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The Harekaze has mutinied?!


After the Harekaze arrived late at the designated meeting place,

The Sarushima’s captain, Instructor Furushou, hasn’t regained consciousness,

so we don’t know the specifics yet.

A student ship has attacked the Sarushima in an act of mutiny.

The Sarushima sank, but the captain and crew survived.

Why are they calling it mutiny? The Sarushima attacked us first!

I-I do wonder why she sank, though.

Wasn’t it a dummy torpedo?

Maybe this is all a training exercise?

Would they sink a ship just to train us?

So they sunk it deliberately?

By pure chance, we just might have stumbled upon the Sarushima’s dark secret!

“So you saw it.”

“We didn’t see anything!”

“Dead sailors tell no tales!”

“They got away. We’ll take our secret with us to Davy Jones’ locker!”

Every bit of that was in your head.

O-Our GPS beacon is shut off.

W-We’re wanted by the authorities, aren’t we?

We’ve only just become high school students, and we’ve been branded as criminals.

This can’t be real! Someone tell me this is all a hoax!

Ho… Ho…


Th-Thank you for saying that.

You can call me Rin!

Mom! Sis! Hurry up!

A long time ago, Yokosuka had a lot of land like this, right, Mom?

Yes. I think you learned about it at school,

but after the Russo-Japanese war,

methane hydrate mining began Japan’s slide into land subsidence.

Giant, floating ships were created in place of the submerged urban areas,

and these floating cities then spurred on seaborne development.

And that’s how Japan became a maritime nation, right?

Most of the ships that were built for the military were put to civilian use,

and to symbolize that they wouldn’t be used for war,

women were appointed as the captains.

And that’s how the Blue Mermaids began.{this exposition sucks

Right, Mashimo-nee?

And the captain of the first ship…

…was your great-grandmother.

After that, the Munetani women of each generation went on to become Blue Mermaids.

Just like I did.

But my next voyage will be my last.

After that, I’m going to become a Blue Mermaid instructor.

I want to raise girls who live on the sea and become resourceful and refreshing,

just like this vast ocean.

That’s what I want to be!

Whatever school you teach at, that’s where I’m going!

M-Me too!

I’m gonna go to that school too!

I’m gonna go!

I’m looking forward to it.

Now that I think about it, that was the beginning of my bad luck.

Bad luck that never left me.

And now, on my maiden voyage…

We’d better make emergency repairs on the aft deck.

Mimi-chan’s totally fallen for Noma-san.

Toumatsu-san, if you have time for that, help us out!


She’s head over heels.

Wish I could send my selfie with Macchi to my little sister.

But we’re not allowed to connect our phones to the network right now.

Hime-chan, Momo-chan, Mimi-chan, good work.

How’s the damage?

Maron-chan, how are things?

You just had t’take us all the way to flank speed, so now we hafta overhaul th’ lot!

You really pushed her far too hard.

Sorry, Kuro-chan.

Don’t act like we’re old friends. I’d much prefer “Kuroki-san,” thank you.

Got it, Kuro-chan!

She doesn’t get it at all.

And this is our captain?

Hikari-chan, are you okay?

Runa-chan, Sora-chan, were you injured at all?

You learned all our names already? That’s amazing!

I never would’ve imagined this’d happen, though.

“A bolt out of the blue.”

I wonder what we should do next.

“The wise are not doubtful.

The compassionate are not distressed. The courageous are not fearful.”

What’s the damage?

The aft deck is splintered, we have one depth charge left,

we’re out of torpedoes, and the machinery needs a full overhaul.

How cute!

Quit taking pictures and compile a damage report!

Have we heard from the school?


I bet they just cut us loose.

They might still be verifying the details of the incident.

Y-You want us to retreat to ten miles off Torishima, right?

Yeah. They’re accusing us of mutinying and attacking the Sarushima,

but we have to explain the truth.

Maybe they’ll capture us when we arrive at the rendezvous point.

“Why did you attack the Sarushima?!”

“We didn’t! The Sarushima attacked us first!”

“Don’t lie to us!”

If we go to a port, I’m sure they won’t attack us.

Rin-chan, how long would it take us to get to Yokosuka?

Maybe thirty-eight hours at cruising speed.

Sheesh, I can’t believe they put me in a class like this.

I’m so unlucky.

What do you mean, “a class like this”?

Sure, the students who passed with the lowest scores got assigned to the Harekaze,

but that includes you!

Don’t put me in the same boat as you! I’m sure I aced the entrance exam,

but I ended up being off by one row when I filled it in.

That really is unlucky.

Shut up!

I-I see. I passed, but it was a miracle.

The stuff I studied just happened to be on the test. I wasn’t expecting to end up as captain.

And this one has outstanding luck.


Sometimes I wish we could just fly back to school like those birds.

I wonder if you can make a flying ship without hydrogen or helium?

Maybe in your imagination.


It’s time to eat, everyone!

