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[Synopsis] High School Fleet

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Ship ahead!
Judging by the shape of the bridge, it may be the Musashi!

Fire? But if they retaliate, we’ll be in trouble…

Captain, we’re well within their range!

If we get hit once, we’re good as done.

R-Rudder hard to port!
340 degrees, steady as she goes!

The target is 13 miles away.

13 miles? They don’t look that close.

It’s not… the Musashi?
Twin main battery… Kongo-class!

That’s the Hiei? From our school?

From afar, it looks just like the Musashi.
But it’s considerably smaller, which is probably why Noma-san got the distance wrong.

Contact the school with the Hiei’s position and course.

The Hiei’s opening fire!

Full speed! Rudder hard to port!

What are the school’s orders?

They’ve requested Blue Mermaid deployment.

ETA is four hours. Until then, we are to continue to monitor the Hiei if possible, but the safety of the Harekaze should be our first priority.

That’s not where you do your business!

Rin-chan, put some distance between us and make a large turn until we’re behind the Hiei.

Since they fired on us, maybe they picked up that virus too?

Yeah. I think they’ve been infected.
Just like the Musashi.

If the Hiei maintains its current speed and course, it’ll arrive at Chuuk Lagoon in three hours!

Chuuk? You mean…

Yes. There are over ten thousand residents.
Furthermore, it’s a marine traffic hub used by around a thousand ships each day.

And the Blue Mermaids won’t get here for four hours.
It’s unlikely that they’ll arrive in time.

If that infection spreads, it’ll be a catastrophe.
We have to stop them.

Any specific ideas?

We could try to attract their attention and divert their course from Chuuk.

But that puts us in much greater danger of being hit compared to just following them.

Do you still want to proceed?

Yeah. We’re faster than them, so I think we’ll make it through somehow.

It must be something serious for you to come here in person.


The lab ship sank to a depth of 1,500 meters.
All control was lost.
It was unsalvageable.

Or so they thought, but then an active undersea volcano pushed it to the surface.

Nishinoshima New Islands…
This was the rendezvous point for this year’s nautical training.

I signed off on a group of researchers traveling on board the Sarushima.
They’d requested it in order to research marine ecology near Nishinoshima New Islands.

It seems their true objective was to collect data from the lab ship and then sink it afterward.

Its infectious capacity is greater than we expected.
It may spread beyond the Sarushima.
All of our researchers are hospitalized.
I never thought this would happen.
How do we report this to our superiors?
We’ll be held responsible!

After that, I carried out my own investigation.


It’s the name they gave the organisms that ended up being created in that lab ship.
These creatures carry a virus that affects bioelectric currents.

This causes the infected to act according to one will.

One will… Like an ant or honeybee colony?

That’s why they can remember their actions but not the reasoning behind them.

The bioelectric influence also disrupts nearby electronic equipment.

We received a report from the Harekaze.
“This creature is a virus carrier.
I’m sending you the vaccine I created, so please begin mass production.”

A student developed a vaccine?

Kaburagi Minami is on the Harekaze.

The genius who was Marine Medical University’s first graduate?

Owing to her skipped grades, she never completed the nautical training course, so she said she wanted to get it done this year.

I did hear she was an eccentric, but I’m glad she was on board.

“It appears exposure to seawater can neutralize the virus within a relatively short period following infection.
However, if the virus is given time to spread through the patient’s body, I believe only administering this antibody will be effective.”

How long do we have t’go at full? We can’t hold it forever!

We’re chewing through oil, too!

Their cruising range is higher than ours, and we’ll run out of fuel more quickly with our maneuvers.

If we don’t make our next move soon, we’ll hit our limit.

Then the only thing we can do is stop the Hiei.
Even if that means sinking it.

The Hiei’s belt armor is half the thickness of the Musashi’s.
Gunfire won’t work, but a torpedo would be effective.

All right, here we go!

This is my time to shine!

Nobody’s saying we should sink it. It’s just a hypothetical last resort.

The Hiei’s crew are our classmates.

We have to stop the Hiei without sinking it.

Like we did with the Spee?
But even that was a miracle, let alone this!

They have seven secondary guns on each side of the ship…
They’ll shoot us full of holes by the time they’re within our firing range.

Jeez! You’re in the heckin’ way!

You too!

That’s it!
We might be able to stop the Hiei!

This is well thought out.
With this, I think they do stand a chance.

But it’s too dangerous!

We’re the only ones in the area. Please let us do it!

