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High School Fleet

[Synopsis] High School Fleet

[Synopsis] High School Fleet

[Synopsis] High School Fleet


It’ll pass by any minute now, Moka-chan!

There it is!

They waved!

Moka-chan, let’s do our very, very best to become Blue Mermaids!


Live on the sea!

Protect the sea!

Sail the sea!


the Blue Mermaid way!

Oh, a cat!


I’m sorry! Are you ok ?

I’m fine.


Watch where you’re going.

I’m so unlucky.

Grab my hand!

No, thanks. I’m quite good at swimming fully clothed, for your information.

You’re soaked.

And I’ve got the entrance ceremony to go to.

You’re unlucky, huh?

I don’t need to hear that from you!

Your underwear and uniform are dry!

I’ll leave them here, okay?

At least we learned that banana peels really are slippery.

I’m going to get dressed,
so could you leave?

Since we’re both going to the same school,
I hope we can get along!



The ceremony’s about to begin.

I’ve already had quite a day.

I thought you might not make it in time.

Sorry, sorry!

It’s been a long time.

Since elementary school, right?

I guess they announce the class assignments at the end.

I hope we end up on the
same ship, Moka-chan.

The entrance ceremony will begin shortly.

Principal Munetani would like to say a few words.

Wow, wow!

Moka-chan, you got the Musashi!

As her captain, no less!

That’s amazing!

You’ve been assigned captain too, though.

Of the Harekaze.

But the Harekaze is a corvette-class ship.

They don’t even officially call my position “captain.”

But a captain’s a captain all the same.

And on a smaller ship,

you can get to know every inch of it,
so that’s a plus too.

I guess. When it comes to the
actual number of crew members,

I hope it’ll be okay with me as captain.

I only studied the job while prepping for the exams!

I’m sure you’ll make a fine captain, Mike-chan.

Look. There’s the Harekaze.

She’s kind of cute.

So that’s going to be my home.

We’re finally reunited,
only to be separated once again.

It’s okay. We’ll be on different ships,
but we’ll be sailing on the same sea.

me on the Harekaze and you on the Musashi.

You’re right. Comrades at sea are all family, right?

Let’s do our best, graduate,
and become Blue Mermaids!

Live on the sea!

Protect the sea!

Sail the sea!

That’s the Blue Mermaid way!

The Blue Mermaids’ motto!

That brings back memories.

We used to say that too when we were kids.

Nautical training starts right after the entrance ceremony, huh?

We have to stow our luggage,
and then report to our ship’s classroom.

It’s the cat from before!

It seems kind of stuck-up.

Someone called it “Isoroku” earlier.

You have more of a captain’s air than me, Isoroku.

}Where’s the Hiei docked again?

}They said Pier Three.

We’d better get our luggage and go to class.

That’s the farthest one from here!

Then I’ll see you in two weeks,
once nautical training is over, right?

Why’d it have to be the Harekaze?

I got stuck as one of the leftovers.


Long time no see.

Cheer up.

I’m sure it must be some mistake
that you weren’t chosen as captain.

I mean, your grades are as good as they come.

We’re on the same ship!

I’m so unlucky.

Maybe it’s fate.

Not on your life!

I’m Misaki Akeno.

Munetani-san, do you know her?

As if! She’s a complete stranger.

Munetani-san? Munetani Mashiro-san?

You’re the XO, right?

And you are?

I’m the assistant engineer…

Kuroki Hiromi-san?

Nice to meet you!

Misaki… Akeno…

Harekaze class.

Are all hands present?





I’m Furushou, your instructor.

From today, you’re high school students,
and as such, you’ll embark on nautical training.

I’m sure there will be tough times,

but there’s a saying:
“A calm sea never made a skillful sailor.”

As you help your comrades,
endure severe weather,

and ride out the rough waves,

all of you will grow even more.

I hope to meet you as fine sailors
after you’ve returned to land.

I’ll be looking forward to it.

That is all. All hands, prepare to set sail.

Excuse me, Instructor Furushou!

Um, why was I chosen as the captain?

I mean, my grades aren’t really captain-worthy, right?

Then let me ask you: what is your ideal captain?


Something like the father of the ship.

After all, a ship’s crew is one big family!

Then become that.{she’s gonna regret this}

Become a captain worthy of the Harekaze.



