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Sixteen ships from the Toumai High instructor fleet are out of commission?
Has the Musashi truly mutinied?

The Harekaze barely managed to break away from their attacks and eventually lost them.
The instructor’s flagship was state of the art.
So how did this happen?

It appears all their electronics and guided missiles malfunctioned.

What about the crew members?

The ship’s three-level safety mechanisms proved very useful.
Zero casualties and only a few light injuries.

How are the Musashi’s fuel and ammunition stocks?

At departure, they were fully loaded, so we estimate they have at least 80% remaining for both.

Why were they given so much initially?

It’s difficult to resupply Yamato-class ammunition at sea, so this is standard practice.

Principal Munetani!
We’ve lost contact with the Hiei and the Choukai!

Which other ships have we lost track of, besides the Musashi?

The Hiei, Choukai, Maya, Isuzu, Natori, Amatsukaze, Isokaze, Tokitsukaze, and Germany’s training exercise participant, the Admiral Graf Spee.

That many? Which ships are still in operation?

The Mamiya, Akashi, and Kazahaya, which are on supply missions, their escort ships, the Akikaze, Hamakaze, and Maikaze, and the Nagara, Harekaze, Urakaze, Hagikaze, and Tanikaze, which are doing recon. That’s all.

The Yamashiro, Kaga, Akagi, Ibuki, and Ikoma are all docked.
No matter how fast we moved, we wouldn’t be able to deploy them for at least six months.
It would be possible to accelerate that schedule for a corvette, but the best-case scenario would still be three months.

Can we send any ships to confront the Musashi?

Maybe I’m not cut out to be captain after all.

You’ll catch a cold if you stay soaked like that.
Why don’t you go take a bath?

The Musashi was heckin’ awesome!

Katsuta-san, what is our current position?

No heckin’ idea.


I had my hands full just tryin’ to escape. No time to work out where we were headed, y’know?

It seems all of our electronic equipment is wiped out.
We’re getting nothing but noise. Cause unknown.

I have our current position.

We’re in the middle of Lake Biwa!

I see! Lake Biwa, huh?

Yeah. There’s access to it now.

No heckin’ wonder the water’s been so calm!

Of course we’re not in a lake!

Sorry! We’ll check that again!

I’m soaked in sweat.

Huh, Captain? It’s the engineers’ bath time.

What kind of example does it set when the top brass don’t wait their turn?

What’s this? What’s th’ holdup?!
Captain! Oh my, you’re soaking wet!
No time for bathing order in an emergency!
Now get’n there!

Don’t just stand there staring! You get’n here too!

The Musashi’s attack crippled Toumai High’s instructor ship?

So is it a student rebellion after all?

If it is, and the Musashi reaches an urban area, would they be able to stop it?

According to the Harekaze’s report, guided missiles failed.
Maybe a wall of torpedoes or artillery bombardment would work?

The Musashi has the best and brightest students in the school.
You think you can hit them with unguided torpedoes fired from outside their range?

It would be difficult. So…
We can only confront them with equivalent military strength.

You need 18 inches to fight 18 inches, huh?

But Kure’s Yamato and Maizuru’s Shinano are docked.

What about Sasebo’s Kii?

No good. It’s on a long voyage on the other side of the world.

No good. It’s on a long voyage on the other side of the world.
with just 14- or 16-inch guns.

The main guns went from 5 inches to 3.9 inches, right?

The 5-inch ones had their strong points too.

But this sure is nice. I want one for my ship too.

Heated by 60,000 horsepower, the Harekaze bathtub is the ship’s pride’n joy!

So, Captain, what’s happening topside?
We stokers have no idea what’s going on out there.
This’s the only chance we get t’catch up.

Um, the Toumai High instructor ship ..ended up in battle with the Musashi…

The Musashi? From our school?!

Toumai High? The one with the submarine?

If it’s an instructor ship, it’s gotta be state of the art.

Was it the same kinda deal as with us?

I don’t know. That’s why I wanted to stop them.

You can’t stop something like that with just one skipper.
Isn’t there someone else aboard who’s more qualified to be captain?

It’s like they always say, “When the cat’s dumb, the mice can have fun!”

Slight leak of fuel oil confirmed.

Is the captain of the Musashi your friend?

I’ve known her since we were kids.

Why don’t you take care of your own ship before worrying about others?

Maybe the Musashi’s captain is trying to protect the ship all by herself, just like my captain is.

Her name’s Thea. She always makes snap judgments and acts with determination.
She’s a wonderful captain.

I wish I could be that amazing a captain, but I’m not.

But you saved me, didn’t you?
I’m grateful for that.
I owe my very being here to you.

That’s right. I used to run away from everything, but now I want to try my hardest.

We haven’t been able to receive any communications from outside, but I picked up a faint radio signal coming from within the ship.

