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[Synopsis] High School Fleet

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The Mihara’s support squad will look after the Hiei from here.

Well, we’ll be continuing our search for the other missing ships.
What about you?

The school has instructed us to search for the Musashi.
If no one objects,If no one objects, I’d like to continue with that.

All right! That’s what I like to hear.
Just don’t push yourself too hard.
If you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, call us and get out of there.
This kind of stuff’s our job as Blue Mermaids, after all.

We’ve received word of numerous sightings of large, unidentified ships in the area.

200 nautical miles to the south, near the Admiralty Islands, and 300 nautical miles northeast, beyond the Chuuk Islands?

All right! We’ll head for the Chuuk Islands.
Sorry, but could you check the Admiralty Islands?

Okay! Let’s do this!

We’ll get a heckin’ lot of class credit for this!

Hey, you think we might just be a little bit cool?

Yeah! The Hiei was a tough ship.
So stopping it makes us pretty awesome, I’d say!


I’ve got our target.
Its identification band is black and white.
It’s a German Deutschland-class dreadnought,
the Admiral Spee!

That was the ship Mina-san was on, right?

We had a heck of a time with it, remember?

That’s right!

What should we do, Captain?

The plan is, um…

Board them!
Let’s save them!

Mii-chan, could you explain to everyone what you told me before? About how to stop the Spee?

Are you serious about this? Really serious?

Of course!

There’s an exposed steam pipe on deck that’s used to heat the fuel intake tank.
Even the Harekaze should have a fair shot at destroying it.
And if we can do that, we should be able to halt the ship.

The Spee definitely has less firepower, armor, and speed than the Hiei.

Sounds like a walk in the park.

It has a small frame like a cruiser, armor the Harekaze can’t pierce, and powerful 28cm guns that could sink us in a single hit.
On top of that, it has high maneuverability owing to its small size.

So what shall we do, Captain?

What do you think, Mii-chan?

I want you to help the crew of my ship, the Admiral Spee, as well as Captain Thea.
Though it would mean exposing everyone on the Harekaze to danger.

In this world, if ya back down from a fight once, yer branded a coward forever.
And if ya don’t have the guts to put yer life on the line when it counts, how can you call yerself a woman?

All right, then.
Let’s begin the mission!

It seems like they haven’t realized we’re here yet.

All right. Prepare for battle!

The Spee is rotating its main battery!

Rin-chan, evasive maneuvers!
When they dodge our torpedoes and their speed drops, we’ll target them with our main battery, so be ready!

Our torpedoes are still on target!

Now, as they reach the ship, charge!

The Spee isn’t evading!

Main battery!

Why aren’t they changing course?

Engine’s capable of full power!

All torpedoes passed right under the Spee!

They didn’t evade?
Then we can’t target their weak point!

Our aim was perfect, and yet…

The main battery…

I hate to run away, but…

We can’t board them like this.
We’ll have to come back later.

Mii-chan, don’t give up!

But if they get a direct hit on us, we’ll be blown to kingdom come.
I can’t justify putting us in any more danger.

Captain, a skipper could probably do it.

That’s right.
A skipper’s small and maneuverable enough to avoid being hit.

But even a near miss would blow it away, and then it’d all be over.
What should we do, Captain?

I want to go.

I figured you might say that.

Munetani Mashiro, I leave you in command of this ship.

Aye aye!

Boarding party, get ready!

First, we draw the Spee’s attention to us!

Thirty seconds until we reach the ship.

Sato-chan, when I give the signal, storm the ship!

Time to show ’em what I got!

Ten seconds!
Four, three… Ready!


Now we just need to distract the Spee as much as possible!

XO, their secondary battery has ranged in on our course!

Evasive maneuvers!

Fire control director crew, are you all right?

Ah, I read you.
Ogasawara here. I’m fine.

Takeda here. No problem.

Heki here. I’m all right.

I can’t put you all in any more danger.
Captain. Please take care of the Spee.
Full speed! Set the shortest course out of their firing range!

How long will it take to get out of their range?

At full speed, thirty minutes to get out of range of their main battery, and twenty minutes from their secondary battery.

Don’t get any ideas, girls.

Aw, Macchi’s already fighting!

This much water?
We’ve got an emergency on our hands! Momo!

She’s not here! I’m alone!

What should I do? Somebody help me!

You’re from the artillery…

We’re here…

…to help!

The fire control director got trashed, so we’re pretty much free.

There’s too many heckin’ columns!
Captain, can’t the ship throw off their aim or somethin’?

Shiro-chan and the others are in charge of the ship.
We have to be ready for the boarding party in case anything goes wrong.

It’s over 90% humidity in here.

It’s over 40 degrees, too. It’s getting dangerous.

Do we still have to be at full speed?
What’s going on out there?

Just a little more. Hang in there!


I’m in command right now.
And I’m counting on you!

Yes, ma’am. We’ll do our best!
Let’s hold on just a little longer!

Hey, that’s my job!

Marikouji-style naginata technique.

If you get hit, it’s going to hurt!

The soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing.

We’re eleven miles from the Spee and out of their secondary battery’s range!

The bridge is up here!

You shall not pass! I’ll protect Macchi!

Macchi, was I helpful… in some way?

That makes ten of them.
Well done.

Captain Thea Kreutzer.
She’s told me the details.
You saved all of us, for which I’m very grateful.

Are all your crew members safe?

It seems so. We’ll be returning to Seeadler Base for supplies.

Then Mii-chan will…

She’ll be coming with us, of course.

Dinner’s ready.

It’s ready!

We helped too!

Oh. Sushi, sashimi, and harakiri?

I don’t think the last one is right.

This is eintopf, right?

That’s right, Captain. They call it oden.

Through the hard work and determination of all present, we again have a ship and wills to call our own.

In recognition of our gratitude on this auspicious day, I would like the captain of the Harekaze to propose a toast.

Okay, everyone. Cheers!

Here, Captain. Aaaah…

Is that sausage?

It’s our ship’s special wurst.
I’ve waited so long to eat it again!

It is certainly something.

Captain. I’ve been holding on to this for you.

Please put it on me.

Ms. Captain…

I’m not crying!
Anyway, your ship is in awful shape.

And whose fault is that?
Well, you packed a nice punch.

Why don’t you come with us and get repairs done at Seeadler?

That’s okay. We’ve been told to rendezvous with the Akashi.

I see. Then this is goodbye.

What’s wrong?

I mean, nothing.

It was fun!

Same here!
Bon voyage!

I’m goin’ on a trip, all right?

Take care of yerself!

No one ever got rich off this kinda work, right?

And now I’m broke.

Somehow, it all worked out, Captain.

But the Harekaze took so much damage…

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