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 Do you know Spirited Away?  This time, I will write about Spirited Away of Studio Ghibli.

 “Spirited Away” is a feature-length animated film produced by Studio Ghibli. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki.  This movie was released in 2001. This is the most earned animated movie in Japan.

 A story about a ten-year-old girl named Chihiro who strays into the world of gods from a tunnel that she entered on her way to the new location. Chihiro’s parents broke the rule, so they were made a pig by the witch Yubaba. Chihiro struggles to return to the human world with his parents while working at a public bath run by Yubaba.

 Then, I will introduce the place that became the stage of this animated movie.

Hot spring inn

In this animated movie, Chihiro works at a hot spring inn. This is the hot spring inn.


Do you know a place that became a model for this hot spring inn? It is Dogo Onsen main building. Onsen means hot spring. This is Dogo Onsen main building.

It’s very similar. The first picture is very similar, depending on the viewing angle.

Dogo Onsen

Dogo Onsen is a hot spring in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. The Dogo Onsen Honkan is an inn in the Dogo Onsen area. Its existence has been known since ancient times, and it can be seen as one of Manyo Shu. It is also drawn in Natsume Soseki’s novel “Bocchan” (1905) and is a representative tourist destination in Ehime Prefecture.

source : Wikipedia

Access to the Dogo Onsen Main Building

 ・ From JR Matsuyama Station

From Yosan Line Matsuyama Station, take the Iyo Railway Local Train Line 5 or Botchan Train to Dogo Onsen Station, the last stop for Dogo Onsen (about 20 minutes).

Iyo Railway, transfer to Matsuyama City Station (abbreviated name / city station)

Dogo Onsen Station is the last stop on the local train line # 3 or Botchan train from Matsuyama City Station.

Iyotetsu Bus Line 8 Higashino via Dogo Onsen bound for the final stop

Get off at Dogo Onsen Station in front of Iyotetsu Bus 52 Okudo.

・ From Matsuyama Airport

From Matsuyama Airport, there is an airport limousine bus bound for Dogo Onsen Station via JR Matsuyama Station. About 40 minutes to the end point. In addition, there are 52 general bus lines.

・ From Matsuyama Tourist Port

From Matsuyama Kanko Port, take the Iyotetsu Limousine Bus to JR Matsuyama Station, and get off at the end of Matsuyama-shi Station. It takes about 40 minutes.

Or from Takahama Station, a 10-minute walk. Take the Takahama Line to Furumachi Station, Otemachi Station or Matsuyama City Station, and change to trams and buses.

·by car

From Matsuyama Expressway Matsuyama IC, it is approximately 8km via National Route 33 and the Matsuyama East Loop Line.

There is a municipal pay parking lot on a small mountain (Kanzan / Kamuriyama) next to the main building. However, it is free for 1 hour for users of Dogo Onsen Main Building and Tomonoyu.

·Express bus

Orange Liner Ehime (stops only one night service on Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka lines).