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Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

Lord of fertility, lady ruler of the heavens, one who roars like a lion…

Save us from our hardships. Grant us your glimmer.

Our prayer seems to have been heard!

We have been waiting for you, Goddess Ishtar!
Please save us from the harmful Demonic Beasts!

Save, huh?

I’ll save you.

Roughly 30% of the defensive line at the Northern Wall has been worn down.
General Leonidas has been supporting them well, but we are running short of arrows
and medical supplies.

30% is within expectation. Replace the wounded in order. I will arrange for replenishment.

We are much blessed by your generosity! Well then, we’ll be returning out there right away!

Fool! A fatigued soldier will only be a hindrance! Rest for today!

General, off with all of you to the doctor!

Yes, sir!

All right, stand down. I see the next visitor.

Did you call for us, Your Majesty?

I remembered something, so I called you here. Go fetch the Tablet of Destinies for me.

The Tablet of Destinies?

Right. It is a recording of a future that I saw in a past meditation.

But if it’s something you wrote, wouldn’t you remember what was written on it?

Why do I have to retain in my memory a clairvoyant premonition I wrote in a dream?

Then, do you now remember where the tablet is?

I wrote that thing down in Kutha on my way back to Uruk from the underworld.

So, it wasn’t in the forest to the west.

The fact that he can return from the underworld doesn’t feel too real for me.

I agree.

In my eyes, your world where neither the underworld nor the heavenly gods exist is much more peculiar.

The city of Kutha is currently part of the area under Goddess Ishtar’s control.


We must face her someday. This saves the trouble.

These are the king’s orders! Head forth to Kutha and return with the tablet!

After the formation of the Three Goddess Alliance, Kutha disappeared without warning.


One day, we suddenly lost all communication from there. Leonidas’ party that rushed there…

…saw a quiet cityscape. No blood and no signs of combat.
All citizens had met their end as if they died in their sleep. Everyone within one whole city.

Why did such a thing happen?

We still don’t know the reason why. Since then, Kutha is said to be a cursed land,
and has become a wasteland that no man ever approaches.

–Yes, thank you for your patronage.

I’m home!

Welcome back!

What’s with the luggage?

Preparing for a new mission.

We’re going to look for something called the “Tablet of Destinies” in Kutha.

The best part is, the pay is 20 Priestess Silver!

Twenty Priestess Silver! If we have that much, we can fill the embassy with flowers.

I’ll get ready immediately! Please stand by!

Oh, Ana!

She’s so hasty.

A mission involving a journey… I’m jealous.

I’d love to accompany you, but…

You shouldn’t, Ushiwakamaru. We must–

Say no more. As we’re heading back
to the Northern Wall…

I see. I would’ve liked to travel with you, too. Ushiwakamaru is someone I admire.

Come to think, you guys are from the same country.

Yeah. A general who is well-known even in my time.


Oh my, that is delightful.

–Sorry to make you wait!
–Yeah. Um, if you don’t mind–

Now, let us depart!

We’re departing tomorrow.

–You’re getting too excited, Ana.
–The sentiments are appreciated.

Merlin, you’re being too lax!

Lord Fujimaru! I’d like to ask you something.


–What’s wrong?

Are you not feeling well?

I-I’ll remember that.

Please be careful. No matter how heroic, a hero won’t go unscathed if he gets hit in a bad spot.

I-I’ll remember that.

So, what did you want to hear?

Um, what you said this afternoon… About admiring…

Oh, right.

The legend of Ushiwakamaru is familiar to people in my era, as well.
Like the story about the Gojyo Great Bridge that has turned into a nursery song.

Stories about me…

Atop the bridge of Gojyo in the capital! I sang that song a lot while pretending to be you.

It’s that popular? I somehow find it hard to believe!

I’m not lying, okay?

No, I’m not doubting you! I didn’t think people would ever familiarize themselves with me.

I had been fighting my entire life. It was from a feeling of wanting to be of someone’s assistance, wanting to help others. However, such logic wasn’t to be understood by anyone. That’s why…

I’m so happy that I find it hard to believe!

Ushiwakamaru, your will has resonated within many people’s hearts.
I mean, your story has been told for a thousand years now.

And I can see why you were fighting, too.

I don’t want to see someone other than myself crying.
If possible, I want to stop those tears.

Yes. Yes! That’s right! That’s precisely it, Lord Fujimaru!

