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Vice-principal, we have an incoming message from a patrol ship.
“Musashi located.”

“Attempts to radio them ..have been met with silence.”

They’re also not picking up their beacon, so chances are they’re suffering from electrical failure, radio included.

Contact Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School and send them the Musashi’s position.

I’m sure their school must’ve been worried.
We say maintaining students’ safety is what’s most important, so having multiple training vessels go missing simultaneously is a catastrophe.

Fortunately, all of our students aboard the I-201 were safely rescued, but…

Not to mention, the Harekaze allegedly engaged in battle with an instructor ship.

Well, whatever it is, we should set out to provide aid at once.
Call the patrol ship back.


In the flesh!

Hey, you didn’t do your warm-up exercises!

You can’t just dive in like that!

But dolphins!

Should we really be relaxing like this?

Ever since the entrance ceremony, it’s just been one nerve-racking moment after another.
So I thought it’d be okay if we enjoyed ourselves a little.

They’re all relieved.
We didn’t mutiny at all, and I think the people in charge understand that now.

Nonetheless, shouldn’t we be returning to school?

Hiraga-san and the others are still interviewing Tama-chan, and the boiler hasn’t reached optimal temperature yet.

Damn you, temperature! Rise already!

So we can’t leave right away.

Okay, say cheese!

Still, we should get back as soon as possible.

I wonder if the Akashi and the Mamiya are there yet.


I wonder if they found the Musashi.

This month’s horoscope…

Scorpio’s in ninth place for luck.

Taurus is eleventh.

Well, at least it’s not dead last, right?

Incidentally, what place is Gemini?

It says you’ll be especially unlucky around water.

Sorry, sorry.

I’m so unlucky.

Wow, the horoscope’s right on!

There’s a personality test too. Want to try it?

Not on your life!

How about you, Shiretoko-san?


Aww, I’m so jealous!
I wanna run around and have fun too!

Tateishi-san, let me ask you once more to confirm: You can’t remember why you suddenly attacked the ships?

In that situation, I would’ve fired too if I had the chance.

Shall we wrap it up?

I’ll summarize our interview and report it to the Maritime Safety Committee.

The Sarushima was the first one to report the Harekaze’s mutiny, right?
How did you conclude it was mutiny?

The Harekaze was late to the rendezvous point for training, so when they arrived in the area, we launched an attack.

The Harekaze retaliated with a torpedo that struck our ship.
I considered that to be mutiny and reported it as such.

Why did you attack them for an offense as minor as tardiness?
All the crew members have testified that the captain ordered it.

I remember giving the order.
But I don’t even know myself how I came to that decision.

Thanks for your work. I’ve brought refreshments.
I would also like to speak with Instructor Furushou.

Are you all right, Furushou-senpai?
I heard you were adrift until being rescued.

Now I’ve got my juniors worrying. What’ll I do with me?

I fired upon students, and I can’t even remember why I did it.
I’m furious with myself.

The other crew members also testified that they remember the events clearly, but none of them have been able to recall why they did what they did either.
It’s not just you.

We salvaged the Sarushima’s tactical data processing system, but the log was gone.

“Loss of functionality after 13:20.”

Is the Harekaze really all right?

Everyone is unharmed, from the captain on down.
Excuse me.

Sorry, Senpai. Something’s come up.
I hope you enjoy what I brought.

It’s kind of small.

Hey. Isn’t the budgeting department allowed to have fun?

I-It’s fine. We’ll join in later.

Am I being avoided?

The interview is over, so we’ll be taking our leave.

When you return to port, the school will officially pass judgment for firing a weapon, but since there was no damage, you might be let off with a stern warning.

Tama-chan! You must be exhausted.
We’ll explain everything to the school, and I’ll apologize along with you.

And of course I’ll be by your side, too!

You did take a plunge into the sea, so you should get checked out at the infirmary.

What’s wrong, Rin-chan?
Aren’t you going to have fun with the others?

I-I took a personality test just now,

and it said my type was…
serious yet indecisive!

I think they’re right. After all, I’ve been living a run-away life since the day I was born.

For example, in elementary school, I went on a test of courage with my friends.

But I fled, leaving them behind!

It was always like that.
Before I knew it, I’d be running away.

At those times, I’d look out at the sea all by myself.
That always calmed me down for some reason.
That’s how I came to love the sea.

I wanted to become a BluMer, because when you’re on a ship, there’s nowhere to run.
I thought I could finally move past this run-away life of mine.

But in the end, I made the whole ship run away instead.

I don’t think running away is a bad thing.

