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Princess Mononoke is a Ghibli movie released in 1997.
The figure of the girl Sun running around the overwhelming scale is impressive.
It is a masterpiece directed by Hayao Miyazaki, who spent 16 years in planning and 3 years in production.

The forest that became the stage of Princess Mononoke is a primordial forest that can be described as deep and majestic.
The Shirakami Mountains, which are said to be the stage of Princess Mononoke, are mysterious places with deep forests and huge trees.

Introducing the highlights and access methods of the Shirakami Mountains, which are registered as a World Heritage site.
Why not spend a fantastic time on the stage of Princess Mononoke?

The place where Princess Mononoke was set

It is said that the stage of Princess Mononoke was the Shirakami Mountains in Aomori Prefecture, which is also designated as a national natural monument.
It is a place where untouched nature remains for thousands of years.
The plants that grow thick and the animals that live by living their lives there.

What kind of place is the deep forest as if the spirit of the tree that appears in Princess Mononoke is all around?

The highlights of Shirakami Mountains, the stage of Princess Mononoke

The highlights of Shirakami Mountains, the stage of Princess Mononoke

Director Miyazaki is said to have visited Shirakami Mountains many times to produce Princess Mononoke.
If you take a stroll through the Shirakami Mountains, there are places that link to one scene of Princess Mononoke, and you can even feel the illusion that you have entered the stage of Princess Princess Mononoke.

How about enjoying such a forest while suppressing some points?
Here are the highlights of the Shirakami Mountains that you want to enjoy.

A vast mountainous area exceeding 10,000 hectares

The biggest attraction of the Shirakami Mountains, which is registered as a World Heritage site, remains an untouched state of 130,000 hectares that stretches from southwestern Aomori Prefecture to northwestern Akita Prefecture.
There are many primitive mountains that existed without human hands, so there is nothing like that mystery.

Stroll while feeling negative ions in beech natural forest

You can see the beech natural forest, which is the biggest attraction in the Shirakami Mountains, from the walking path.
You can enjoy a pleasant walk while feeling negative ions on the fluffy promenade with a pile of humus that is neatly maintained.
Beech gray gray bark and sparkling leaves give a beautiful view.

Aoike, a superb view spot recommended for photography

Aoike, a superb view spot recommended for photography

There are 33 large and small lakes around Aoike.
One of them is called Aoike, and the area around it is a walking course paved for easy walking.
Not only the name but the really blue clear Aoike is like a mysterious lake in a picture book as the leaves of the beech that grows naturally around the lake sparkle.

The view changes depending on the season and the weather, and the best sunlight is from April to August, with the sun being the most beautiful in June.
A lake with a depth of 9m can be seen to the bottom.

“Matcha Cafe” to stop by if you are tired of walking

A Matcha Cafe is a place that provides free green tea using spring water from the boiling water pond, which is said to be blue next to Aoike.

Matcha tea that does not feel bitter and bitter as you go through your throat can be enjoyed deliciously even if you are not good at matcha.
It will soak up the body with the negative ions in the surrounding area and heal the fatigue of walking.

Access to Shirakami Mountains

Access to Shirakami Mountains

To go to the Shirakami Mountains, the stage of Princess Mononoke, you must first go to Aomori Prefecture.
From there, you can enter the nearest town of Shirakami Mountains according to your purpose and travel plan.

Since it is Aomori, the northernmost tip of Honshu, it may take time to access, but I want to go to Shirakami Mountains while enjoying the way to the fullest.

Access to Aomori

There are three ways to get to Aomori from Tokyo: airplane, rail, and express bus.

By airplane

There is a flight from Haneda to Aomori Airport, which takes 75 minutes and costs about 30000 yen each way.
There are also flights that fly from Haneda to Misawa Airport.

By rail

There is one train from Tokyo Station to Shin-Aomori Station by Shinkansen.
The trip takes about 4 hours, but you can go for about half the price of an airplane.

By express bus

The intercity express bus takes about 11 hours, but it is recommended for people who want to access it more reasonably because some cheap fare can go around 5000 yen.

Access to the nearest town of Shirakami Mountains

When you come to Aomori, head to Fukaura-cho, Ajigasawa-cho, and Iwasaki-mura, the nearest towns in the Shirakami Mountains.

If you take an airplane, take the airport connection bus from the airport to Aomori Station for 35 minutes, and then drive to Fukaura Town for about two and a half hours. It takes 80 minutes from Aomori Station to Ajigasawa Town, and it takes less than 3 hours to reach Iwasaki Village.

You can also get to Fukaura by train from the airport to Hirosaki Station.
It takes about an hour and a half from Hirosaki Station to Ajigasawa Station and 60 minutes to Fukaura Station.


Shirakami Mountains is the stage for Princess Mononoke.

Why don’t you feel the world of Princess Mononoke even if you actually step into the place full of sights where the fantastic scenery spreads out?
New discoveries may be waiting for you.