I’m so touched! You really are a marvelous fellow! You understood me!

The first one other than my big brother!


Lord Ritsuka Fujimaru. I will swear this upon you. King Gilgamesh is the one
I’m currently serving under. However, as a warrior, I will protect the place you will return to.


I am not your Master. So, I’ll swear this as your friend… I will make sure to fulfill my destiny.

A friend…That is a wonderful word.

Though our battlefields differ, our hearts will be together.

This is horrible!

There are holes as far as I can see!

There are people there! Excuse me!

You can see the current state of my ranch. I’m having a hard time just gathering the sheep that escaped.

What in the world happened here?

A catastrophe.

Was it a storm or some lightning?

The Goddess Ishtar.

This year’s Goddess Ishtar is a big mess. She blows everything up, Demonic Beasts and all.
Thanks to her, our land looks like this.

And then, she took every last gem we had in our place, and said, “I’ll let you off with this!”

It’s a miracle that nobody has gotten hurt.

She is just like a burglar.

If she’s anything of a deity…

Right. If she was in her original form, she probably wouldn’t do anything like that.

Her original form?

Right when the Demonic Beasts showed up, the priestesses of Uruk held a ritual
to get a human girl possessed by the Goddess Ishtar. And they ended up getting the Ishtar you know.

The girl’s and the goddess’s senses of self fused together and created a new personality.

In the first place, the gods of Mesopotamia all have blonde hair.
I’m sure she has black hair due to the elements within the girl.

I see.

Maybe that’s why I just can’t bring myself to hate her.

You may be right. That Ishtar is ever so slightly human.

Oh, this is unusual!


I thought you hated humans.

I hate both humans and goddesses.

And I hate you even more, Merlin!

Oh my.

Now, you can see it there. That’s the city of Kutha.

Just like what we heard. I don’t sense anyone in the area.

Not only that, but I don’t sense any signals of Demonic Beasts.

They’re showing no effort to infiltrate this area, either.

Demonic Beasts seem to be afraid to enter the city. Though we have no idea why.

But well, it’s dangerous to go into the city at night. Let’s camp out here for today.



You still have some time before dawn.

I wanted to get my daily routine done.

You’re so spirited.

But is there any meaning for you to be working out?

I’m just an ordinary human and half-assed as a Master to boot. At the least, I need to be buff.

I think you’re doing quite enough already.

Thank you, but that’s all thanks to everyone else. Everyone else keeps saving me.

And Mash has been protecting me.

The reason why I was chosen to be the one who Rayshifts is simply because I was the only survivor.
But that’s all the more reason…

…that I want to do anything I’m capable of doing. Even if it’s something that may be meaningless.

I see. You’re right.

No matter what time you’re in, ordinary humans are the ones who make stars fall.


Oh no. I’m talking about the past.

Now, though this is a small city, it’s a bit too big to find the tablet we’re looking for.
Fortunately, as Demonic Beasts won’t enter, let’s split up to look for it.

No, that’s, um…I’m Senpai’s Servant, so I can’t part from his side.

It will be all right, Mash.

We’ll really be in trouble if we take too long and night falls on us. Besides, Fou is here, too.

Oh, he may not look it, but he gets things done in a pinch.

All right.

It’s as if time is standing still.

A human shadow?

What the… Fujimaru’s observation signal disappeared!

What did you say?

I can’t sense his biological signals!

What is going on?

Fujimaru! Answer me! Fujimaru!

Where’s this place? This isn’t the city of Kutha! Am I having a dream?


The living…

–What are the living doing
in the underworld?
–It’s the living.

This is the underworld?

We were murdered! No dignity… No prayers…Simply abandoned.

–Have you come to laugh… To seize?
–Have you come to flee or to discard?
All are unforgivable!

Hold on! I’m–

Warm breath, warm flesh… They’re unnecessary!
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

Wait. This one yet lives. Taking this soul will incur your master’s wrath.

You are…

Seal up the seven gates and resume your guard of the soul cages!

Blame not the spirits. Your intrusion was most brazen, young one…as you are visiting the land of the dead while you still draw breath.

U-Um, I’m sorry!

However, I still owe you one favor. A callow neophyte you may be, but steadfast, too.

Devotion demonstrates worth. Thus, you are worthy of being spared.

Return, young one, to the living world and speak these words to the mage…
“All is well in the underworld.”

Wait! I’m Ritsuka Fujimaru! You are?

