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[Synopsis] High School Fleet

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High School Fleet episode 9


Oh boy! Oh boy!
This’s big!

The Harekaze just crossed the equator, don’t y’know?

As a matter of fact, she’s right.

Equatorial Festival!

Since the ship is undergoing repairs anyway, I’d like us to hold an Equatorial Festival!

Another randomly named event.

What’re you talking about? Equatorial Festivals have an ancient’n honorable origin!
Ah, yes… I’ll leave the explanation t’you, Kuro-chan!

It originated in the great sailing era, when ships couldn’t move if the wind wasn’t blowing.

When a ship was becalmed near the equator, the crew would pray to the god of the sea for safe passage.

There are historical records of crew members holding masquerades and performing skits in a festival-like atmosphere when their ship crossed the equator.




Chief Engineer Yanagiwara-san has volunteered to take charge.

I’m not surprised.


Girls! Let’s get pumped up for th’ festival!
Think up some kind of performance you can do!
We’ll hold it in two days, so get moving!

How bothersome.

We replenished all the essential supplies.

It’ll take a couple more days to switch out the main battery, though.

Thank you. Sorry to bother you again.

Don’t mention it.
We heard all about the Harekaze’s exploits.

I had the impression your crew was a collection of oddballs, but you don’t mess around, huh?

Thank you.

What performance should we do?

Can’t we just skip it?

Can I think of something for us?


I have a feeling we wouldn’t be able to pull off whatever Coco-chan has in mind.

Then think of something with me, Shiro-chan!

Our medical checks have confirmed that the previously infected students are back to normal.
The Harekaze’s mission aboard the Spee was a success.

That’s incredible.

They deserve a commendation.

We can’t be outdone by students, now.
Our next step is to launch Operation Perseus.
Right now, production of the antibody is proceeding rapidly.
As soon as it’s ready, we’ll leap into action.

The Choukai, the Maya, and the Isuzu have already been recovered by Mafuyu’s squad.
That leaves the Suzukaze, the Amatsukaze, the Isokaze, the Tokitsukaze,

and finally, the Musashi.

According to Mafuyu’s squad, the Musashi’s last-known location was south of Ulithi, on a westerly course.
We believe it’s headed for the Philippines.
However, its current position is unknown.

The Blue Mermaids are leading an operation to intercept it, but we’ve received a request asking for cooperation from the student ships as well.

What is the fleet’s status?

The Kazahaya, the Akikaze, the Hamakaze, and the Maikaze have all returned to the school.
The Nagara, the Urakaze, the Hagikaze, and the Tanikaze are still doing reconnaissance.
And the Mamiya and Akashi are currently repairing the Harekaze.

How are the Harekaze students doing?

Their captain has sent us a report saying they’re preparing for an Equatorial Festival.

Let them know that once repairs are done, we will need them to assist with the mission.

You three help too!

It’s way too hot for doing stuff!

This is gonna be a job and a half.

We’ve gotta have food carts!
The old standbys’re fine, but I want something with ‘suka flavor!


I think she’s referring to “Yokosuka.”

Got it. We’ll put our heads together.

Hey, do you girls in budgeting have any wooden boxes you don’t need?

Are they for a performance?

Nope. There’s something I want to make as a personal project.

What “personal project”?


What’re you doing?

Watermelon splitting!

Marikouji-san’s great at this. She never misses!

Here I go!

If you have time to play around, use it t’prepare for the festival!

But nobody here’s pumped up for that.

N-No one’s pumped up?

A water gun tournament would be more fun, don’t you think?

Wh-What’s everyone doing?

You don’t have t’fake it for my sake.

I read you loud and clear.
Nobody gives two hoots ’bout the Equatorial Festival!

Th-That’s not true! We’re all looking forward to the Equatorial Festival!

I totally can’t wait!

Yay! Yay!

Don’t force yourselves.
I don’t want your pity!

Shiro-chwan, what do you think we should put next?

I don’t really care.

What? You’re abandoning me?!

You have a message from the principal.
“As soon as the repairs are done, assist the Blue Mermaids with Operation Perseus.
Join the second rear corps.”
Looks like that’s it.

How many other ships need to come to their senses?

Five, right?
They know the locations of four of those, but the Musashi is still missing.

Nothing important. It’s just, the Chief Engineer…

She’s pouting.

What are you making?

You’ll see when I’m done!

I see. So when everyone else wasn’t as excited as she’d hoped, she went into sulk mode.

She’s usually high-spirited, but once she gets pouty, she won’t budge an inch.

