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High School Fleet episode 3


We have 120 kilograms of rice, ten boxes of canned meat…

That’s still plenty.


How long will it take us to get to Yokosuka?

Um, maybe around 26 hours?

Captain, let’s go as fast as possible.
Even though the school has issued a no-engagement order,I don’t want us to run into any other ships on the way.

We don’t get to shoot anymore?


“I really want to answer the Musashi’s SOS!”
“What are you talking about?
All ships have been ordered back to school!”
“I know, but…”

No, I’m sure the Musashi will be fine.
Let’s hurry back to school.

Emergency, emergency!

This is serious!

According to the Japanese Toilet Federation,women use an average of 12.5 meters of toilet paper per day.
There are 30 people in our class.

The nautical training was supposed to last for two weeks, so to be on the safe side, we stocked 250 rolls.

Our stores of toilet paper have run out!

Who could’ve used it all?

Does everyone in this class have a weak bladder?

What if we rationed what’s left to 10cm per visit?

That’s not enough!

Who’s wasting all the toilet paper?

I have been using it to blow my nose.

Sorry! I ran out of the tissues I brought with me, so I took a roll to the communications room!

I saw a roll in the mess hall.

It’s handy for wiping tiny spots on the counter.{gross}

It sure is.

Sheesh! I swear, this’s a ship o’ fools!

What should we do? When we use up what’s left, we won’t be able to go to the toilet anymore!

This is all because Japan’s toilet paper is too soft!
So I end up using too much!

This is a fruitless war of words.

War, you say?

No, she just means it’s a noisy, unproductive argument.

H-Hold on, everyone.
Is there anything else we don’t have enough of or need?



Model ship magazines!

Vacuum tubes.{pls}

but I’d like to maintain a stock of food, medicine, and everyday necessities.

We can’t order supplies, since that’d give away our position.

Shopping! Let’s go shopping!

It looks like Ocean Mall’s Shikoku Sea branch is here.

Shopping… Yeah, I wanna go shopping too!

I did forget to bring sunscreen.

And I’m out of hair conditioner.
Everyone just helps themselves to it.

Captain! We have one more major problem.
We don’t have enough money!

Please donate to the toilet paper fund!

I spend everything I get!

I don’t suppose they take checks?

I’ve got Zimbabwean dollars. Will those work?{LOL}

The only banknotes I carry are euros.



What in blazes is so funny?

Let’s see.
There should be a free shuttle bus.

Hime-chan, that’ll just make you stand out more.

There’s not much we can use.

I wonder if some toilet paper might drift by.

Where’s Maron-chan?

She said it’s more relaxing in the engine room.

Peace sure is nice.


I wonder what’s for dinner tonight.


It isn’t Friday.

I’m going to the bathroom.

That looked really good on you, Munetani-san!
I wanted you to be our captain, you know.

S-So, did you need something?

Mina-san has requested a tour of the ship.

I wonder if we’ll get chewed out when we get back to school.

when we get back to school.

Or disqualified from becoming BluMers?

Nah. I mean, Munetani-san’s the principal’s daughter.

But the principal’s daughter is in our class?
You’d think she’d be on the Musashi.

That’s enough idle chatter!

That’s enough idle chatter!
There’s all manner of things you could be fixing right now!
Hop to it!

Don’t mind what they said, Munetani-san.

An Abyss box!

They’re a mail order company, so maybe there’ll be magazines or something inside.

Ugh. This is what happens when you bring a cat aboard.

A year’s supply of toilet paper! Congratulations!{wow}

That was ridiculously lucky.
And with just one ticket, no less.

But how are we going to take back a year’s supply?

We’ll send it to your home.

What should we do?
We can’t have them send it to our ship.

Let’s just take as much as we can and go back.

You are crew members of the Harekaze, aren’t you?

Strategic retreat!

Are you all right?

We have the Harekaze’s captain and three crew members in custody.

Good work.

Well, I guess that’s all the salvaging we’ll be doing today.

I feel sick.

The captain should be back anytime now.

We’re supposed to meet them here.

How can she still be out there shopping?!

Animals aren’t allowed on board!

I think we should take care of it until we can find it an owner.

The Mamiya and the Akashi sighted, with two escort corvettes, starboard side, 60 degrees, 20km away, approaching!

We’re going to be under attack again?

We’re surrounded!

