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This time I went to the Holy Land pilgrimage of the anime “High School FleetOVA (some TV broadcasts and others), so I will write about that.

“High School Fleet” is a Japanese TV animation work produced by Production IMS.

It was broadcast on BS11, TOKYO MX and others from April to June 2016.

This work is set in a parallel world where most of the Japanese archipelago sank in the sea.

Aiming to become a Blue Mermaid, a profession responsible for maritime security and defense, they enrolled in the training school and portrayed various activities of the girls who boarded the educational ship Harukaze.

“Harukaze”, 31 girls on board Yokosuka Women’s Marine School’s ocean direct educational ship.

It is said to be a class of students with poor entrance exam results.

However, many of them have some special skill or characteristic.

This time, i will introduce the area around Yokosuka Port, where Harukaze departed.

JR Yokosuka Station

The place where Suzu-chan and others gathered signatures in the OVA second part.

This place also appeared in the first episode of the TV series.

【新品】ブシロード スリーブ 「ハイスクールフリート」 芽依&志摩

(2020/2/5 17:06時点)


【新品】ブシロード スリーブ 「ハイスクールフリート」 志摩&幸子

(2020/2/5 17:07時点)


Verny Park

A scene where Coco and Mi were talking in the first part.

Probably this is the image.

There are many other benches facing the sea.


I felt like I could spend an elegant time while taking a pleasant sea breeze with the scent of the tide.

A cut just before the scene where the students of the combat department are bowling.

It was just like anime, so I immediately noticed when I passed by.


フジミ 1/24 フィアット500 ハイスクール・フリートver.

(2020/2/5 17:09時点)


“Dove ita street”

When I visited, there was a collaboration with a store in the city called “Yokosuka x High School Fleet Happy at Fukubiki”.

At 34 stores with life-size panels, you can get 1 ticket for 1000 yen for accounting and 1 ticket for lucky ticket (5 tickets for assistance = 1 ticket for lucky ticket).

The lottery will be held on the following dates.

Lottery 3 times a year

1st June 4th (Sun): Mikasa Park (Yokosuka Curry Festival)

2nd July 15th (Sat): Umikaze Park (Yokosuka Umikaze Carnival will be held)

3rd 12/9 (Sat): Yokosuka Bayside Pocket

A scene where Minami-san on Segway Mini encounters Coco-chan.



A popular store in Yokosuka.

Navy curry, navy burger and cherry cheesecake.

Moka-chan‘s panel near the window.

I tried the navy curry here and it was very delicious!


Suwa Dai Shrine

In the second episode of the TV series, the Munetani family visited this Suwa Dai Shrine.

There was an ema on the left side of the hall, but it was amazing because there were a lot of High School Fleet illustrations.


ハイスクール・フリート HIGH SCHOOL FLEET フィギュア High School Fleet Mei Irizaki 1/7 Scale Figure

(2020/2/5 17:18時点)


Yokosuka Navy Curry Honpo

We had lunch at this shop near Yokosuka Chuo Station.

In front of the store is a sign of Mike-chan‘s panel and a sign and message of Nance (Shina Natsukawa)!

This is my first time to eat Yokosuka Navy Curry.

Every curry shop in Yokosuka served milk with curry.

Navy customs? What is it?

It was very delicious!


Mikasa Park

This is the memorial ship Mikasa.

You can get in if you pay 600 yen.

The stage where Mike and Moka-chan sang in the second part

It feels like the grass spreads out and you want to go sunbathing.

There were some people who were actually doing it.


Yokosuka Port Market

I ate gelato with cherry cheesecake taste at Yokosuka Gelato Factory.

It was very delicious.

Yokosuka Chuo Station


[Sakakura Sou Honke]

The first floor of this Sakura building is the Sakakura Sou Honke where Mikan, Hocchan and Achan worked part-time.

The 3.4th floor is an institution department where four people were playing mahjong.

On the 5th floor, there is a Yesuri community space (open only on Saturdays and Sundays) operated by volunteer fans!

The community space on the 5th floor was amazing.


[5th floor Haifuri Community Space]

It was the best space for High School Fleet fans.

[Sakura Sohonke on the 1st floor]

A Japanese confectionery store full of elements.

There were a lot of products that collaborated with yes (of course ordinary Japanese sweets are also sold).

I was aiming for a pudding (with a cup with a sticker of yes), but it was sold out in the morning and reserved. Purchase water buns instead.

The people at the store were very kind and the love was transmitted. The owner’s brother is probably more familiar than me. Lol: I felt like I wanted to go again.

Y deck


It is a pedestrian bridge that extends from Yokosuka Chuo Station and is adjacent to commercial facilities.

A scene that Suzu-chan said, “I think fraud is not good” when Minami-san is trying to hack out and extract the personal information of Yokosuka citizens to increase the signature.



Tokyo Station → JR Tokaido Main Line / Atami → Totsuka Station → JR Shonan Shinjuku Line / Zushi → Zushi Station → JR Yokosuka Line / Kurihama → Yokosuka Station

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