GIRLS und PANZER | Oarai 【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place


This time I went to the sacred place of GIRLS und PANZER, which became a popular anime and movie. 

The stage is Oarai. 

GIRLS und PANZER is an animation in which tanks and tanks fight. 

The work depicts girls involved in tank rides. 

The tanks that appeared were vehicles from various countries such as Japan, Germany, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and France that were active during World War II. 

Until now, tanks that were difficult to express in anime. 

However, it was realized by the introduction of 3DCG. 

The features and behavior are precisely reproduced by tank enthusiast staff. 

It became a big boom involving not only anime fans but also military fans. 

[Oarai Town] 

The home port of Oarai Girls’ Academy, headed by Garupan’s main character, Miho Nishizumi, is set as Oarai Town in Ibaraki Prefecture. 

Because it appeared in anime battle scenes, it is considered a sacred place among fans, and many tourists of Garpan fans visit. 

Oarai Town sees this popularity as a business opportunity and is actively tying up, and Garpan is overflowing throughout the town. 

[Oarai Station] 

First, I visited Oarai Station. 

Characters and tanks were drawn everywhere. 

I found a Garpan train. 

I got a stamp rally sheet inside the station. 

Can you push all the stamps? 

There is a wrapped bus at the bus stop in front of the station. 

The bus announcement is voice actor Mai Huchigami who was in charge of the protagonist “Miho Nishizumi”. 

Let’s move through Oarai Town while listening to the in-car announcement of the Nishi-Sumi Captain! 

[Oarai cityscape] 

I walked around Oarai. 

The gas station is also Garpan. 

The shops in town are all garpan tie-ups from chain stores nationwide to privately owned stores. 

[Oarai Isomae Shrine] 

Oarai Isomae Shrine also appears in anime. 

This is the place where the Anko team, which was chased by a vehicle at Prouda High School in a friendly match, went down the stairs according to the command of the head of the Nisisumi. 

There were a lot of ema. 


By train from Tokyo

Tokyo Station → Hitachi-Tokiwa Hitachi 25 Limited Express Iwaki → Mito Station → Kashimarinkai Tetsudo Oarai-Kashima Line Local Kashimajingu → Oarai Station

Cost \4,140


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