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Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

What power!

That’s the Mother of Demonic Beasts, Tiamat.

How foolish. To think you want to protect humanity with only this much…Human history will end.


have been preventing that!

Accept your downfall.

Mash, I need your assistance!

All right! I’ll take on the role of this thing’s opponent.
You should take that chance to run away.


I excel at dealing with beautiful women who are hard to handle.
Besides, I am…immortal!

How trivial.

His wounds!

He really is immortal?

After all, I’m half-incubus. That’s right. My existence is more like a dream.

I see. Immortal due to powerlessness? In that case, it’s been a while, but I’ll use my eyes.

A statue of a half-incubus might look good in my temple.

It can’t be! Mystic Eyes of Petrification?

Sorry! I take it all back, Fujimaru! Protect me! Whatever it takes!
I can’t explain it, but it’d be really bad if I lost consciousness! I beg of you!

I’m sorry, Mash! Use my Magical Energy!

Okay! B-But at this rate, we…At least, I need to get you out of here!


Subject of King Gilgamesh, Rider Ushiwakamaru is now here!

Lord Fujimaru, leave this to me. Run to the Northern Wall and don’t look back!

You think I’d let you escape?

So slow!

Know of the sharpness of Usumidori, a masterpiece of the Genji Clan!

Now, hurry!

But I can’t leave you behind, Ushiwaka!

Oh, but how I run, I’ll catch up in no time! Or do you plan on dying in vain right here?

Will your battle allow you to die in a place like this?

All right! But it’s a promise…that you’ll definitely return to us!

Yes! It’s a promise to a friend! It will be kept!

Oh brother, Mother’s whims really can be troublesome.

Gilgamesh, why won’t you come out yet?

Slow! So slow! You can’t kill a fly with that!

A mere familiar summoned forth by a human!

I’ll show you what a Heroic Spirit who’s nothing more than a familiar can do…Serpent God!

Lord Fujimaru! Over here! We were informed of the situation! Please hurry!

That over there…

How impertinent!

That body has gotten the better of you!

Damn you!

The Wandering Tales of Shana-oh, Act Two…Usumidori: Heavenly Blade Steps!
Right between your eyes!

Nothing less from Ushiwakamaru. I hope she just retreats with that.

Impossible! That is…


This one has given a good challenge.


I must kill all you humans. Every single one of you must die at our hands, down to the last child.
No matter how much you resist, know that it is all futile!

It is far from futile.


Those troops!

Lord Ushiwaka’s sacrifice…and the sacrifice of the troops weren’t wasted at all. Leave the rest to us!

Molon labe!

Molon labe!

What can mere common soldiers do?

Here goes! My friends, bring your souls hither! Thermopylae…Enomotia!

Turn to stone!

Impossible! My Mystic Eyes…What in the hell are you?

My ancestor is the great hero Hercules, the son of the great god Zeus!

A descendant of Zeus?

Indeed! I am King Leonidas of Sparta, a country given praise by the war god Ares!

And I’ve seen through your true identity, Avenger!

I’ve never heard of Tiamat utilizing Mystic Eyes.

And if you know the name of our god Zeus, the true identity of a serpent god that petrifies men goes without saying!

A goddess persecuted as a monster…Gorgon!

How dare you utter that name?

How dare you utter that name?


I will show respect to your will to fight. At least shatter as a hero.
You needn’t see the end of the human world.

That is not possible. Just like my soul, the human world is immortal.

I will leave you with the rest.


That is what’s impossible. The human world will inevitably end.

As you, the world’s most powerful protector, have just died for nothing!

Died for nothing?

I see. Gorgon, was it? You’re an amateur when it comes to warfare!

Damn you!

Atop the bridge of Gojyo in the capital! The great man named Benkei!

You shouldn’t!

We are Heroic Spirits! Shadows of humans who once existed…engraved into human history.
Our reward for the restoration of humanity will be our continued history.
That’s right. A child who admired Ushiwakamaru…existed a thousand years in the future.
That fact alone allows me to fight! It makes it all the worth risking this temporary life for!

The Wandering Tales of Shana-oh, Act Four…Dan-No-Ura Eight-Boat Leap!

An illusion!


This is farewell, Lord Fujimaru!

Did she do it?


She took full blows of both their Noble Phantasm attacks!

This is…the power of a goddess!


Look at that.

Is that…the light of the Holy Grail?

Oh? It seems you have a knowledgeable one with you.

Immortal using powers of the Holy Grail.

But don’t make light of me. I’m not using the Holy Grail’s Magical Energy at all.
I wouldn’t use power from elsewhere to destroy humans.

Now, I myself will assault Uruk…and kill the king! Demonic Beasts!
You no longer need to wait for the time to come! Unleash your hatred…and trample down the
humans who escaped!

Please wait. Isn’t that a little short-sighted, Mother?


Conquering Uruk is only a small step for us.

Isn’t the real issue the other goddesses rather than the humans?
The alliance is dissolved once Uruk falls by the hands of a goddess.
The second generation of Demonic Beasts is reserved for those coming battles.

