Laid-Back Camp ” Yuru Can △” | Anime Introduction 【Anime Holy Place】

Laid-Back Camp ” Yuru Can △”

[What is Yuru Can △] 

[Yuru Can △ Comics] 

“Yuru Can △” is a Japanese comic by “Afro”. 

Daily animation featuring high school girls doing recreation at the campsite and outdoor cooking in the Yamanashi area. 

“Manga Time Kirara Forward” (Hobunsha) was serialized from the July 2015 issue to the April 2019 issue. 

From March 29, 2009, it moved to Hobunsha’s comic distribution site “COMIC FUZ”. 

Volume: 8 volumes (October 2019) 

[Yuru Can △ Anime] 

Yuru Can △  anime was broadcast from January to March 2018. 

Number of episodes: 12 episodes 

The extra edition “Heya Can Δ” will be broadcast from January 2020. 

“Heya” means indoor 

I’m really looking forward to it! 


Shima Rin, a high school girl who likes off-season camps alone. 

When Rin enjoyed a winter solo camp at the foot of Mt. Fuji, she helped Nadeshiko Kagamigahara, who was going to sleep until the sunset was going to fall asleep. 

Nadeshiko became interested in camping after meeting Lin. 

After that, She joined the “Outdoor Activities Circle (Nokuru)”, a high school club. 

She began to go camping with the members every week, and she became crazy about camping. 


Rin Shima (志摩 リン Shima Rin) 

Nadeshiko Kagamihara (各務原 なでしこ Kagamihara Nadeshiko) 

Aoi Inuyama (犬山 あおい Inuyama Aoi) 

Chiaki Ōgaki (大垣 千明 Ōgaki Chiaki) 

Ena Saitō (斉藤 恵那 Saitō Ena) 

Sakura Kagamihara (各務原 桜 Kagamihara Sakura) 

Minami Toba (鳥羽 美波 Toba Minami) 

Rin’s Grandfather (リンの祖父 Rin no Sofu) 

Yuru Can △ Anime holy place

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