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If this Harekaze incident cannot be dealt with promptly within the school,
it will be recognized as a large-scale insurrection.

In that case, all of your school’s ships will be seized.
If that proves impossible, they will be sunk.”

At this rate, it really will be deemed mutiny,
and the Blue Mermaids’ main force.

Let’s try everything possible.
First, call the director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation.

We received an emergency distress call from the Musashi.
What should I do?

How is the main battery?

As you can see, we’re inspecting it right now.
It’s automated for the most part, but inspections are tough.

About how much longer will it take?
I’ll get it done before dark however I can.

We made some rice balls.

Matsunaga-san, Himeji-san, everything all right over here?
No problems with the launching tubes.
Not that we have a single torpedo anyway.

I wonder what’s going on with the other ships.

You’re saying the whole world has turned against us?!
We can’t let the Musashi sink!
Let’s escape to the South Pole!

That’s not a very funny joke.

I’ve verified the damage.

We’ll set a direct course back to school at cruise speed, okay, Captain?

Shiro-chan, what is it?

Please get your act together.
Sorry, I was just…

“A Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School ship has gone renegade and is currently at large.
All ports must turn away ships from Yokosuka High until further notice.

Also, if the following ship offers any resistance, it may be sunk without any repercussions:
the corvette Harekaze”?!

I like firing, but I hate being fired at!

W-We’ve totally become fugitives!

The Musashi may be in the same situation, hence the distress call.

We’re the ones who need help here!
And how can we help anyone when we barely have any practical experience?
We should return to school as planned.

We can report the Musashi then and let them handle it.
All right.
Let’s return to school, like Shiro-chan says.
Okay. I’ll take care of the bridge, so the rest of you can get some sleep.

Rin-chan and I are on duty tonight.
You need sleep too if you’re to command us.

I’ll be fine.
Just get some sleep, please!

O-Okay. Understood, Shiro-chan.

I want to go help you. But right now

I have to start acting more like a captain.

Captain. The sonar technician, Marikouji-san, has reported a strange noise from underwater.

We’re currently conducting a sound analysis.
There’s nothing on the surface, so…
A submarine?

What’s going on? It’s the middle of the night.

This is, um…
Don’t look!

A-All hands are at their stations.

Sound analysis completed.
It’s the I-201, a ship from Toumai High.

That’s a boys’ high school.
Huh, a boys’ school?

Submarines are always from the boys’ schools.
But they’re so cramped and hot and stinky…

They’re obviously after us. Let’s fire at them!

Coco-chan, can we get in contact with the I-201?
Seawater dampens regular radio waves, so we wouldn’t reach them.

So how do they usually contact each other?
Just because it’s a submarine doesn’t mean they’re always submerged.

Then why don’t we use our active sonar to send Morse code?
If we do that, they’ll think we’re attacking them for sure!

Let’s just fire something, even if it’s sonar!
Don’t be ridiculous!

Marikouji-san, tell them our school, ship name, and that we have no intention of fighting.
Received and understood.

Target has changed its depth. It’s suddenly diving deeper.

What did I tell you?

I thought if we could explain our circumstances, they’d understand.

Be that as it may, we’re fugitives!

See, they are after us!

L-Let’s just get out of here!

Rin-chan, slow ahead, at a speed that doesn’t interfere with the sonar.

I wonder what kind of ship the I-201 is.

Standard displacement, 1,070 tons.
It can make twenty knots while submerged.

Twenty knots is pretty slow compared to the Harekaze.

We’re on the surface. Being able to go that fast while submerged is incredible.
Most submarines can only move at about six knots.

And their arms?

Two 25mm single-mounted machine guns and four 53cm torpedo tubes,with a ten-torpedo capacity!

Two torpedoes heading our way!

Maron-chan! We need full speed, or as much as you can give us!

Tama-chan, prepare for artillery battle, port side!

If we fire, they’ll definitely treat us as hostile!

I know! But if we’re to escape…

W-We could lose them if we go flank spee

We can’t go flank speed!

I-I know!

For now, let’s just keep running around.

It’s been an hour.

Then maybe we managed to escape.