100,000 offspring await birth in the Blood Fort.
The Three Goddess Alliance must continue until they’re born.

Besides, we should take our time tormenting humans. They took away the beasts’ land and young.
They oppressed Mother. They forgot everything.

Be grateful of the restraint my son shows, humans.

However, your fated destruction still looms. Ten dawns from now, we will destroy Uruk!
Do not forget that.

Thankfully, she retreated. Life is hard when you have such an unreasonable parent.
Children can’t choose their parents. Don’t you think so, Ritsuka Fujimaru?

What’s the meaning of this, Enkidu?

The meaning? I just saved your lives.


If we just slaughtered all the humans right now, the other two goddesses would get serious.

I see. So, who exactly are you? You’re not Enkidu, right?

A prototype of the people who’ll rule the world in your place, replacing you archaic humans.
My True Name is Kingu!

K-Kingu? The god that led the offspring of Tiamat in Babylonian mythology!

I’m perfect. I’m the next generation of humanity. So, I guarantee you. Humans will not go extinct.
Humanity will be reborn right here with me. I’ll take over and continue with your history.

S-Such a thing won’t happen!

The last salvation you’re given…is the joy of returning to the void.

Lord Leonidas…The commander who never stopped defending this Northern Wall…

The Demonic Beasts keep coming!

Is everything impossible now?

Lord Leonidas…

There you are.


I’ll take my leave, as well. Please give King Gilgamesh my apologies for not meeting his expectations.

Why is that?

I’m not the Benkei Musashibou that you know of, Lord Fujimaru.

You’re not Benkei?

A traitor who abandoned Lord Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune…Kaison Hitachibou.
Back then, I had abandoned Lord Yoshitsune and Lord Benkei.

That’s why I gave my life to telling the legend of Lord Yoshitsune.

That’s why the fact that you knew of our legend made me feel very happy.


But I repeated the same mistake yet again.

I was scared of those Demonic Beasts.

Therefore, I retreated together with the troops.

But the troops made it back alive. You don’t have to blame yourself!

When Lord Leonidas sallied forth, and when Ushiwakamaru was in combat,
all I could do was just watch. I was a coward unfit to be Musashibou after all.

Now, I can no longer see the point in fighting.

That’s not true! We need your power, Benkei!

You overestimate me. The only fate fit for a fool like me…is to die in some ditch in the wilds,
fighting Demonic Beasts.


Nothing you can do. His dropout hurts our combat strength, but it’s even more foolish to tell a soulless corpse to fight for us.

Oh, don’t look so stern. Even I can understand Benkei’s feelings.


Look over there.

Take some bricks and line them up here. It’s something anyone can do, and it’s the most important thing.
Even one thing we can do as humans…needs to be done to the very end!

That’s right! That’s how we were! We kept doing what we could until now.

That was the pride of this land!

I’ll help out!

Me, too!


Even though General Leonidas is gone, they swallowed their terror and stood up.
We can’t afford to be depressed, either.


Where is this…I haven’t disappeared yet.

Forward? I just need to keep going forward?

That’s right. You can leave the palace from there. Follow the road and head back to Uruk.

Thanks, mister.


Oh, are you awake already? I expected nothing less from a Servant.

That green hair…You must be Enkidu. This is the first time I’ve seen your face.

I guess you’re right about that. Welcome to our castle.

You captured me to use me as some seed, didn’t you?

I’m glad you’re quick to understand. As you can see, this is a factory of sorts.
Tiamat’s Demonic Beasts are all created from one maternal body. But that alone has its limits.
So, one piece of flesh creates about three Uridimmus.
On the other hand, three pieces of flesh only yield a single Ugallu.

I see. You’re using human corpses as expendable tools. A child of a god? What a–

Oh, sorry. My hand slipped a bit. Yes. We were both a bit too careless.

Me, my hands that move so easily…You, that cheeky mouth of yours… You should watch that.
Though, soon enough, you will be just like them.

The saving grace is that the brain morphs last.

I see both you and this so-called mother are fools.

Leaving the consciousness intact until the very end is the poorest plan.
Every single one of them must’ve fought to the very end,
using limbs transformed into that of Demonic Beasts.

You can resist all you want. Fantasize about it to your heart’s content. We’ll let you dream that much.

Why did you let the children escape?

A difference in values.

I don’t have any grudges like Mother. I only kill threats.

But there’s no reason to keep them alive, either.

Like your mother, you’re an amateur at warfare.
And you say you’re going to replace humanity? Makes me laugh!

I see. It seems like a special treatment is required for you. No egg for you.

I’ll take you to see Mother. The Authority of Tiamat is the “Sea of Life.”

Those who fall into that sea become offspring of Tiamat as they are.

Primordial life. In the world of Magecraft, it is called “the mud of the Holy Grail.”
The King of Mages named this the “Chaos Tide.”

I’m looking forward to it now.

What kind of monster will you become?