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[Synopsis] High School Fleet

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Is something wrong?

I was just thinking how great the Equatorial Festival was.

That’s not all, is it?

After the ship’s repairs are finished, we’ll be participating in Operation Perseus.

We’re just backing them up, right?

But there’s still a chance…

I feel like I’ve finally become family with everyone on the Harekaze.

Our over-the-horizon radar at Mt. Fuji’s summit has picked up the Musashi.

Wasn’t it headed for the Philippines?

The main force won’t reach it in time. Can your fleet stop the Musashi?

We’ll do our best.

Currently, the Musashi is estimated at ten miles southwest of the Izu Peninsula, compass bearing 40 degrees, traveling at a speed of 18 knots.

We’re in pursuit at a speed of 35 knots.

Until the Blue Mermaid force arrives, the school has instructed us to continue tracking the Musashi while putting our own safety first.

We even left early this time to make sure we wouldn’t be late.

But thanks to that, we’ll be the closest ship to the Musashi.

We should assume the Musashi students have been infected, just like the Hiei and Spee.

Then they can be saved too, right?

Think there’s anything we can do?

After all, our main battery has booming new five-inch guns!

The command post is brand-spanking new, too!

Yeah! And we’ve got an upgraded torpedo director!

Let’s follow the school’s instructions and support the BluMers.
When it comes to armor and firepower, the Musashi outclasses us by far.

Our force is south of Ishigaki, traveling at 40 knots.
We’ll get there as fast as possible.

Most of the main force is east of the Philippines.
Focusing our fighting power backfired on us.

The only one that can get there in time is the reserve force that remained off the coast of Kyushu: Chief Hiraga’s detachment.

Are there any other ships we can deploy?

There is one ship undergoing maintenance at the dock, but I don’t know if it’s ready.

In about three hours, the Musashi will enter the Uraga Channel.

Where’s the Harekaze?

They’ll catch up to the Musashi in approximately two hours.

Flash sighted! Target has fired!

Evasive maneuvers! Rudder hard to starboard!

Captain! Should we return fire?

Captain! Your orders…

The Blue Mermaids have sent a message!
We, the Harekaze, are to retreat from this area immediately!

An order from the Blue Mermaids to retreat!

Our fleet will approach the Musashi from off the starboard bow and launch an operation to halt it.

Boarding party, keep in mind that the crew of the Musashi are students and avoid unnecessary fighting.

Their fleet moves together so beautifully.

Ship two, ship four, launch torpedoes.

Wow! They’re all hitting the mark!

Captain, a moment.
Take over for a few minutes!

How does the Musashi look?

They’ve stopped firing, but we haven’t confirmed the damage and their speed hasn’t dropped.

Ship one, ship three, synchronized turn 90 degrees to starboard, and charge!

Ships one and three, open fire with main battery!

The starboard secondary turret target has been destroyed!

All right!


Ship two, ship four, launch torpedoes.


They’re malfunctioning?

W-We’ve got a guidance system error!

What’s the matter, Captain?

The Blue Mermaids are here, but we’ve got our own job to do as well.

I don’t know…
what to do.
I don’t know.

Hold th’fort for a sec!

Prepare to fire from torpedo tubes.
Set them to manual guidance.

We have between 90 and 100 shells left in the gun turrets.

We’re maintaining course, still headed toward the Uraga Channel.

Our ship…
is attacking the Blue Mermaids.

Let’s try to get a grasp of the situation.
We’ll find some way to stop the ship. Right?

We’ll be meeting up with the other classes tomorrow, huh?

“Be aware of a freighter 60 degrees to port.”

Captain, there’s no response.

Firing command post, respond!

Calm down. What happened?

The others… The others are…

It’s edible, I guess.
Captain, I’ve secured food and water.

They took over the fire control room, the engine room, and the wheelhouse.

We can’t even talk to them.
It’s like they’re being controlled by something.

Will this reach other ships?