Do you have enough fuel?
All equipment is working properly?
And the condition of the students?

No problems.

Understood. You have my permission.
But be sure to discuss it with all your classmates before you continue.

Are you sure about this, Mother?

It may sound reckless, but their plan was quite the opposite. And besides…

A cat?

It was in the Harekaze’s report.
Their ship’s cat caught the rat but wasn’t infected.
The winds of fortune may be blowing upon that ship.

And that’s the outline of our strategy.

We have to go that far to stop them?

The Hiei’s crew have been infected with a virus.

I have developed an antibody.
I’ve sent my data to the school.
So if we can stop the Hiei, the students aboard can be cured.

But if we just let them go, they may pass the infection on to the residents of Chuuk.
And if that happens, it would naturally spread to the rest of the world.

I want to help everyone.
The girls on board the Hiei, and the people of Chuuk as well, because comrades at sea are all family!

So are you going to run off on your own again?

No. We all need to work together to make this plan succeed.

But it puts us all in danger, so I can’t make that call on my own.
I want to hear your opinions.

The Hiei’s crew is all honor students, right?

Doesn’t it seem a little too much for us?

And it’s a big ship.

It was scary with the Musashi, too.

I-I’ll do it! I’ll do my best!

What do you think?

Aye, aye.

I have no hesitance!

I’ll help you youngsters too.
I’m part of this ship as well.

Us too!

After all, the captain saved us.

Now it’s our turn.

Well, I’m sure we’ll manage some heckin’ way.

I won’t let a single wave escape my watch!

It looks like Macchi is determined too, so let’s do our best!

What should…

…we do?

Let’s just cook some rice!

But this is just crazy.
We have no idea if the machinery can take it!
Right, Maron?

All right! Let’s get out there’n do this thing!

The captain’s our flag’n standard!
Simple-minded as she may be, it’s the job of every true Tokyoite to hold ‘er high!

Weren’t you born and raised in Chiba, Chief Engineer?

Still, if the boss insists…

Shall we do it?

Munetani-san, you think it can’t be done, right?

Considering the characteristics of both ships, we may have a chance.

So… Would you lend me your aid?


Thank you, everyone.

Prepare for combat!

Captain, look!

This is incredible.

Broader scope, fresher data, every time! That’s my motto.
I’ve been gathering it all myself.

Not half bad.

“If I don’t show off here, I ain’t gettin’ another chance!”

“No one ever got rich offa this kinda work, but what the hell.”

Captain! I have a set of possible courses.

Let’s take this route.
Rin-chan, please set our course!

Shiro-chan! Direct the torpedo launch!

Open fire!

“Now we find out who’s on top.”
“‘Cuz if you’re gettin’ aimed at, you’re stronger than the one doin’ the aimin’.”

“No goin’ back now!”

I-I think they’re going to hit us!

We led the Hiei to point one!

If we can make them run aground here, we can stop the Hiei without sinking it!

It made it through?!

They’re firing!
Rudder to port!

Near miss! Impact off the starboard stern!

Burst valve!

Are we done yet, Captain?!

Just give me ten more minutes!

All right, but after that, the whole thing’s gonna break down!

Confirmed! The Hiei has passed through point two!

Captain! The Hiei made it through these shallows too!
What do we do?!

We’re not done. It’s not over yet!

But, Captain! It’s already…

There’s no storm we can’t weather!

We’re back to the same place as before?
It didn’t strand the Hiei the first time around!

Hime-chan, now!

Aye aye! Blowing ballast!

Dropping our ballast will reduce our stability!

Rin-chan, flank speed!

The Hiei is on the same course as before!

Reduce speed! She can’t take any more!

The Hiei has stopped!

Confirmed. The Hiei has stopped its engines!

The tide was out?

It was all thanks to you, Coco-chan.

With your online nautical chart, I could track the water’s depth in real time.

I see.
So the tide went out and the water level dropped compared to when we first went through.

We saved them, right?

Both Chuuk Lagoon and the Hiei.

I bet our captain can hold her drink.

That’s a strange compliment.

Did I feel like a captain there to you?

Well, you were close.
To some degree.

I’m Munetani Mafuyu of the Blue Mermaids.
You can leave the rest to me.

Shiro, is that you?
Hey, long time no see!

What’re you curling up into a ball for?
Has it been so long that you need your big sister to give you a fresh infusion of confidence?

Could I get one?

You idiot! Don’t…

Sure! Just leave it to me!
You ready?
Here we go!

Embarrassing stuff like this needs to stay within the family.

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