I see.
Kuro-chan, you’ve been with Maron-chan since middle school, right?
I’m also to blame for leaving the whole festival in her hands.

Her mood usually improves after she’s had a night to sleep on it, but I don’t otherwise know how to cheer her up.

My personal project might get people a bit more excited.

I thought I’d find you here.

I’m surprised you did.

You always hide out in the ship’s hold whenever you’re sulking.

Come with me.
I’ve got something you’ll like.


It’s not food.

Canned pineapple?

That’s food too, isn’t it?

You’ll see if you follow me.

Put more energy into it, XO!

Where did you find a portable shrine?

I made it!

So this was that personal project of yours?

My parents were born in Kanda, so the word “festival” really gets my blood pumping.

A true Tokyoite!

All right! Let’s have a blast!

This is the key that will allow you to cross the equator!

Both of your families operate shrines, huh?

That’s right. Suwa Shrine.

I’m really unlucky, so could I get an extra-strong blessing from you?

We won’t be outdone!
Come on! Heave-ho! Heave-ho!

Come one, come all! Delicious takoyaki here!

Hey, Isoroku!

Huh? Is that pickled plum?

It’s a Yokosuka specialty. Cherry cheesecake.
Squeeze some lemon on top, and it’s delicious!

Listen up! From 7:00, we’re having performances in th’ classroom!

We two engineers will be your hosts for this evening.
I’m Hirota Sora.

And I’m Wakasa Reo!

We’ll start with Artillery doing impressions.

I, Ogasawara, will go first!

What’s that supposed to be?

Maybe a koala call?

That was the five-inch gun of an Aegis ship!

It sounded just like it!


Now for me, Takeda!

A long 10cm gun! A long 10cm gun!

This is Heki!

That was a 52-caliber, 11-inch gun!
No heckin’ doubt!

What the heck is this? I don’t get it at all!

Sorry about that. Mimi’s drunk on Macchi.

We’re doing a rap about sailing and failing!

We’re sailin’, sailin’, regrettin’ our failin’s!
What’s a wrong course that you’ve taken?

Who, me? Well, it’s plain to see:
I took in too much sun, got the third degree!

What’s a wrong course that you’ve taken?

Me? Um… Uh…
There was a TV drama I wanted to watch, but I forgot to hit record!

I put on 425 grams on this course!
I said it!

Before I came for training, a childhood friend confessed his feelings for me, but I got away without giving an answer.

So, I sent a text and got a response.

He says, “Sorry. I’m in love with someone else now.”

We’re sailin’, sailin’, regrettin’ our failin’s!

And now, the comedic stylings of the Torpedo Chief and the Gunnery Chief!

Nice to meet you! We are Meitama!


I’ve been waiting for you, Meitama!

Maybe we should throw water in her face to get her sober.

The Alphabetical Antics Mambo!

And now, a one-act drama performed by the members of the bridge!

“Harekaze with Honor and Humanity!”

And now the Harekaze is our turf, too.

It went just as planned, eh, Boss?

Hold it!

Hold it!

What’s this? Harekaze bumpkins?

The crew of the Harekaze may be bumpkins, but we’ve ain’t never taken orders from the enemy!

Ain’t never!

Oh? Then bring it on!

Bring it on!

I’ll get you in the guts!


Shiro, girl! Speak to me!

Boss, I’m countin’ on ya. Get ’em back for me…

I was glad t’have you come looking for me.

Ever since we came aboard the Harekaze, you’ve been stuck on Munetani-san.
So I know how you feel right now.
That’s why I came up with something I thought might blow your worries away.

And finally, a sumo wrestling tournament!

I hear Kuro-chan won a local tournament.

All right, the final match at last!
Assistant Engineer Kuroki Hiromi, who’s been winning smoothly with a collection of exceptional moves, versus…

Captain Misaki Akeno, who made it to the finals through luck alone!

I rigged it so the captain would only face the weaker crew members.

The winner: Kuronofuji!

Okay! And that’s all, folks!

I’m the only one who hasn’t done anything yet.

Um, did you have something in mind?

L-Like giving us shots?

Since it’s the end of the festival, I want us all to sing “I Am a Child of the Sea” together.

Well, I’ll say! That’s a really cute song!

I was expecting a folk song or enka.

Is it something you sang to your own children?

I’m only twelve years old.

I thought you were older than all of us.

That’s because I skipped a number of grades and went to university.
Anyway, let’s sing!
All of you, please accompany me for the chorus.

I am a child of the sea, of the white waves

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