built an independent kingdom in the hinterland of the jungle.

Episode 4 “Love, spices and lunch”

In the days without refrigerators, spices, which have a bactericidal and detoxifying effect, were used to store perishable ingredients such as meat and fish.

In medieval Europe, spices are said to be very valuable and were traded for silver of equal weight.

A fierce battle breaks out over the spices.

Episode 5 “Map, Treasure and Striker Sigma V”

Orienteering is a sport that uses a map and a compass to find a checkpoint and head for the goal.

The person who has both the intelligence to read the map and the physical ability to run the course wins.

It was a disadvantage for Akihisa Yoshii, who was only physically fit, but when he teamed up with Mizuki Himeji, he was not scared.

Episode 6 “A pool and swimsuit paradise with me”

At first glance, old and old school swimwear seemed to be divided into shirt-like tops and bloomers-like bottoms, but in reality they were one-pieces connected by a backing cloth.

This competes with the older type, where the bottoms remain only at the front two places to drain water from the chest.

Episode 7 “Me, Shoko and Kisaragi Grand Park”

Generally, ceremony cakes, which cut cakes at wedding receptions, are non-edible artifacts.

Only the part to be cut has a real cake attached to it, and the main part is used for other weddings.

If you want to do a ceremony using all the real cakes, you will need a separate budget.

Episode 8 “Runaway, Labyrinth and Summon Beast Complementary Plan”

God imitated himself and made man and apostle.

Therefore, although both are genetically close, human beings who cannot obtain the “fruit of life” were not perfect beings.

The top secret agency promotes a plan to supplement the imperfect humanity by obtaining the “fruit of life” scientifically and engineeringly, but apostles attack to prevent it.

Episode 9 “Kiss, bust and ponytail”

Mizuki visits Akihisa’s house and prepares for dinner.

However, Akihisa stops it with all his might.

Taking Mizuki’s murder dish is life-threatening.

Akihisa then turned away from Mizuki’s attention and asked Yuji and Muttsurini for assistance, but was attacked behind by an unexpected ambush.

How is Akihisa’s fate?

Episode 10 “Practice test, thief, love letter”

The treasure stored under the strict key disappears suddenly.

Inspired by a detective story that solves many difficult questions, Akiku and his colleagues search for lost treasure,
And he is amazed at the true treasure hidden in the forbidden room.

Episode 11 “Nemesis, Koibun and Blitz Strategy”

Blitz Creek is a blitzkrieg battle that the German army was good at in the early World War II. It is a tactic that focuses on the speed of attack, such as assault, disturbance, and suppression.

In order to take command at the discretion of the field commander, cooperation through wireless communication was essential.

Episode 12 “The battle of love, courage and ours has just begun! (Temporary)”

There are various ways to meet in the final round, sometimes ending as originally planned, sometimes unexpectedly and unexpectedly ending due to unexpected accidents, and conversely extending to new developments It can be.

In each case, you often prepare a new enemy after directly killing the enemy.

Episode 13 “Fool, test and summons beast”

Winning the A class does not mean the battle is over.

The fight lasts as long as life goes on!

Even if you defeat the S class waiting on the A class, the hand of the zero class who was pulling the thread behind it approaches, and even if you defeat it, assassins from other schools will sneak up and even if you stop the invasion, you will still qualify for the district It ’s just that, and powerful enemies such as the Kanto Games and the National Games are coming one after another …