Laid-Back Camp ”Yuru Can △” | Yamanashi Kouan Campsite 【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place

Since I was able to take a long vacation, I decided to camp around the sacred place of Yuru Can △.  

This time, I went to the holy land of the first episode of anime. 

[Anime Introduction] 

Laid-Back Camp ” Yuru Can △” | Anime Introduction 【Anime Holy Place】

[Nakanokura Tunnel] 

Nakanokura Tunnel is the last tunnel with a total length of 558 meters that Rin used to solo camp . 

When passing through Motosu Michi on National Route 300, the tunnel that will pass at the end of the tunnel is the Nakanokura Tunnel. 

[Kouan Campsite] 

In the first episode of Yuru Can, the campsite used by Lin to solo camp on Lake Motosu is the Kouan Campsite. 

[Uchifune Station] 

The station Nadeshiko used to attend school was Uchifune Station. 

[Motosu High School] 

High school where Nadeshiko attends. 

The models of Honjo High School are Minobu Town Lower Elementary School and Minobu Town Lower Junior High School. 

When I climbed the hill, I saw a gymnasium in the lower junior high school. Currently, both elementary and junior high schools are closed. 

[Yamanashi Anime Holy Place] 

Laid-Back Camp ” Yuru Can △” | Yamanashi Fumotoppara Campsite 【Anime Holy Place


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