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This time, I went to SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019, which was announced in the previous article. 

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[40,000 fans were enthusiastic] 

Saudi Arabia’s first official Japanimation eventSAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019” was held, and Japan’s leading anime content and anison singer participated. 

The event was a great success with 37,800 visitors in three days

SAUDI ANIME EXPO 2019” was held from November 14th to 16th at the special venue “Riyadh Front Expo Land Hall 3/4” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Anime Expo 2019” was held as part of the “Riyadh Season” in which Saudi Arabia aims to break away from the oil-dependent economy and revitalize the entertainment industry. 

This is the first “Japanimation event” hosted by the Kingdom government that will send out Japanese animation through various exhibitions, hands-on content, and stage performances

[Opening ceremony] 

The opening ceremony included CEO Faisal Bafarat, CEO of the Ministry of Entertainment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tsukasa Uemura, Ambassador of the Japanese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Maher Mosley, Sammy Clark, who was responsible for the overall content selection and production of this event, Giad Hamza, MBC director, Yoichi Takahashi, singer Isao Sasaki, singer Ichiro Mizuki, and senior producer Ichiro Ishiwatari of Dentsu Content Business Design Center. 

On stage, a new series of popular anime “Captain Tsubasa” in Saudi Arabia was also announced, and a signing ceremony was held by Faisal Bufalat and Yoichi Takahashi

[Main stage area] 

In the “Main Stage Area”, various content shows such as live performances and talk shows by popular anison singers were held over three days

On the first day, “☆ Takahashi Takashi (m-flo,”, who is also active as an anime music producer, and “Linked Horizon”, who was in charge of the theme song for popular Japanese TV anime, appeared.

On the second day, “DJ MarGenal” and “FLOW” appeared. 

On the third day, Anison DJ’s “DJ KAZU”, “Isao Sasaki”, “Ichiro Mizuki”, “Sammy Clark” and others attracted the audience from the stage. 

[Another stage] 

In another stage, the interactive performance group “White A” was held for two days

In addition, Saudi Arabia’s first hero show “ULTRAMAN LIVE in SAUDI 2019”, a talk show “Arab Voice Acting Past vs Present” by famous Arab voice actors, and “TEKKEN7 JAPAN VS SAUDI ARABIA TAGe-sport event were also exciting. 

[Cosplay stage] 

On the cosplay stage, “Cosplay for Women only”, “Cosplay Guest Performance” by cosplayers from Japan, China and Saudi Arabia, “Cosplay Saudi Men’s Tournament” Was held. 

In the women-only contest, local women take off “Abaya”, challenge cosplay, and pose in front of the audience. 

[talk show] 

ONE PIECE Talk Show” will be held on the first day, and “Captain Tsubasa Talk Show” will be held on the second day

When Yoichi Takahashi appeared in the “Captain Tsubasa Talk Show”, many fans brought illustrations of the main character of “Captain Tsubasa”. 

[Exhibition area] 

A total of 41 Japanese companies participated in the “Exhibition Area” and exhibited various anime-related exhibits including giant balloons and figures

[Cosplay area] 

In the “Cosplay Area”, you can wear a school bag, uniform, yukata, and other costumes to experience a space as if you were in the Japanese anime world


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