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[あらすじ] 鬼滅の刃

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鬼滅の刃 1話


Excuse me.
Would it be okay if I took that basket, straw and some bamboo?

Sure, you’re welcome to it, but that basket’s full of holes.

Yes. I’ll pay you for it.

No, that’s all right. I mean, it’s a basket with holes.

No, I will pay you!

No, it’s all right. You can have the bamboo and straw for free, too.

But I’m still paying you!

I said it’s okay! You’re one hardheaded kid!

Please accept this, although it’s just small change!

Thank you very much!


Huh? Nezuko?

She’s gone!

My little sister’s turned into a mole.

And she’s frowning!
She must really want to avoid the sunlight.

Wait there for a second!

Think you can fit inside this?
I want to keep moving during the day, too.
I’ll carry you, okay?

Can you fit?
In here?

She kinda protrudes, huh?

I can’t believe she grew up.
Seems like yesterday that she was tiny.

Remember how you became big like an adult earlier?
Do you think you can do the opposite? Get smaller?

Good job!
That’s a good girl, Nezuko!
I’m impressed!

Mt. Sagiri?
If you want to go to Mt. Sagiri, you’ll have to cross over that mountain, but…
The sun’s about to set. Are you really heading there with all that luggage?
It’s dangerous, you know.

I’ll be careful.
Thank you very much.

People have gone missing lately!
Try not to lose your way!

There’s a temple over there.

There’s light leaking through, so someone must be there.
Let’s check it out.

I smell blood!
This mountain path is pretty rough! Someone must’ve gotten hurt!

Are you all right?


What the hell?
This is my turf.
If you break into my territory, I’ll make you pay!

It’s a man-eating demon!

There’s something off about you.
Are you humans?

A hatchet, huh? Not bad.
But a scratch like this…
should heal in no time.

He’s so fast! And he’s unbelievably strong!




Sh-She killed him!

I don’t believe this!
Did he just move without his head?!

You bastards!
One of you is a demon after all? You gave off such a weird vibe!
What’s a human and a demon doing teaming up?

He’s actually talking!

What’s the deal with this guy?
Growing arms from his head!
I gotta save Nezuko!

Out of my way!

Hard as a rock!

That head of his…
Like a rock!


I wrapped my hair around his hatchet to grab it, but it got tangled up! Dammit!

Nezuko! Where are you?

Stop it!



I wonder if there are tons of demons out there.

This isn’t the scent that was lingering in my house.
That was a different demon…

I gotta finish him off…
or he’ll attack more people!
I gotta do it!
Do it!


You can’t finish him off with that.

A tengu mask!
I didn’t hear his footsteps!

H-How can I finish him off?

Don’t ask me!
Can’t you use your own head to figure that out?

If stabbing’s no good, I’ll have to crush his head!

To crush his skull and smash it completely, I guess I’m going to have to pound him with this rock many times.
I bet he’s going to suffer.
Isn’t there anything I can use to kill him with one blow?

This kid isn’t going to cut it.

He’s too kind and can’t make decisions.
He’s facing a demon, yet the scent of kindness remains.
He has empathy for even a demon.
He’s never going to make it.

I blacked out.
Is my body dead, then?
I feel sick!

You bastard, I’ll kill you! I swear I’ll devour you!
Get over here! Dammit!
I can’t go to you, so you come to me!

I faltered too long. Now the sun’s coming up!


He’s gone with that much sunlight?!
No wonder Nezuko hides from it!


He buried the people who got killed.


I’m Urokodaki Sakonji.
I’m assuming you’re the one Tomioka Giyuu sent my way.

Yes! My name is Kamado Tanjirou!
My sister’s name is Nezuko, and…

What will you do when your sister devours a human?


Too slow!
You’re just too slow at making decisions!
You failed to finish off that demon before daybreak!
Do you know why you couldn’t answer my question right away?
It’s because your resolve is too weak!

There are two things to do if your sister devours a human.
Kill your sister!
And slit your own belly and die!
That’s what it means to travel with your sister who became a demon!

But that must never happen no matter what. And you’d best not forget.
Your sister, taking the life of an innocent person…
That’s the one thing that must never happen. Ever!

Do you understand what I’m saying?


All right, now I’m going to test you to see if you’re fit to become a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.
Carry your sister on your back and follow me!

He’s so fast! Just how old is he anyway?

And, like earlier, I’m not hearing any footsteps at all!
Nezuko, I know it must be shaking a lot, but please be patient!
All your life…

You’re fixing your kimono again?
I guess we’ll have to buy you a new one.

No, no, it’s all right!
This kimono’s my favorite!

I’d rather the younger kids got more food to fill them up!

I swear I’ll turn you back into a human!
I swear I’ll buy you a beautiful kimono someday!
Everything that I couldn’t do for the others…
I’ll do it all for you!

N-Now, have I…
passed the test?

The test starts now.
We’re going to climb a mountain.


I’ll make sure to take care of your sister for you.

I’m so exhausted.
My legs are starting to buckle!
I’m starting to feel dizzy, too.

This time, I’m not going to wait until daybreak!


Is that all?
I see.
He thinks I might get lost in this thick fog.
I just have to get back by daybreak, right?
That’s easy!
I’ve got a great sense of smell!
I’ve already memorized Urokodaki-san’s scent!



A pitfall?
I get it now.
So, there are traps all around!
That’s the deal, huh?


Crap, crap, crap!
If I keep walking into traps like this, I won’t make it down the mountain by morning!

And besides, this mountain…
This mountain is…
The air’s thin here!
It’s way thinner here than on the mountain where I used to live!
That’s why I’m gasping for air like this and feel so dizzy!

Will I make it back?
I might pass out!
I gotta make it back!
Get your breathing under control…
and sniff out each of those traps!

Right! I’ve got it! I’ve got it!
Traps set by human hands have a slightly different smell after all!

But that doesn’t mean…
I’m suddenly athletic enough to dodge every one of them!

I’m gonna make it back no matter what!

I… have… returned.

Forgive my abruptness, Urokodaki Sakonji-dono.
I’m sending a boy your way who wants to become a Demon Slayer swordsman.

He was brazen enough to attack me unarmed.
His family was slaughtered by a demon, and the surviving younger sister has become one, but I have determined that she will not attack humans.

I can sense something different about these two.
Like yourself, the boy seems to have a keen sense of smell.

Perhaps he’ll find a way to break through and become your successor.
I am asking you to train him.
I realize that this is a self-serving request, but please forgive me.
I hope that you will take good care of yourself in your endeavors.
Yours truly…

Tomioka Giyuu.

I accept you as my student, Kamado Tanjirou.


The demon in the temple surprised us quite a bit, right?
I never expected to see arms grow from his head.


Now that I’m accepted by Urokodaki-san, I’ll do my best!


Now, it’s time for a Taishou secret!
Urokodaki-san with the tengu mask… Believe it or not, his age is….



Which do you want for dinner? Nikujaga or oden?

Huh? Well…

Too slow to decide!

I want oden!
Next, Episode 3, “Sabito and Makomo”!


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