ONE PIECE “BUSTERCALL PROJECT” in Shanghai | Anime Event【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Event

“One Piece” event is scheduled to be held in Shanghai, China in December 2019!!
In this project, an artist’s work expressing “One Piece” will be exhibited.


The “BUSTERCALL” project is trying to bring the charm of “One Piece” to more people.
As many as 200 artists will participate in this project.

The “ComplexCon in Long Beach” street culture festival held in Los Angeles, USA in November 2019 was actually a great success.

This time, I will introduce the works that are particularly noteworthy.

Devilish Nami


Portgas D. Ace, believed to have died during the Summit War.
However, there was no burial scene.
I made one, using silver melted with the heat of “fire”, along with Ace’s items.
The real body is missing, but…

The transformation of Capone Gang Bege

I crafted a pottery of “Big Father”, the transformation of Capone “Gang” Bege, a character that I respect and love.
I made it with my own hands and a potter’s wheel, at a temperature of 1260 degrees Celsius (2300 Fahrenheit).

The Tale of the Marine admiral

It is a poster like an old Japanese movie.

Thriller Bark

An expression of the worldview in the Thriller Bark Arc.
Using plenty of special make-up, we recreated Oars and the zombies’ dance, so as not to alter the image of the original scene, with its mysterious and pop atmosphere.
Pay also attention to the prints on the zombies’ chests.

KAIJU Drawing: One Piece

I love Kaiju (Japanese giant monsters), and I think they have a role in our contemporary society close to Yôkai (Japanese spirits), who make the folklore and legends memorable by incarnating them.
I had made a series of drawings with the intention of turning everything around us, people, things, into Kaiju icons.
They were sometimes self-portraits, images of other people, conversations, or even social events. However, they ended up looking like a Kaiju, and I think this interesting point of view is also a tool allowing you to see the world in flat, in a certain sense.

Since this time I was to incorporate One Piece into this process, I chose the Alabasta Saga and the 6 members that were present at that time, since it was my first experience of One Piece when I was in elementary school, and therefore the one that left me the most memorable impressions. As a concept, I’ve tried to draw the 6 members and 6 Kaiju that would express each member’s own atmosphere and story.

I kept on crafting this piece holding the delusional dream that, one day, there would be a Kaiju Island Saga.

Korean One Piece character

I tried to change the character’s costumes to make the character Korean in history.
Luffy is the image of “Hon Gil-dong ”, Zoro is the image of ” Military officer ”, Nami is the image of Damo (female warrior), Usopp is the image of Dancer, Sanji is the image of the Skilled chef man for royal, Chopper is the image of a doctor, Franky is the image of “Imkok Jong”, and Brook is the image of Musician at court.

Golden Straw Hat Pirate

We wanted to reinterpret the straw hat pirate flag into a ring made of gold.
A fusion between our raw unique style and the classical Onepiece logo.
White, yellow and red gold ring.