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Anime Holy Place

This time, I went to Obihiro, Hokkaido, the holy land of the animation “Hina Logi: from Luck & Logic”.


Hina Logi: from Luck & Logic | Anime Introduction


The Tokachi Plain is the largest food base in Hokkaido, where agriculture using the vast arable land is prosperous.

Located in the center, Obihiro is the center of this area.

Here is the headquarters of Tachibana Corporation (Yayoi-chan’s parents’ home) and Pilari Gakuen, the stage of the story.

[Tokachi Obihiro Airport]

The route to Obihiro is from Haneda Airport using the Obihiro Airport route.

I could see a vast view from the airport area.

You can see the horizon, a farmland, and Betula platyphylla trees that you can’t see in Honshu.

There is a direct bus from the airport so you can go straight to the station in about 40 minutes.

[Obihiro city area]

It’s not a direct model, but in episodes 4 and 7, there is a downtown area called “Pilari Town”.

“Obihiro Soft Cream” is sold at stations.

it tastes very good.

Looking at the map of Obihiro, it is impressive that the roads are neatly shaped like a grid.

“Pirari” is like this.

There was a vertical traffic light.

This is a snow measure.

Not only in Hokkaido but also in snowy regions such as Tohoku and Hokuriku.

There is also a vertical signal on the school route to the school.

Snow was piled up in episode 10.

Obihiro and Tachibana Corporation headquarters.

[Makubetsu Station]

A model of the nearest station to the school.

Located at 2 stations on the Nemuro Main Line from Obihiro Station.

The inside of the station building was quite similar.

That’s all for today’s interview.

Also, I will upload more.

Hokkaido Anime Holy Place

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