After all, we’ve been through three battles now, and we’re still safe and sound.
And that’s because you got us away, Rin-chan.

You measure the circumstances with precision and escape if need be.
That might just be your strong point.

Fit as a fiddle.
You can get back to work.

You’re A-OK, Tama-chan!

Don’t touch it.
It was found among flotsam, so it could be carrying some kind of disease.

Are you going to dissect it or something?

L-Let’s go, Tama-chan!

The Musashi’s holding a steady course, huh?

They’re firing!

Message from Ship Four!
Their engine’s been hit! They’re crippled!

I’m signaling to them with the lights, but there’s no response!

Musashi students, this is an instructor ship from Toumai High School.
We’re here to protect you.
Stop the ship and follow our directions━━

We need to halt their attack.
If we can breach their hull and make them list, they won’t be able to use their artillery.

That would mean firing on a student ship.

We’ll safeguard the students after we disable their artillery.


Ship Three has been hit!

Surface combat, commence torpedo launch!

Direct hit!

The target…
has not lost any speed! Their main battery is turning!

Training ammunition won’t stop them?

This is your captain, Misaki!
All hands, please gather right now near the prow on the foredeck!

Why did you just summon the whole crew?

Listen, everyone.

Right now…
we’re going to have a welcome party for Mii-chan!

Now, let’s have a few words from our new crewmate, Mii-chan!

Um, crew members of the Harekaze…
The Harekaze is a mighty strange ship.

You’re lax about the chain of command. There’s no discipline.
The captain doesn’t act like a captain at all.

You think so?

No objections here.

I’ve never seen such a slipshod ship.

L-Like Heppenheim’s Starkenburg Castle, this ship is small but has its own charm.

Um, I’m not sure I understand the analogy.

Then it’s like Nuremberg sausage!

In any case, in response to this warm welcome, I can only say…
Crew members of the Harekaze, I’m much obliged to you youngsters for your fine efforts!

All right! Now let’s all eat cake!

Mina-chan, what’s with the “youngsters” and “blazes” and all that?

Does it sound strange? I learned my Japanese from watching movies.

Sounds like that series of gangster movies with rough older guys.
“We’re the ones who row this boat!
If you think you can get it to move by itself, go ahead!”

“Blow this place to smithereens!”
That kind of thing.

Here are some mementos.

From us.

Captain… Misaki-san, is that you as a child?

Yeah. It was taken at our graduation ceremony.
They’d just keep rolling around.

Captain! We have an emergency message from the school!

What’s the message?

“At 19.41 degrees north by 145.0 degrees east, we lost contact with the Toumai High instructor fleet while searching for the Musashi.
As the Harekaze is the closest ship in the area, we need you to visit the location and report.”

Battle is prohibited, but make your own safety the first priority. That is all.”

So we’re that close… to the Musashi.

Our orders are to report the situation, nothing more.

Prepare to depart!

Eight reinforcement ships have arrived!
They’re in formation!

That’s incredible. Scarily so.

Why is this happening?

going over there.

Going where?!

To the Musashi.

Enough already!
In what messed-up world would a captain run off and abandon her ship at the first sign of danger?
Didn’t you say comrades at sea are all family?

Doesn’t that include the crew of this very ship?
Well? Answer me!

Isn’t this…
the home you should be protecting?

Moka-chan━ childhood friend━is over there.
She’s my very best friend.

Get the Harekaze out of the Musashi’s range immediately!

Damn it!
Rudder hard to port!

We’ll keep our distance from the Musashi and follow the skipper’s movements!

We have to retrieve our captain, right?

Otherwise, we’d be turning around and running!

We have to at least halt their movement, no matter what!
Launch torpedoes!


Vice-principal! We’ve lost contact with the reinforcement fleet!
The data link’s dead, too!

The Musashi’s main battery is turning towards us!

Rudder hard to starboard, steady as she goes!

You’re doing great at not running away today!

We can’t leave without the captain━ without Misaki-san!

Three shells from the main battery heading this way!
Impact off the starboard bow in ten seconds!

340 degrees, 60.

Are we firing? We’re firing, right?!

Shells… get hit with shells.{horrible pun since her name is also tama}

340 degrees bearing, 60 degrees elevation!

Turning the turret!
In position, 340 degrees!

Time for a big boom!

Nice one, Gunnery Chief!
You’re a super-quick draw with those 10cm shells!
We can keep firing!

The shells are heading straight for us!

Rudder hard to starboard! Turn toward them!

We won’t make it!

350 degrees! Fire!


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