Did you

I mean, Captain, did you bring it aboard?

I think it boarded on its own.

We have to prepare to set sail!

But what are we gonna do about this cat?!

We can’t take it off now, and it’ll kill rats for us, so I say we leave it be.

Excuse me? We’re setting sail with a cat on board?!

Then Isoroku can be the chief captain!

And it outranks me?!

That’s right!

I’m Captain Misaki Akeno.
I look forward to working with you!

I’m XO Munetani Mashiro.

I am Secretary Nosa Kouko.

I’m Torpedo Chief Irizaki Mei.

Sorry I’m late!

I’m so sorry!

I-I’m Chief Navigator Shiretoko Rin.

Tateishi Shima-san, right?

All right! All hands to your stations!

Prepare to set sail!

Harekaze, set sail!


Have all the ships assembled?

No. The Musashi and Harekaze aren’t here yet.

According to the message the Harekaze sent,

they’ll be late.

A-At a speed of 18 knots, four hours from now.

My first nautical training session, and I’m late.

I’m so unlucky.

I-I’m sorry! It’s because
I made a directional error earlier.

And the engine came to a full stop.

That’s because the Harekaze has a high-pressure boiler.

It adds speed, but it breaks down easily.

I’m so unlucky.

By the way, where’s the captain?

It’s a beautiful day, right, Isoroku?

The sea really is wonderful!


The XO is calling for you!


I had Communications Officer Tsugu-chan radio the Sarushima to say we’d be late.

She still told me to get you.

What’s wrong?

Where were you?!

Just on deck.

I had Tsugu-chan radio them to tell them we’d be late,

so I was feeding Isoroku.

Impact! Starboard 30 degrees, 3.0!

Near miss! The aft deck is awash!

Cups have shattered in the galley!



That’s you, Munetani-san. Your name’s Mashiro, so your nickname’s “Shiro-chan,” okay?

Captain, I’d appreciate it if you referred to me
as either “Munetani-san” or “XO.”

Aw. We’d sound like strangers.


Comrades at sea are family, right?

Like heck we are!

Anyway, Shiro-chan,
can I climb on your shoulders?

Were you even listening to me?

Thanks! I can’t reach it by myself.


The Sarushima is bombarding us!

Instructor Furushou?!


Because we’re late, of course!

Why wouldn’t she be mad at us?!

It exploded? That’s live ammunition?

The message is: “This is the Harekaze. We’re extremely sorry for being late!”

They’re still firing!


They’re not responding to the message!

Let me try!

We sincerely apologize for being
three hours and two minutes late.

However, we had engine trouble,
so there was nothing that could be done.

This is a common occurrence among high-pressure ships.

Impact off the starboard side!

They’re striking closer to home than before!

Let’s just counterattack!

Noma-san! Send a semaphore signal!



The engine room’s flooding!

The torpedo reloader’s broken!

The rice cooker’s kaput!

Is anyone hurt?!

This’s Yanagiwara Maron in th’ engine room! We’re all okay!

This is Himeji, torpedo launcher two. All right here!

I can’t say the same for the rice cooker,

but this is Irako Mikan and two others in the galley, all uninjured.

Their aim is becoming more accurate!

Let’s fire a torpedo.

Seriously? We’re going to fire? At them?!

Personally, I’d rather not attack.

But I have to protect everyone on the Harekaze!

That’s my duty as captain!

They shouldn’t sink if we fire
a dummy torpedo, so it’ll be okay.

We’ll try to halt their movement and escape during that time.

Prepare for combat!

Load the dummy torpedo!

Combat! Torpedo warfare!

Ready to fire!

Begin the attack!

Yes! Direct hit!

Retreat to ten miles south of Torishima!

Jeez, it’s hot’n here!

What’re you all stripping for?!

Message from the Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High
instructor aboard the Sarushima.

They were attacked by the student ship Harekaze and have taken serious damage!

Maybe there was a coup d’etat on the Sarushima!

This is no longer a mere
Blue Mermaids instructor ship!

I hereby declare this territory of the
autonomous nation of Sarushima!

Get your head out of the clouds! This is serious!

I’m glad no one was badly hurt, though.

It seems we all got off with minor scratches.

After we finish assessing the damage,

we should probably make a report to the school, right?

Oh, no.

The Harekaze has…

We’ve been declared mutineers!

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