What are you hacks doing? Where’s the captain?

She isn’t back yet!

The captain and the others are returning!
They have a Blue Mermaid patrol boat with them!

Blue Mermaids? Does that mean they’re here to capture us?!

This ain’t no time for curry!


What’s this about curry?

M-More importantly, we have to get out of here!

The hell are you talking about? We’re going to attack!

Fire? Are we going to fire?

Stop that. There’s a no-engagement order.

Shut your damn mouth!

Tama-chan, what’s gotten into you?!

“I’m sick of running away!”{really not the time, coco}
“That’s right. We can’t run.”
“I’ll fight!”

Akashi! Mamiya! This ain’t the Tama that’d just let you sink us!

She really did fire.

Look what you did!

You imbecilic blockhead!


She’s back!

Thank goodness you’re safe, you fool!

The “fool” part wasn’t necessary.

You were in there?

Tama-chan! Are you okay?


Huh? She’s back to normal.

Listen! The supply ships have come to help us!

This is Inspector Second Class Hiraga,{her name is another history reference} from the Maritime Safety Committee’s Safety and Oversight Office.

I apologize for all of the trouble we’ve caused!

Um, are you with my sister’s
I mean, Munetani Mashimo’s department?

Yes. In fact, Inspector First Class Munetani ordered us to make contact with you.

Shiro-chan, your big sister is a Blue Mermaid?

The Maritime Safety Committee believed the Sarushima’s report of your mutiny, and is continuing to spread that information.

But those of us in the Safety and Oversight Office had a different opinion.

that the Harekaze had no choice but to engage in battle to defend herself.

Yes. That’s true.

Where is the student who attacked earlier?

For now, we have her confined.

You can’t fault them for confining you for a while.


But I’ll hang out with you.

You know, that was some fine shooting, Tama!
I wrote you off as an introverted gunnery officer, but now I’m seeing you in a whole new light.

But… Why did I do that?

I’m sure deep down inside, your soul screams, “Fire! Fire!”

We brought you a little something.

We heard you had a craving for curry, Tateishi-san.


She’s saying, “Thank you.”

I apologize. She’s usually a quiet girl who’d never attack so recklessly.

Maybe she got upset, thinking there was going to be another battle.

We weren’t planning to meet up until the conclusion of the exercises, so we didn’t have any solid information on what was happening.

So why are you giving us supplies now?

We received orders from the principal.

Mom── mean, the principal?

We also received a request from Principal Munetani.
Contrary to the opinion of the Maritime Safety Committee, the principal didn’t believe the Harekaze would attack the Sarushima and a submarine.
She was insistent about it.

The captain of the Sarushima, Instructor Furushou, has finally regained consciousness, so maybe we’ll finally be able to unravel what happened.

We’ll need to interview the student who fired on our ships at a later point.
As for the rest, I’m counting on you two.

Thank you.

Why are you thanking me?

We’ve been cleared of suspicion because your mother believes in us.

That’s all thanks to her. She was never one to back down from her beliefs.

That’s what makes her a BluMer, right?


Yeah, that’s what everyone calls the Blue Mermaids.

Use the full title!

Why are there more cats now?

Oh, they’re from my ship and the Akashi.

It’s easy to get a rat infestation on a supply ship, so we keep cats.

Stay away! Stay away from me!
Stay away!

Shiro-chan is so lucky that cats like her.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the captain and crew members.

I filed a report with the Maritime Safety Committee too, but they still suspect a dangerous element aboard the Harekaze.
Some think the entire crew should be taken into custody before they return to school.

If anything else happens to the Harekaze, your position will be in jeopardy too, Mother.

You don’t have to worry about me.
But something strange is definitely going on.
I want you to figure out what as soon as possible.

In the end, we never could find it an owner, so could you keep it here?

Not a problem.

However, a hamster it is not.

Then what is it?

I’ll investigate.

The Akashi had long 10cm turrets in storage, so we replaced them.

Yes! This increases our range and improves our rate of fire and muzzle velocity!

I don’t think we’ll get in another battle, but this still makes me feel more secure.

Captain of the Harekaze.
This is a record of the repairs that we made.

Well, we’ll be on our way.
Our next mission is taking supplies to the Musashi.

The signal from their beacon was cut off, and we don’t know their location, so it’ll be an investigation as well.

The Musashi too…

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