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Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

The king had eyes to see into the past and the future, but he stood by.

The king saw all the world’s struggles and sorrows, but he stood by.

Ignorance might have excused him, but even enlightened, he only laughed.
This man can never be forgiven.

Here, future generations may read of our fury, and follow in our footsteps. Construct a temple!

Build a band of light!

Find the path to the Final Singularity. That is where the throne of the King of Mages resides.

The name of that plane is Solomon. The end of the very end. The altar of spinning time.
The hope at the very beginning.

The King of Mages, Solomon!

Master, are you all right?

Mash, what did I…

You were asleep…ever since you read the clay tablet you brought back with you.

I saw him.


The King of Mages, Solomon.

Come to think, I haven’t heard of this yet. You’ve met Solomon and survived. The full details…

In London, when we tried to retrieve the fourth Holy Grail, he appeared from within the darkness.

Mage King Solomon, you have no gratitude toward any form of life!
You enjoy toying with the lives of humans and of the planet!

Girl, speak not of life as a mere human.

When death is inevitable for you, your view has no value. Knowing your life will end.
Knowing it has ended. Why do you still cling to life?

Our lives will end.

I shall give you a revelation from myself, a Grand Caster. Burn and leave not even ash.
That is your future.

Grand Caster, huh?

Just like Merlin?

Ordinary Servants are tools for the Holy Grail War where Heroic Spirits fight one another.
But the seven true Servants chosen by the Root, given the rank of Grand, are different.

It means they are really powerful.

So, we are no match against them?

Not as you are now.

That’s why we need the final Holy Grail. Isn’t that so?

Yeah. We can’t just stop here!

That’s the spirit! Now, why don’t we just sally forth?

The Demonic Beasts at the Northern Wall are attempting a large-scale attack.

So many people are working here.

They’ve kept holding back Demonic Beasts for six months now.
Of course they would have defensive measures of this level.

We’re ready to repair the outer wall now.

–All right. You’d better hurry.
–Yes, sir!

Nothing less from the squad that King Leonidas commands. They’re all so tensed up.

So, beyond that is the northern wilderness.

They breached the wall?


King Leonidas!

Stay on guard. The second wave is incoming.


In a defensive battle, we Sparta have no reason for defeat!

So, that’s the hero of ancient Sparta!

Third wave incoming! Multiple targets!




Prepare for the next wave!

Yes, sir!

An attack of this level is commonplace.

What was that weapon?

It’s a large cannon that fires King Gilgamesh’s treasures and
blows the enemies away with their Magical Energy.


The king had told me…

Squandering is the true nature of civilization. Besides, this battle only has meaning
if we’re victorious against the gods using powers gathered by human hands.

I see. So, “Dingir” means “human recognition to deify it.” That’s so like him.

For human strength to stand up against the gods…

Exactly! And the one who always trains himself emerges victorious! You still lack some training.
Muscles are what you can ultimately rely on!

I’m not saying you should fly.

Take some bricks…and line them up here.
It’s something anyone can do, and it’s the most important thing!


Splendid! Now, you, too, Lady Mash. Stone-piling training!


Oh, milk and cheese after training muscles is the best!

Truly a gift from the war god Ares! Would you like some, too, Lord Fujimaru?

I’ll have some later.

What’s the situation of the war?

Allow me to explain. Further north of this Northern Wall is a fortress city called “Nippur.”
There are people still stranded over there. We can’t brute-force our way through a pack of
Demonic Beasts, so we prioritize women and children.
And we have slowly been rescuing them under the cover of darkness.

However, the Demonic Beasts began to act in an organized manner.
And then, communication has been severed from Nippur.

I see. So, that’s why we’re being sent out there.

If the citizens are still safe, they must be rescued.
In order to do that, we need to launch a large-scale attack.

Let’s do it…

if there still is a possibility of saving them!

Ouch, ouch, ouch! It’s rude to smack people for no reason, Cath Palug.

What’s wrong, Ana?

Nothing. I’m just getting some night air.

You sure don’t look like that’s the case.

I was just thinking…if it was too late to tell them what’s going on.

Oh, are you sure? I think that might freak out even Fujimaru.

But even so…

It’s not good. Not good at all. Emotions are, in general, things to be discarded.
It’d be a waste to not cherish them.

You’re keeping your distance from humans…not because you don’t like them,
but because they scare you. You’re afraid they’ll find out who you really are.
You’re afraid they’ll hate you. That’s an emotion hard to come by.
You could call it the conscience of the divine being you truly are.
That conscience, or its lack, is the greatest difference between you and her.

To toss it aside would be a waste!

So, you’re telling me to keep quiet and hide it?

Yes. That’s the smartest thing to do. What’s wrong with a non-human hiding her inhumanity?
I mean, I say that, but I’m no different.

Because I have no emotions, I feed off of people’s dreams…
and harvest the subtleties of the heart from them.

The only reason I can keep on being a nice bro-next-door…
is because I’m expending the emotions I’ve gathered up to this point as fuel.

Merlin, you are inhuman.

That’s right. We are literally inhuman.
But there’s no rule that what’s inhuman must be an enemy of humanity, right?

That’s true.

You’re allowed to side with them because it’s fun.
Whether they love you or if you can love them is a different matter.

Do you love humanity, Merlin?

Of course not. As you know, I’m an awful person.

But even if I were to hide that fact, do you think Fujimaru would really care?


He will just accept things for what they are. That is, you and me as we stand by his side.
So, there’s no need to disclose your true identity.

It’s humiliating. Having you tell me this, Merlin, is the biggest shame of my life.
In the end, I will kill you.