It should be able to.
But we’re powering it with batteries, so I think we’ll only get a few minutes’ use out of it.

This is the Musashi.
I repeat, this is the Musashi!

All ships, fire torpedoes!

Ship four, impact!
BluMer ship four is losing speed!

Report from ship four!
“We’ve been crippled! Unable to continue combat!”

We’re out of standard torpedoes!

Fleet, circle around the target’s stern from starboard. The boarding party is ready.

All ships, as soon as your drone is ready, have it take off.

They’re blinding us with their drones?


The autocannons?

Rudder hard to starboard!
Retreat, full speed!

The BluMers are down to one ship.

We have to stop the Musashi.
I want to help the Blue Mermaids.
And I want to help everyone on board the Musashi.

But then I think, if we do that…
What if everyone on the Harekaze…
What if something terrible happens to them?
I’m scared.
I’m terrified!

The Hiraga fleet is down to one ship!

Order all school ships to retreat.

Then put me through to the Disaster Management Committee hotline.

How’s the evacuation?

An alert has been issued for the entire Tokyo Bay area.
But I don’t know if there’ll be enough time.

This is Principal Munetani Mayuki.
I have an announcement.
Under article 12, I’m declaring Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School in a state of emergency.


And now I’ll be taking the bridge, so if you’ll excuse me.

Seems like we must entrust it to her
to Kurushima’s Tomoe Gozen.

What do you mean?

Fifteen years ago, an armed fleet went on a rampage through our territorial waters.
That principal annihilated them with a single ship.

We’re getting a message from the BluMers.
I’ll put it through!

We’ll draw the Musashi’s attention.
While we do that, you are to retreat.

Is there nothing we can do?
Are we just going to let the Musashi enter the Uraga Channel?

Main battery, ready to fire on your mark.

Bridge, do you want to stay at this speed?

Captain, we made rice balls!

There’s curry too.

And sweet red-bean soup!

We need your orders for our next move, but…

Enough with the butts!
I was trying to say, “but you need to make a decision”!

I can’t decide on a course of action!

I mean, we’ve only made it this far because things just happened to turn out our way!
None of it was me!

And you’re all my precious family!

So when I think that I might lose you…

That’s enough!
Take the captain to the bridge.

You come with me fer a bit.

The bridge can’t hear us from here.

Is this really the time…

Never mind, jus’ drink!

All righ’, all righ’!

What I’m trying to say is…
Eating tuna sashimi with mayonnaise…
is a match made’n heaven!

In other words, the Chief Engineer and I are like night and day.
But the combination of two different things, united, creates something unique in a good way. I think.

Not to mention, with a festival drum, you can’t jus’ beat on the skin, right?
You hafta hit the rim too, or the sound won’t be complete!

Jus’ like me’n Kuro-chan!

I think she’s trying to say that true comrades make up for each other’s deficiencies.
Munetani-san, you’re the only one who can help our captain.

Thank you.

Case closed!

Chief Engineer, you really just wanted to do that, didn’t you?



your mayonnaise!

Couldn’t’ve put it better meself!

That is how you put it.

Um, what are you trying to say?

I want to support the captain!

I want the captain to make decisions like usual, to leap into action, to bring us luck…
In exchange, I’ll try
no, everyone on the Harekaze will make it work out!

I know I’m not alone in this!

That’s right! We can do more too!

I-I’m not going to just run away all the time.
I can do anything that needs doing!

That’s right.

I can do it!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If the XO is mayonnaise, I’ll be mustard!

There’s no storm that comrades at sea can’t weather, right?

The Musashi’s sending a light signal!
“Keep your distance…
from our ship.

It’s too dangerous.
We still have a large supply of main battery shells.”

Moka-chan’s safe!

That’s all the more reason to save them!

Prepare for combat.
Turn guns and torpedoes to port.
The target is the Musashi, at 300 degrees!

Captain, the Harekaze is sending a light signal!

“We are coming to save your ship.
I repeat, we are coming to save your ship!”

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