We’d better confirm what it is.
Lead the way.
You have the bridge, XO Munetani.

A-Aye aye.

Oh my, a ghost.

That’s Minami-san…

That was great, Isoroku. You caught a rat!
Huh? It’s a different color from

Don’t touch it.
That’s not a rat.

Communications are back online!

It seems this thing was the cause.

What is it?

A creature with a genetic makeup slightly different from a rat’s, infected with some strange virus.

I detected that virus in the Gunnery Chief’s blood, too.

It’s possible that this was why she went berserk and the electronics broke down.

So if we look into this, we might be able to save everyone!

That is possible.

Isoroku, that was great! You deserve a medal!
I’m promoting you to admiral!


Grand admiral!

Do we even have the authority to do that?

More importantly, we need to report to the school!

Unidentified floating object dead ahead!
It’s a mine!

Is it okay to poke it?

The ones near us are old contact detonation mines, so as long as I don’t touch the bumps, it’s fine.

I think we should detonate all of them.

Until this mist clears up, we won’t know how many are around us.
And it’ll be scary if one goes off and the rest follow in a chain reaction.

What a pickle!

I did a search of the area using the sonar last night.
The goal is probably to deter passage, so I’d say fairly small.

The types of mines are unknown, but considering the depth of the water, my guess is that they’re moored mines, short-wire moored mines, and bottom mines.

What’s a moored mine?

You know, the kind that’s got a wire attached, so if you bump into it, it goes “boom”!

We’ll have to sweep the sea for them.

What’s the procedure for minesweeping?

Allow me to explain!

First, we connect minesweeping tools to sweep wires and drop deployers into the sea.

As the ship keeps moving, the deployers spread out left and right, the submerger is pulled along by the stern, and when a mine wire gets caught on a sweep wire, it keeps moving until a cutter…

snips right through it!
Then when all the mines are floating, we’ll shoot them with guns, and kaboom!

That’s where I come in!
Lemme shoot stuff already!

Tools. None.

We don’t have real minesweeping tools, but we have to do what we can.

Let’s use a skipper.

Please don’t be one of them, Captain.

All right.

Huh? Mina-san, you don’t like the natto?

To be honest, Japanese food doesn’t really suit me.

Oh, really? I’m sorry for not thinking of that.
Then why don’t we make German food today?

No, no, no!

It’s okay. I’m pretty good at it!

All right, we’re going to have a German food festival today!

Repairs are done!

Confirmed all mines are at a safe distance.

Prepare to minesweep!

What a rush! This is how Genghis Khan must have felt!

All done!

Hey, let’s give it a name!

It’s a seal, so let’s call it… Tama-chan!

Watch where you point that thing!

Still, I wonder who set those mines. Someone could get hurt!

Mines placed in the past have traveled through the ages to be revived now!
The mines were sucked into the Sargasso and disappeared, only to reappear here!
It must be a certain country’s evil plot!

I think the mines in this area were set up by different nations to protect their national interests and safeguard their sea lanes in the early twentieth century.

Reality’s so boring.

It would be awful if we were at war again!

So the Blue Mermaids were formed to transcend national boundaries and protect the sea so that nothing like that happens again, right?

The Blue Mermaids’ main mission is to save lives and keep sea lanes safe by doing things like minesweeping.

That’s the Blue Mermaid way!

All right! We’re going to keep

Underwater explosion dead ahead.
The skipper got caught up in it!

I need to go help them!

This again?

Do you mean to desert your post once more, Captain?


I’ll go!
Requesting your assistance, Captain!

XO, will you take the bridge?

What? Uh, but…

XO, you’re in charge!

This is wrong…
It’s the captain’s job to lead from the ship at all times!
“Always on the deck!”
Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?!

I’m glad to be here, you know.

Even though I do nothing but run away, you accepted me for who I was, Misaki-san.

I have no idea what an ideal captain is like.
But I’m lucky to have you as mine.

Huh? What happened to me again?
We were minesweeping…
Oh yeah, I’m inside the safety float.

Is anyone coming to save us?
I’m sure they are, right?

Kayo-chan, are you okay?

Grab my hand.


Ricchan! Thank goodness!

Rescue successful!

So, when it comes to German cooking, this one’s a classic: eisbein!

That’s a northern dish.
In my area, it’s schweinshaxe…
In other words, we usually roast it instead.

Th-Then let’s go to the next staple.

You mean “sauerkraut.”
And this is just pickled cabbage.
The real thing’s made through lactic acid fermentation.

Next, cutlets!

Oh, schnitzel!
We don’t cut them this thick in my country, though.

All right, time for the MVP!
The one German food everyone knows: Hamburg steak!

Is that a frikadelle?
You don’t often see food like this in Germany.

That aside, the steamed potato and eintopf look delicious!

Add some wurst and that’s good enough for food at sea, I’d say.

Who made this?

We did.

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