My name is…Ziusu-dra.

Senpai! Senpai!


Huh? Guys?

Fujimaru’s biological signals are restored! I’m so glad!


How are you feeling waking up?

Well, fine, I guess.

I’m so glad!

I’m so glad…you woke up, Senpai!

Wh-What’s wrong, Mash?

I’m glad! I’m glad!

I’m sorry to make you worry, Mash. I’m all right now.


By the way, that thing you’ve been clutching onto…

Isn’t that the Tablet of Destinies?

You were in the underworld?

Yeah. This is what they meant by an era where physical land and the underworld were connected.

–I got a good sense of it now.
–Y-You’re being too calm!

I wonder if he was the one who entrusted this to me.

Ziusu-dra, huh? Unless it was merely someone taking on a role similar to Ziusu-dra’s.
That’s not a name you claim for show or on a whim, though.
But still, “All is well in the underworld,” huh?

Which means the three goddesses I saw through clairvoyance are…


A large Magical Energy signal is fast approaching!

I found you!

Apparently, you grilled the ranchers all about me!

Snooping around about what a goddess does on a day off? That’s so insensitive!


Oh, it seems like you have something you’d like to be kept hidden.
Are you embarrassed because we found out you were a gem thief?

That’s not it! Besides, I’ve never assaulted humans for money or anything!

But you took gems…

I only asked for compensation after saving them from Demonic Beasts!
Saving you guys for free would just corrupt you all over again!

Does that mean you would’ve saved them for free?

Drats. A-Anyway, you all need divine punishment!

Atone for the sins of making me look silly not once, but twice!

Hold on! We have no intent on fighting you–

Don’t waste your breath! I’ll take that treasure in your hand as compensation for all this!

You really are a thief!

I’ll have no mercy, and you’ll have nothing left!

Not bad.


Oh boy, how troublesome.

That’s useless.

If you can’t fly, don’t think for a second you’ll be able to catch me!

That’s not fair! You should come down and fight fair and square!

I’m not giving up my advantage!

Now, playtime is over, and it’s time for me to get serious…

Se… rious…

She stopped moving?

Ishtar! Bring it! I’m your opponent!

You think someone like yourself can actually fight against me?

You never know unless you try!

That recklessness is equivalent to an insult, idiot.All right. If you want to die that much, I will kill you.
Know your place down in the underworld!

Now, Ana!



This is for what you did the other day!

Flying isn’t simply an advantage, I guess.

Goddess Ishtar…has completely gone silent.

Oh, she woke up!

Oh, it’s already evening? Good morning. Wait, what’s going on? Am I tied up?
Where am I? Who are you?

Well, I’m Ritsuka Fujimaru. Humanity’s final Master.

What’s that? I don’t know what that is, but you think you can get away scott-free after this–

It’s useless to resist.

Ana…We want you to tell us…about the Three Goddess Alliance.

So, that’s what this is about.

Fine, I will answer what I can.

Thank you.

Why are you goddesses attacking Uruk?

We’re in competition with each other to see who can destroy Uruk and obtain the Holy Grail in King Gilgamesh’s keeping.

The first goddess to obtain the Holy Grail of Uruk will control this land.

That is our reason. Simple, right?

What are the True Names of the other two?

I can’t tell you that.

Why is that?

The three of us each agreed to a pact of nonaggression.

I can’t divulge even under threat of death.

All right. Then, I’ll give up about the True Names.


It’s like exposing the secrets of your good friends without permission.

Good decision. I love noble humans. Then, I’ll tell you one more thing.

I was summoned by the Sacred Temple in Uruk. But the other two were drawn here by the Holy Grail.

Was that the Mage King’s plan?

Who knows? That’s not for me to know. Anyway,

we’re getting deeper into the night.

Perhaps you should look around you.

Wh-What is this?

I guess all the ancestors from Kutha decided to pay a visit to their homeland.

We should retreat.

Fortunately, we’ve recovered the clay tablet we were after!

Let’s head out of the city hopping from one roof to another!

You should escape, too!

What’s the meaning of this?

You protected the people of Uruk. I can’t leave someone like that behind!

Well, see you. Mash!


I won’t say thanks.

There are so many!

If only I were older…


I appreciate the whims of the goddess.

Senpai, now is the time!


Thank you!

To think he actually thanked me…

Ritsuka Fujimaru… You may be a sacrifice too good for the other goddesses.