On today’s menu is…

Harekaze curry!


Today is Friday, huh?


A bath or curry… Which one should I go for first?

Curry, right?


Curry, of course.

Munetani-san, would you like to get some curry together?

You’re going with me, Kuro-chan!

Warship approaching! 60 degrees to starboard, distance 30,000 meters…

A German exchange student ship.

For now, all hands to your stations!

It’s approaching at a speed of 20 knots.

The Spee’s fired its artillery!

We have to stop the engines too!

But aren’t we going to get away?

Y-Yeah! Turn 180 degrees, rudder hard over!

Flank speed!

Rudder hard over!


The Spee: standard displacement, 12,100 tons.

Maximum speed, 28.5 knots. 28cm main battery. Six guns.

Eight 15cm secondary guns. Eight torpedo tubes. Maximum armor thickness, 160mm.

They call it a pocket dreadnought,

since it has the firepower of one despite being the size of a cruiser.

Th-The maximum range of its main battery is about 36,000 meters,

with 300kg shells and a maximum rate of fire of 2.5 rounds a minute.

Even its 15cm secondary guns are stronger than our main.

We’re way outclassed in both firepower and armor.

All we have on them is speed and maneuverability.

If we keep going at full power, we’ll definitely break down!

Can we fire a torpedo to stop them?

We’re out!

Argh, that’s right!

How are we for firepower?

70, 5.

You mean 50mm penetration at 7,000m range?

What’s the Spee’s belt armor?



So we can penetrate it at 3,000 meters?

They can actually understand each other?

So this is what a captain can do?

Of course not!

Maron-chan! How fast can we keep going?!

Up t’fourth battle speed!

Fourth battle speed… 27 knots.

That’s about the same as their full speed.

What should we do?

Round and round.

Rin-chan, rudder hard to port!

We’ll hide in a smokescreen!

Maron-chan, reduce air supply to the engines! Let’s get some smoke!

Aye-aye, Cap’n!

You want t’make a smokescreen, right?

We’re running around,

which will put a strain on the engines, but I’m counting on you!

“I’m counting on you?”

We gotta do what we gotta do!

Rin-chan, vary our course and speed as much as possible!

But without letting our speed drop too much.

We’ll fire live ammo at their propeller shafts.

That should slow them down.

If we take that step, it really will be mutiny!

And if we don’t, people will get hurt.


What should the distance be to hit their propellers?

Please get us within 3,000 meters!

Get us within 3,000 meters while maintaining a figure-eight pattern!

Get closer to them? I’m scared!

What are you saying?!

I’m saying that I’m scared!

What’re you doing?!

Please get closer, okay?

I don’t wanna!

A small craft is approaching us from the Admiral Spee!

The pilot of the craft has fallen into the sea!

“I can’t follow your orders, Captain! I can’t attack the Harekaze!”

“What? You dare disobey your captain?!”

“I’m leaving this crummy ship!”

You don’t have to act out your imagination!

To me, fiction is truer than non-fiction.


Can I leave this to you?

Distract that German ship!

Don’t tell me.

Why would you help the enemy?!

She’s not the enemy.

Comrades at sea are all family.

I’ll be back.

The captain went to rescue the girl who fell in?!

Get us to within 3,000 meters of them.

Second turret to starboard, fire!

We hit the target!

The Spee is losing speed!

Rudder hard to port!

Fourth battle speed, steady as she goes!

Rudder hard to port!

She’s quite prompt when we’re escaping.

It’s all right. You’re alive.


Thank you.

All I did was give out the appropriate orders.

Full speed! Let’s get out of here!

Maron-chan! I’m counting on you.

She’ll ruin th’ engines!

What do we do now?

I have to be confident!

That’s my duty as captain!

Right, Moka-chan?

How is she?

No external injuries.

Her brain activity’s normal, too.

All we can do is wait for her to regain consciousness.

I see.

Thank you.

I can watch her, so please go get something to eat, Minami-san.

You have my gratitude.

Now, it’s time for the long-awaited curry!

Okay, eat up!

It’s sweet, but with a rich flavor!

That’s because the secret ingredient is blueberry jam.

I’ll bring some to Macchi, too.

Who does she think she’s calling “Macchi”?!

Oh, might you be a fan of Kuro-chan’s, Beautification Officer?


Huh? Where’s Munetani-san?

Dunno. Probably on th’ bridge.

Good work, Munetani-san.

I brought you some curry.

Don’t work too hard.

A message?

Captain! Please report to the bridge immediately!

What’s wrong, Shiro-chan?

We’ve picked up an emergency distress call!

From where?

From the Musashi!

This is the Musashi! I repeat, this is the Musashi!

Moka-chan?! It’s me, Akeno!

What’s wrong? Did something happen?!

We have an emergency! Please send help at once!

We’re northwest of Asuncion Island. I repeat, northwest of Asuncion Island.

I repeat, send help at once!

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