SLAM DUNK | Kamakura 【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place

This time, I went to Kamakura High School Mae Station for coverage.

The railroad crossing near Kamakura High School Mae Station that appears in the opening animation is very famous.


SLAM DUNK | Anime Introduction 【Anime Holy Place】

[Kamakurakōkōmae Station]

Enoden is a popular tourist route in Shonan.

There is “Kamakurakōkōmae Station” in the middle of the line connecting Fujisawa and Kamakura.

When you get off the platform, the blue sea of Shonan spreads out in front of you. Shichirigahama on the front, Miura Peninsula on the left, Enoshima on the right.

Kamakura High School Station, where the ocean is so close that you can hear the sound of waves, has been selected as one of the 100 Best Kanto Stations.

Stations so close to the sea are rare in the Kanto region, and many people get off to see the station itself.

Sitting on the bench at the station, you can relax and enjoy the blue sea spreading out in front of you.
It is also possible to walk to Kamakurakōkōmae Station from Kamakura Station.

I recommend you to walk while looking at the beautiful sea.


Kamakura Station → Kamakurakōkōmae Station

[Access by train]

Tokyo → Kamakurakōkōmae Station

Yokohama → Kamakurakōkōmae Station

Kamakura Station → Kamakurakōkōmae Station

SLAM DUNK | High school that became a model 【Anime Holy Place】

[Kamakura and Enoshima Anime Holy Place]

TARI TARI | Kamakura 【Anime Holy Place】


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