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140,000 people gathered for the festival!

Speaking of the “Anglerfish Festival” held every year in Oarai Town, the stage of the TV anime “Girls & Panzer”, it is also known as a festival of “Galpan” fans.

This is the 8th time this year since “Galpan” entered the Anglerfish Festival.

Last year, 135,000 visitors visited, but this year, the number of visitors increased further, and about 140,000 visitors gathered (announced by the organizer).

The whole town was very exciting.

Oarai Station

Speaking of Oarai Station, Oarai Station is known as one of the sacred places often drawn in the main part of Galpan.

Access (Mito station → Oarai station)

Nippon Maru

A large sailing ship, Nippon Maru, visited Oarai Port.

 The Nippon Maru is a sailing ship for sailing practice that is owned by the “Independent Administrative Institution Maritime Education Organization”.

The ship was decorated with the Anko team mark and the school emblem of Oarai Girls High School.


Cut it after hanging an anglerfish

Cut it after hanging an anglerfish on stage.

Anglerfish soup could be eaten for 100 yen.
You can buy at the stall.

Food stall

Various Oarai specialties were sold at the stalls.
Whitebait is famous in Oarai.


Tank & Custom car

Access to the venue (Oarai station → Oarai Marine Tower)

Venue : Oarai Marine Tower

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