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Anime Holy Place


“Lucky Star” is based on Kagami Yoshimizu’s 4-frame comic.

It was animated by Kyoto Animation in 2007.

2008 “This animation is amazing!” Is a popular work that took the first place.

This work is modeled around a story stage around Satte City, Saitama Prefecture, where the author Mikami Kagami is from.

“Holy Land Pilgrimage” is a journey through stories, such as anime, manga, and games.

For example, “Lucky Star” broadcasted from April to September 2007 was the first public connection between a publisher or anime production company with the rights to an anime work and a local shopping street or business association.

This is the origin of “Anime Holy Place”.

“Lucky Star” is a story depicting the everyday life of high school girls.

It is set in various places in Saitama Prefecture, including Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture.

In particular, a large number of fans came to visit the Washinomiya Shrine, the stage of the family of twin sisters, Kagami Hiragi and Tsukasa , among the four main characters.

This situation was also covered in domestic news.

This time, I went to the sacred place of “Lucky Star”.

[Washinomiya Shrine]

Washinomiya Shrine, the home of the sisters.

It is a historical shrine with the theory of Kanto’s oldest shrine.

First appearance is episode 1 (13 minutes 40 seconds).

In episode 12, Konata visits for the Hatsumode.

[In front of the Torii gate of Washinomiya Shrine]

This is where Kagami Hiragi walks at the “Lucky Star” opening (28 seconds).

On the right is the “Otori Chaya”, which was made by renovating an old private house.

There are menus related to “Lucky Star” such as “Tsukasa’s Balsamic Vinegar Parfait”.

[Miyamae Bridge]

A bridge in front of the Washinomiya Shrine.

A scene on the way to school in episode 9 (9 minutes 30 seconds).

In episode 23 (9 minutes), Kagami makes a phone call on the bridge.

If you cross the bridge, you will find Washinomiya Shrine.


・ Tokyo-(JR)-> Kuki-(Tobu)-> Washinomiya-(about 1 hours)

・ Sapporo → New Chitose Airport-(Airplane) → Haneda Airport-(Keikyu) → Asakusa-(Tobu) → Wassinomiya (about 4 hours)

・ Osaka → Shin-Osaka- (Shinkansen) → Tokyo- (JR) → Kuki- (Tobu) → Washinomiya (about 4 hours)

・ Nagoya-(Shinkansen)-> Tokyo-(JR)-> Kuki-(Tobu)-> Washinomiya (about 3 hours)

・ Fukuoka Airport-(Airplane)->-(Keikyu)-> Asakusa-(Tobu)-> Washinomiya (about 4 hours)

・ After getting off the train