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[Synopsis] High School Fleet

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High School Fleet episode 6


The water’s running out.

No way…

The marked areas are the locations at which the Musashi has been sighted.
My guess is they want to approach the mainland.

The school has ordered us to pursue the Musashi, right?

It seems we’re the only ship they could contact that could move right away.

Maybe Minami-san’s right and those rat-like things did something to the other crews.

I can’t find anything out of the ordinary.

We’ll rendezvous with a supply ship five days from now.

We’ll have to conserve water until then.

I’m thirsty.

Drink a bottle of ramune, then.

I’m heckin’ tired of that stuff.

What are we going to do about the bathroom?

What, we can’t use the toilet?

We use seawater to flush, so it’s fine.

Who put saltwater in these things?!
Who was it?! Show yourself!

It’s been three days, though. Should I even wash?

What’s with your hair?

But a girl’s hair is her life.

Boiled mackerel and tomato.

Mixed vegetables and hardtack.

The perfect canned goods meal, eh?

Beggars can’t be choosers.

What should we do?

I don’t want my panties to smell like saltwater.

Carbonation’s no good?
XO Munetani?

U-Um, we’re about to head into some fog.


I’ll help too!

And we collected all that water…

Captain, I need to talk to you.

The upper deck is currently off limits due to the severe weather.

It’s a pain when we can’t cross the deck, huh?

Go ahead.

Oh, sorry!

Is something wrong, Misaki-san?

Y-Yeah, kind of.
Sorry! I’m…

I’m going to get someone to cover for me!

Wh-What are you doing to my Macchi?!

…is no different to…

…pluckin’ my eyebrows!

Why are you watching it in my room?

I don’t have a TV in mine.

S-Sorry, but would you please take my watch?

What’s with ya, huh?

Out with it.

It’s just really…

The thunder…

That so?
I gotcha.

Ain’t that a thing. I’ll go, then.
Can’t have you youngsters showin’ me up.

I’d like to sleep now, so…

Are you that scared of thunder?
It’s not true that it’ll steal your belly button.

It’s not that I’m afraid of thunder.
It just…
makes me remember.

Akeno, jump into the sea.

Mom and Dad, what about you?


Maybe if I’d jumped sooner, Mom and Dad would have… maybe…

Captain! It’s a distress signal!

A shopping mall ship, the Shinbashi!
135 meters in length, 14,000 gross tons.
It seems they’re currently listing to port and taking on water!

How many on board?

There are 552 on board, all evacuating.

Any ships in the area?

We’re the closest.

Contact the BluMer main base and the school!

Roger. We’ll arrive in about 50 minutes.

All hands!
A ship has run aground on the Ulithi Atoll.
We’re heading there now to rescue them.
Prepare sea rescue!

Although the weather is clear, the waves are high.

The storm cleared up.

Looks like the low-pressure front moved west.

I’d say it’s listing 40 degrees.
There’s a high risk of capsizing if it exceeds 50 degrees.

These are the Shinbashi’s schematics.

Are rescue preparations complete?

We’re all set, ma’am!

And I’ll take a skipper…
I wonder what a captain should do in these situations.

Please stay on board, Captain.

Who’ll lead the rescue party?

I’ll do it!

I’ll go too!

Mina-san, myself, and the three of you from Weapons will board the ship.
Divers, go under to assess the ship’s damage.
Navigators and emergency personnel, guide the people in lifeboats over to the Harekaze.

We did a heckin’ lot of rescue trainin’ in middle school, but this is our first real emergency.

I just hope my bad luck doesn’t get in the way.

This really isn’t the time…

Turn on the searchlights!

F-First we need to get a head count, right?

Wristbands, wristbands…

Aren’t we supposed to see if anyone’s hurt first?

We should’ve brought the manual!

I’m Munetani Mashiro, executive officer of the Harekaze.
We’ll begin checking the interior.

It looks like there are people still in the crew berths.
Please help them.

The sprinklers aren’t operating.

Then the emergency system is broken?

This is Munetani!
The Shinbashi’s emergency system isn’t working!

Pull alongside the Shinbashi! Hurry!

Crew, we’re about to finish evacuating.

Tamonmaru isn’t with us!

I looked up and he was gone!

He’s still small, right?


Leave Tamonmaru-chan to us!
You two evacuate!

Evacuation of the crew and their families is finished.

The rescue team members in the ship have also withdrawn.

But we’ve received a report that the XO and Mina-san went to conduct a search in the stern.
Apparently a small child has gone missing.

I’ll look over here!

Okay, I’ll take that section!

The little one is…
a kitten?!

Captain! The Shinbashi…

Cut the mooring lines!
Move away at full speed!

Confound it! Confound it all!

The center of the ship split!
It’s going to sink! You need to get out now!


Mina-san made it out. She’s safe.

And the XO?!

We don’t know.

We’ve lost…
contact with her.

You’re scared, huh?
I’m scared too.
After all… I’m really unlucky.

But we can’t stay here.
Let’s go.

Waiting around like this is so painful.
But… I promised Shiro-chan.

Get blankets to the evacuees.
Then prepare food and something warm to drink!


It’s the Blue Mermaids!

There’s still one student on that ship!

Roger that!
One survivor in need of help!

Oh well…

I should’ve known.
I’m so unlucky…

Damn it!

Get the hammers out!

Captain, word from the rescue boat.
A Blue Mermaid team is searching for the XO.

Survivor’s location confirmed!

Can you hear us? Don’t move!
Stay right there!

I’m saved…

We’re safe meow! What a purr-lief!

Why the cat puns?

We safely rescued Tamonmaru.

Um, if you don’t mind…

Would you like to adopt him?

If it’s not too much to ask…

I’m sorry for the trouble, but please deliver this to Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School.

As well as this.
The antibody… and my report.

It tore me up, only being able to wait here for you!
I’m sorry that I put you through the same thing in the past! I’m so sorry!


Is it okay to have one more cat on board, Captain?

Of course!

The real BluMers are so amazing.

They were the ones who saved me from that shipwreck, too.
That was what made me want to become a Blue Mermaid myself.

But I also thought if I went aboard a ship, I could have a family again.

My mom was a Blue Mermaid, you know!

She always used to say that comrades at sea are like family!

So when you and I become Blue Mermaids…
we’ll have more family members than you can imagine!

So let’s promise each other!


That’s why you always say comrades at sea are like family, huh?

Is this Moeka the captain of the Musashi?
I’ve been with my captain, Thea, since middle school.
Now that we have an antibody for the virus, I want to save them as soon as possible.

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