Escaping’s my specialty!

Is that something to brag about?

Marikouji-san, can you hear anything?

Oh, I beg your pardon. I’m up now.


No good. I can barely keep my eyes open.

I made special Kinesaki-style dorayaki for everyone.

Two torpedo wakes, 120 degrees off the port bow, 3,000 meters, approaching!

Wh-What in blazes?!

Who’s the hack steering this ship?
And which of you is the captain?
Is this ship crewed entirely by amateurs?!

Um, we’re kind of battling a submarine right now.

I know that!
And you’re fighting at night, so why in blazes are your lights on?

I can’t see anything!

That’s because you’re not used to the dark!

Turn off the navigation light too! Imbeciles!

But we might collide with another ship.

What kind of idiot shows themselves in battle?

This should buy us some time.

Wait, who are you?

I am Wil

Oh, the girl from the German ship!
You’re awake!

For now, we should focus on the battle.
Prepare to counterattack immediately.
Fighting submarines is my specialty!
Germany is the home of all submarines, you see.
We’ll start with a super-basic depth charge attack!

We just have one.

Then use the super-standard anti-submarine mortar!

We don’t have anything like that.

A Mark 32 anti-sub torpedo.

What year is that from? I’ve never even heard of it!

Then what do you have?!

We don’t have anything.
That’s why I want your advice.

Don’t you have anything that works underwater?

How’s the paravane?

Release the paravane!

That was close.

Paravane ready!

Will that actually do anything?


Engine room, can you give us one quick burst of flank speed?

That’s what she’s requesting.

All right, jus’ ten seconds!

Any more than that an’ I won’t be held responsible!

Did it just hit something?
Should we try dropping our speed a bit?

No. Now we lure them into attacking.
That was definitely them.

Four of them.

Rudder to starboard!

Sighted them!

Periscope sighted!

We’re finally firing!
Throw down a depth charge!

Dropping a depth charge!

It’s surfacing!

Now! Let’s escape, Captain!

We’re already on a direct course!

Cut the wire! Both shafts, standard speed ahead!

We’re picking up I-201’s international distress call and a response.
An instructor ship from Toumai High is on its way at 30 knots.

Let’s just get out of here!

Minami-san, are you awake?

In spring, one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn.
Unless woken by the thunderous peal of gunfire.
In such times, a hot beverage is as ambrosia.

It’s so salty!

Salted cocoa, the Blue Mermaid specialty.

Did you put salt in it instead of sugar?

Was that on purpose?

Can I ask you a question?
What happened on your ship?

Did you know our ship planned to participate in the training exercises with your school?

No. That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Well, no matter.
We were en route to the rendezvous point
but our electronics suddenly stopped working, Then the crew stopped obeying orders.


I don’t know. The captain ordered me to tell other ships, so I escaped.

The captain?

I appreciate you picking up this cap, too.
The captain entrusted me with it, so it’s very important.

On my life, I will go back to the Spee and return it to the captain.
I swear.

Got it. I’ll help you.

“We are all in the same boat.”
“When they rode in the same boat, crossing the river, and a great storm came,they worked together like the right hand and the left.”

Captain! The principal has ordered all ships to return to port!

Um… “I will not abandon any of our students.
All ships, please return to school as soon as possible, both for your safety and that of others.”

The school has ordered all ships to return to port.
The school will assume responsibility and protect the Harekaze too, so they told us to come back.
Also, all of the ships ordered to return are forbidden from engaging in battle.

However, there’s still an alert out for the Harekaze in the area.
We can’t stop at any port.
We’ll need to get back to school without attracting further attention.

Also, I’d like to introduce you to a new friend.
She’s from Germany’s Winner Brown Sugar… Ingenmar…
What was it again?

I’m from Wilhelmshaven High School.
My name is Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenol Friedeburg.
I was the executive officer for the Admiral Spee.

That’s kind of long, so can we call you “Mii-chan”?

Where in blazes did “Mii-chan” come from?!

As for your room…
Do we have any vacancies, Coco-chan?

The only spare bed is in the XO’s room.

An excellent room.
I look forward to sharing it with you.

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