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鬼滅の刃 5話


Have you finished changing?


Now that you’re starting out with the Demon Slayer Corps, I’d like to explain a few things to you.

That Demon Slayer Corps uniform you’re wearing right now…
It’s made of a special kind of fiber.
The fabric is quite breathable, yet it repels moisture and won’t burn easily.
A low-level demon’s talons or fangs couldn’t even manage to tear that uniform.

Also, that Nichirin Sword of yours…
The color varies from owner to owner, and each hue has unique properties.
But since not many people end up with black blades, little is known about them.

Since so little is known about them, black blades are said to be wielded by swordsmen who’ll never go far.

I don’t know how I’ll do in the Demon Slayer Corps, but I’m going to turn Nezuko back into a human no matter what.

Yes, you’re right.
I have faith that you’re going to make that happen.
One more thing.
Take this.
It’s a box for you to carry your sister in during the day.
Built out of an extremely light wood called “Cloud Mist Pine.”
I coated it with rock lacquer to reinforce its exterior and to make it even more durable.

Thank you very much!
It’s so light!
It’s really light, Urokodaki-san!

Get inside this, will you?
Can you do it?

Nezuko, from now on, we’re always gonna be together, okay?

All right, I’ll be going now.

Hold on. Do you mind?

Could this be the town to the northwest?

Oh, look, there’s Kazumi-san.
Poor thing. He looks so haggard.

Because he was with Satoko-chan when she was taken.

Night after night… It’s so creepy.

It’s so dreadful!
When night falls, yet another young girl will be abducted!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear your story.
Is that all right?

This is where Satoko-san vanished.
You may not believe me.

I do believe you!
I believe you, all right!

I believe you!

There’s still a faint trace of demon scent, but it’s uneven, so to speak.
There’s something strange about this.

Who is this kid anyway?

How dare you!
What do you mean, “vanished”?
You bastard!

I want you to believe me.
She really did vanish.

I believe you.

After all, that’s why I’m here.

You’re gonna keep going?


Look how late it’s gotten.
I’m flattered that you’re so concerned for me, but shouldn’t you pick up again tomorrow and get some rest?

Those things are active during the night.
So, I can’t afford to rest.
I’ve detected a new scent in this area.
It’s gotta be somewhere nearby.

Those things…
Don’t tell me you’re…
You’re seriously…

How terrifying.
I want you to stay indoors for the time being.

Yes, Mother.
Now then, good night.

I wonder what became of the girls who were taken.
I just hope they’re all right.



What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?
So fast!

The scent just got stronger!
The demon’s at large!

He jumped?
He spoke of demons.
The Demon Slayer Corps…
He really…

This is it.
They’re here right now!
Two different scents.
A demon and a female human!

They’re nowhere to be seen.

The spot where the scent is strongest…

is right here!

A morphed demon!

The demons who use a special spell called the “Blood Demon Technique” possess supernatural abilities.
You may have to fight those demons, as well, from now on.

Where are those girls you kidnapped?

I’ve got two more questions for you!

Who was that?

Kazumi-san, Please hold this person and stand nearby.
If you’re inside my range of attack, I can protect you!

From the ground or this wall…
It can probably emerge from anywhere.
There’s also the chance that it could show up out of thin air.

But this demon…
Even when it’s submerged, it can’t erase its scent!

Here it comes!
Breath of Water, Fifth Form!

There’s three of them!

Settle down!
You can do it!

Eighth Form…
Waterfall Jar!

Tanjirou, listen to me closely.
The type of demon with the blood that can turn humans into demons…
There’s only one in this world.

The one who was the first to become a demon more than a thousand years ago.
In other words, that is your family’s foe.
Moreover, I believe he’s the one…
who might know how to turn your sister back into a human.

That demon’s name is…
…Kibutsuji Muzan!

Eighth Form,
Waterfall Jar!

Too shallow!
I missed all the vulnerable spots!
Because I switched forms midway through!

All three of them have the exact same scent.
I was told that demons don’t band together as a rule.
So, one demon has dispersed into three.

I’m going to protect these two while slashing those three demons!
Don’t lose your nerve!
Make sure you get him to tell you…
about Kibutsuji Muzan…
and how to turn a demon back into a human!

Full Focus…
Breath of Water…
Second Form…
Water Wheel!

Too shallow again!

I can’t chase him too far.
And I can’t take a full swing while guarding others!

You bastard!
Back off for crying out loud!
That girl’s gonna go stale on me, dammit!

That girl’s already 16, okay?
If I don’t devour her soon, she’s gonna lose flavor by the second!

Calm down, my other self.
Hey, so what?
There are gonna be nights like this.

I’ve already fed on plenty of 16-year-old girls in this town.
They were all quite meaty and delicious.
I’m satisfied.

Well, I’m not satisfied, my other self!
I wanna consume more!

You monster…
Return Satoko-san to me.
The one you abducted the night before last!

Who are you talking about?

If her hairpin is in this collection, then I’ve devoured her.

I missed again!
He can escape underground so fast!
Oh no! I got too close to the wall!

Why would a mere human be accompanying a demon?

What’s the meaning of this?
Who are those two?
Are they a swordsman and demon working together?

I don’t get it at all.


This may only be cold comfort, but while Nezuko was asleep, I used hypnotic suggestion on her.

All humans are your family.”
“Protect humans.”
“The demons are the enemy”!

“Never forgive any demon who brings harm onto humans”!

Your kicks really saved the day, Nezuko!


It didn’t break even after all those kicks from the inside.
That box is super-strong!


But isn’t it cramped in there?
Isn’t it uncomfortable?
I’ll build a much bigger box for you!


Now, it’s time for a Taishou secret!
I heard today’s demon has been grinding his teeth like crazy since he was a human.

Next, Episode 7, “Kibutsuji Muzan”!

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