Your existence would be the vital point the Goddess of Demonic Beasts didn’t expect.
If there’s a time for you to throw it all away, it’s going to be in an instant.

All right.

Of course, amid all this foreshadowing, it’s worth mentioning that I don’t want that kind of ending at all!
Because that would be boring!

Sad partings aren’t my style. I prefer to deceive and disparage the enemy,
and emerge as the victor unharmed. and emerge as the victor unharmed.
Let’s do it like the humans do!

Disgusting. You only say what’s most convenient for you.


I guess I don’t mind putting in some effort to make that outcome a reality.

Take a deep breath, Lord Fujimaru.


You’ll still be afraid, but your muscles will loosen up.

Even you are scared, Leonidas?

Of course I’m scared. I’m scared, and that’s why I train on a daily basis.

I always think… I think with each battle…that I wish I was stronger.

A talent for Magecraft isn’t that important for traveling through the ages as a Master.

Our enemies are the gods and the King of Mages who is trying to destroy human history in its entirety.
No matter how much of a genius one is, they are utterly powerless in the face of this cataclysm.

And so, overcoming fear and not averting one’s eyes from hardship…
If you have those traits, Magecraft talent is nothing but inconsequential.

Okay. I will not avert my eyes! No matter what happens!

Well then, Lord Fujimaru, the best of luck to you.

Cover my back for me, Ushiwaka!

Leave that to me!

I am Ushiwakamaru, the youngest child of Minamoto-no-Yoshitomo!
You rabble of goblins, do you have the courage to challenge me for my head?

Weak! You’re inferior even to the packhorses of the Heike Clan!

So it begins.

Yeah. Let’s hurry on our end, too!

Smooth progress!

I’m guessing that I’ll get a pat on my head once this is all done!

There are far more than we expected!

But I don’t understand.

Understand what?

Have they not fallen for our diversion all too easily?

That’s not it. We were the ones who fell for the bait. They’re after Lord Fujimaru!
I will now head to Nippur.

B-But King Gilgamesh didn’t allow us to enter the city!

Lord Fujimaru called me “a friend.” I can’t claim to be a samurai if I were to betray my friend!

Benkei, I’m leaving this field to you!


What is this?

Even the children…

We didn’t make it in time.

We’ll see about that. It’s not like you, Fujimaru. Where do you think that blood trail leads to?

Welcome to Nippur.


We meet again, so-called Enkidu.

Where did you take the people of this city?

Humans are an invaluable source of nourishment.
We’re making use of them with much thanks.


The objective of the Demonic Beasts wasn’t the destruction of the Northern Wall.

To them, the Northern Wall was no more than a place where resources were gathered.

Then, it’s true! I didn’t think it made sense, either!

That’s right. This was never an invasion. That plan was going to be executed
after the second generation of Demonic Beasts was born.

Second generation, you say?

You people are no more than raw materials used to create them.

What do you think humans are?

A nursery to create a superior living creature. Isn’t that quite significant?

Cut the crap! You’re nothing more than a humanoid doll in Enkidu’s likeness!

You’d at least serve as the opening act for Gilgamesh, right? You should play with this guy!

That’s the Demonic Beast Ugallu! The largest offspring of Tiamat! A lion of the Sun!

I won’t let it!

That looks like an opponent worth slashing.

It’s strong!

I see. A blade that kills immortals…
I’m sure a run-of-the-mill Demonic Beast would’ve gone down in one blow. Too bad.

Merlin, I need your support!

This really isn’t like me, but…

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I’ll take it seriously, Cath Palug. Even I won’t be joking around here.

Let’s say this is thanks for them feeding me such quality dreams.

Oh, an incubus?

I may be inhuman like you, but I can’t continue living without humans.

We play different roles, Fake Enkidu! How about something like this?

With this, I can…

I did it. Just what I aimed to do.

You’re right. Just what I aimed to do!


A scythe that kills immortals, and those eyes…
It seems you’re an existence that is a bit troublesome.

That’s why I have to get rid of you right here and now.

–Shut up!

Cath Palug, do something. I know you have Magical Energy stored up.


Use it! Now!

Fou, are you…

She escaped from the Chain of Heaven?


No! Has she no restraint?

That thing…It can’t be!

Archaman, hurry with the analysis of that thing! It may be hard to believe, but that’s a Servant!

I’m on it! Its Spirit Origin is a Divine Spirit-class! Its classification is an Avenger!

Avenger…The one that seeks revenge because of resentment…
The eighth class that should not be!

Oh no!

There’s no way we can win–

You’re quite loud, humans.

Mankind’s sworn enemy, head of the Three Goddess Alliance…
Prostrate yourselves, pray and beg. Tiamat, the Mother of All Beasts, stands before you now.

So, that’s Tiamat!

Mother, it’s so nice to see you awake again today.

It’s you, Enkidu.

But this wasn’t exactly the plan. You were to rest until the Day of Rebirth.

Don’t be so dull.

Is that what they call “humanity’s final Master”?



Such fragile, frail creatures. So, this is the remnants of humanity.

My body!


Is this a type of Snake Eyes?

I’m very hungry right now. You shall become my sacrifice while you are terrified.
You may not be delicious, but you surely are a delicacy.

Deep breaths, Mash! You’ll still be afraid, but your muscles will loosen up.

Got it!

I can move!

All right!

Very well. Step back, my child. I’ll handle this.

But Mother…

I’ll crush humanity’s hope as if I were plucking a mock strawberry.

A fun and sweet end for you, don’t you think?