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[Synopsis] High School Fleet

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At this rate, the Musashi will enter the Uraga Channel in 20 minutes!

I repeat: all citizens, please evacuate to the designated ships immediately.

Principal. We have a call from the Harekaze.

Please give us permission to execute our plan against the Musashi!
All of my classmates are in agreement.
Please let us carry it out.

principal of Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School, authorize you to take action against the Musashi.

However, you may only attack once.
Ground forces are also preparing to neutralize the Musashi.
There is no need to attack continuously.
If you can buy us five minutes
no, three minutes, that should be plenty.

Yes, ma’am.

Wait, Principal Munetani!
We can’t send out the Harekaze alone!

Sis━ mean, Director Munetani.
We may not be able to stop the Musashi.
However, we will be able to buy you some time by slowing it down.

Besides, Moka-chan━ mean, the captain of the Musashi is besieged on the bridge.
We can’t get through by radio, but we can use flashing light signals.

Captain Misaki, I acknowledge your plan to approach the Musashi and take action against it.
We’re counting on you.

30 degrees, steady as she goes!

The Harekaze is approaching!

I signaled them not to get close…

Tama-chan, aim for the Musashi’s main gun turret.
Let’s stop the Musashi, no matter what.


Mei-chan, when we line up alongside the Musashi, launch all our torpedoes.

The full spread I’ve always dreamed of… For real?!

We’ll probably only get one chance to fire.
I want us to do everything we can to stop them.

Let’s aim at their stern.

Understood. I swear I’ll hit the mark.

Ricchan, Kayo-chan, let’s go!

Aye aye, ma’am!


Target is the Musashi’s stern. Commence fire!

Our target is the Musashi’s stern! Let’s have every torpedo hit!
Prepare to fire!

No good. We’re not even making a dent.

All right! 100% accuracy!

The Musashi is slowing down!

Here they come!

All hands, brace for impact!

The Musashi has fired!

Our smoke generator in the stern is disabled!
Torpedo launchers are damaged!
Fire in storage room five!
The radio’s offline!

Captain. We bought them five minutes.

Rin-chan, get us away from the Musashi.

Leave it to me!

Hoists for turret one damaged!
Fire in the mess hall! Going in now to extinguish it!

I’m going to stop the bombardment.
If I don’t, they’ll sink the Harekaze!

Please calm down, Captain.

Captain, our portside engine room is flooding!

Even the engine room…

Captain, should we have all hands prepare for evacuation?

For real? We’re going to run away?

If a hydra loses all its heads, it can’t grow any more!

I’m sorry! If only I were better at maneuvering…


All hands! Prepare to evac

Ships in sight beyond our stern!

Identification signals confirmed!
It’s the Hiei,

the Maikaze, the Hamakaze,

the Admiral Spee,

and finally, the Tenjin!

Coco! Girls!

You came back for us!

With all the others here, we can keep fighting!
Change of plan! We’re going to board the Musashi!

The Spee is requesting our strategy!

We’re going to board the Musashi.
Please support the Harekaze!

Roger that. Leave it to us.

We’re going to support the Harekaze and their plan to board the Musashi.

A wind is blowing.
The wind of hope.

All ships, open fire!

Remind all of the ships not to strike anywhere near the Musashi’s bridge.

Could this be of any use?

A rocket?

The Akashi’s crew thought it might come in handy, so they installed it.

Full speed, to the front of the Musashi!

They’re going to cut in front of the Musashi?

Don’t let them hit the Harekaze.
Draw the Musashi’s fire over here!


Go, Harekaze.

The rocket is ready to go anytime!

Full speed ahead! Rudder hard to starboard! Get our stern facing the Musashi!

Tama-chan, prepare to fire!

Fire like there’s no tama-rrow!

With this shot, we’ll seize our chance of victory!

Captain! Now!

Rin-chan, rudder hard to starboard!
To the Musashi’s starboard side!

Rudder hard to starboard!

Th-The wheel won’t turn!

Captain, the rudder’s been hit! We’ve lost steering!

We have a parachute, right?
Hime-chan, Momo-chan, prepare the parachute!

The parachute’s tied on, but now what?

Throw it to rear starboard!

We turned!

We did it! We’re facing the enemy!

I don’t care what happens to th’ tin can! Don’t you stop!

I can see the Musashi!

Cut the parachute loose!

We’re going to crash into it!

Brace for impact!

We did it! The attack was a success!

Rescue team, prepare to board!

We’re ready.

Here we go! Storm the ship!

Go ahead and join the boarding party.

I-I’ll stay here.
I’m the captain, after all.

Get out there, Misaki-san.
I know how you feel.
I can tell you want to go.
It’s written all over your face.

Thank you!

Way to go, buddy! You’re so cool, Shiro-chan!

I don’t know about the “buddy” part…


I’m so glad to finally see you again, Mike-chan.

Moka… chan…


You’re way too reckless, Mike-chan.
But thank you.

The operation is over.
All ships, return to Yokosuka Harbor!

Looks like you missed your chance to create history, Mom.

My students did it in my stead.

We’re home.

Land, sweet land!

It’s not a dream!

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