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鬼滅の刃 5話


Don’t chase after him!
Get back here!

Urokodaki-san did tell me…
that Nezuko is a demon now.
And that she’s not necessarily so weakthat I have to protect her.

Is it all right to let her handle this?
If I have her watch over those two,I can focus on my attacks.

I’m going underground!
I want you to protect those two!

You can do that, right?

Inside a swamp…

And these are…
Are these the clothes and belongingsof the people who were kidnapped?

Just look at all the innocent peoplethey’ve murdered!
It’s unforgivable!

Getting hard to breathe, brat?
There’s hardly any air inside this swamp.
On top of that, the darkness coilingaround your body must feel pretty heavy.

You can’t move the way you wouldaboveground! Serves you right!
You should’ve lookedbefore you leaped in, you damn fool!

Don’t underestimate me!
Just where do you thinkI got my training anyway?

The air was thinner on top of Mt. Sagiri!

Not to mention…
there are moves that only unleashtheir full potential underwater!

So, they can move at angleslike that inside this swamp?
But it doesn’t matter!
All I have to do is slashwhen they get near enough to attack!

The form that can be utilizedeven when there’s no sure footing…
Generating a powerful vortex
with a violent twistof my upper and lower body!

Here comes the scent!
The line of interval!
Full Focus!
Breath of Water!

Sixth Form!
Twisting Whirlpool!

I can’t breathe!
I gotta get out of here!

This girl is powerful!

She doesn’t seem to have masteredany morphing skills yet,
but look how strong she is anyway!

She must have gottena huge amount of blood from him!

She moves so fast!I can’t dive back into the swamp!

But hey,
I’m getting usedto these one-note attacks of hers!

Even if she kicks my head clean off…
Even if my internal organs explode,
demons can regenerate in a flash!

All right!
Now I’m gonna drill a holeright through your face!

Hands off my sister!

Did I just get taken out?
Both of my other selvesgot taken out by this guy!

You give off a scent like rotten oil.
It’s a horrible smell!
How many people have you killed?

If women live any longer,they turn ugly and start tasting like crap!
So, we killed them for their own good!

You should be thankful to us demons

Never mind.
You’re going to tell mewhat you know about Muzan Kibutsuji.


Talk to me!
Start talking!

I-I can’t tell you.

I can’t tell you!

I can’t tell you!

You mustn’t tell.

You mustn’t tell anyone about me.

If you do tell anyone,I’ll know right away.
I’m always watching you.

I can’t tell you!
I can’t tell you!
I can’t tell you! I can’t tell you!I can’t tell you!

The smell of fear is strong.
He’s tremblingall the way down to his bones!

I can’t tell you, all right?

Once again, I failedto get any information.


She’s asleep.
She stopped bleeding, too.
So, she’s sleeping in order to recover?

Sorry. I’m so sorry.
Wait just a little longer, okay?
I promise to turn youback into a human again!

Are you all right?

I’ve lost my fianc
How can I be all right?

No matter how many peopleyou may lose,
you have no choice but to go on living.
No matter how devastatingthe blows may be.

What do you know about it?
A kid like you?

I’ll be on my way now.
Take this.
I hope you’ll find somethingof Satoko-san’s in there.

So, you went through the same thing, too?
Is that it?

I’m sorry!
That was an awful thing to say!
Please forgive me!
I’m so sorry!

Those heartbreaking pair of hands.
That tough and strong thickness.
Those weren’t a boy’s hands.

I’m leaving that young womanin your hands!

All right!
All right!

It’s not just me.
How many people have you killed,tortured and tormented?
Kibutsuji Muzan,
I’ll never forgive you as long as I live!


Next up, Asakusa, Tokyo!
Rumors of a demon lurking there!

I’m heading to my next mission already?

Oh yes, you are!

Are the cities this advanced now?It’s nighttime, but it’s so bright out!

The buildings are so tall!
What is this?
The cities…
The cities…

I feel dizzy.

Uh, let’s go that way, Nezuko!

I-I beg your pardon!

Excuse me.
A bowl of udonwith grated yam on top please.

Uh, sure thing!

I’ve never been to a place like this.
It’s way too crowded.

Here’s your udon with grated yam on top!

Thank you very much.


This scent!
Why would it appear here all of a sudden?
It’s the same scentthat was left in my house!

Kibutsuji Muzan!

Is this the guy giving off that scent?


It’s him!



Who’s that?

He’s living here,pretending to be a human!

Is there something I can do for you?
You seem to be quite flustered.

Oh my. What’s going on?


They’re humans!

The girl and the woman…
Their scent is human!
Don’t you know?
Can’t you tell?
That this guy is a demon?
That he devours humans?

Do you know him?

Much to my consternation,
I’ve never seen this child before.

He must have mistaken mefor someone else.

Oh, you think so?


Dear, what’s the matter?


I’ve finally tracked down Kibutsuji Muzan!
If I can bring him down,then Nezuko can be human again!


Still, everyone in Asakusasure is stylish, huh?
I bet you’d look greatin an outfit like that!

Now, it’s time for a Taishou secret!
Yutaka from the udon shopwas born and raised in Asakusa.
He makes udon in Asakusabecause he loves Asakusa so much, I hear.


A suit, huh?
Now I feel kind of grown-up!

I’d better get back to my mission!
Next, Episode 8,”Bewitching Fragrance of Blood”!