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Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

K-King Gil–

Lower your voice. You want Siduri to come running over?

I-I’m sorry!

Um…So, what can we, uh, do for you this morning?

For Your Majesty to visit us is quite unusual.

It can’t be! Did something happen?

I figured I should mix things up.

What do you mean by that?

I will personally give you your assignment this time.

Rejoice, Ritsuka Fujimaru.

King Gilgamesh’s direct request is…”Survey the water quality of the Persian Gulf.”

Yes. We are to head to the observatory at the Persian Gulf and gather some seawater to bring back.
It’s transport work.

They say this road hasn’t been attacked by any of the three goddesses, either.
And the weather’s nice, too.

It’s rather calm.

It’s a shame that Merlin and Ana had to stay back.

Yeah. We only had enough travel permits for two, right?

Yes. That’s why it’s just the two of us on this trip, Senpai.

Yeah. Or so I thought.

Yes, so we both thought…

Oh…Such fine clouds by the Zagros Mountains.

Here’s a bit of wisdom…
“Far-off sea of clouds. ‘Round atop the white peak hill. Mountain of cedar.”

That didn’t sound quite the way I imagined.

–For some reason,
King Gilgamesh is together with us.
–No, what about this?

Here in Uruk, we use donkeys for transport.
We’ll have donkeys pull the cart, and load the cart with water jugs.


I’ve already made arrangements especially for you. Such excellent work! What consideration!
You’re such troublesome folk to make me go this far.

Thank you very much!

All of you, keep your hands busy! Fill this city of Uruk with yet another day’s worth of liveliness!

What kind of game is that?

What kind of game is that?

Good morning!

And what is that?

“A Hero’s Race”!

You don’t know, Your Majesty?

That’s right. I don’t know yet. Is this a recent fad?


I see. So, you put this here…and do this?


Your Majesty is amazing!

It is a simple task, but well done for elementary matters.
Keep playing well and keep striving! In time, you’ll become valuable assets to this nation!
And that is basically the same as my own wealth.


Let us hurry! I’m accompanying you! Any tardiness will not be tolerated!


Um… So, we’d really like to hear why you decided to accompany us.

Well, sometimes I want to just look at the sea. Nothing more.

The sea?

Does that mean you’re taking a vacation?

Fool! I have no time to have fun! Precisely the reason I need to go on a trip like this!

Th-That’s preposterous!

Then, right about now, Siduri is…

All too simple to deceive Siduri’s eyes.

Why are you making faces that gush out so much pain?

I may sound intrusive, but I don’t think that’s a good thing to be doing.

You have quite the mouth, don’t you?

I’m sorry.

In any case, I’m not doing this because I’m exhausted from my duties.
I’m definitely not doing it because I crave excitement!

Now, entertain me with your usual tales of amusement!

Maybe he does crave excitement after all.

The king sure makes quite an unreasonable request.

You’re hogging it, Romani! Not fair!

–I want to listen in, too!

Why are you so hyped up?

I mean, the king might be in great abdominal pain after hearing an amusing tale, right?
I totally have to monitor that!

Then, I, Mash Kyrielight, will tell the first tale!

I believe I should be telling a tale of our journeys.


And for that, I need to talk about how I first met Senpai.


When I first met Senpai, he was sleeping in a hallway in Chaldea.

Mash, you’re embellishing, aren’t you? Nobody would be sleeping in a hallway!


Good going, Mash! You’re good at choosing what to talk about!

And she’s dead serious about it, so it’s hitting the king on his funny bone.

Senpai kept falling asleep after that, too.


The director got mad, and he was finally kicked out of the room.

–You know, we’re totally being voyeurs right now.

Mash, Fujimaru, I’m sorry!

You really are a serious guy, aren’t you?

Well, keep it in moderation.

You’re the one who spilled coffee earlier.

So, we ended up having to eat wyvern meat.

You can imagine what it tasted like.

That was truly boring!

Didn’t that story suit you?

Each and every story was about you guys having fun.

I guess that’s true.

But I can see you’ve had a great journey.

But I can see you’ve had a great journey.
Tales of journeys are most fun for the ones making the actual journeys.

I see.

And the ones on the journey seem to be enjoying it.
It must’ve been a great journey.

Do you have any, King Gilgamesh?

Memories of journeys or tales thereof?

I remember it all. Brilliant tales of heroism, the worthless travels and the warfare.

So, this is the observatory.

The water you’ll carry back have been gathered by the researchers of this observatory.

You really are seriously studying the water quality. Is it because water is precious in this era?

Let’s go.

King Gilgamesh?

I did not expect Your Majesty to visit us himself! Are all government affairs taken care of?

He’s reacting the same way you did, Senpai.

Oh, I just had a small errand out here.

I thought you were just killing time!

You underestimate me, don’t you? Or you take me for a fool!

O-Of course not!

Senpai, Senpai! I’m sure His Majesty looks like he’s killing time,
but actually is doing some very important business! Amazing!

Good thinking, Mash! Praise me with reverence! You all should take after this girl, too.

But of course. However, if you could at least give us a word in advance,
we all would be able to work more calmly.

Indeed. A sudden appearance is bad for one’s heart.

Nice to meet you. I’m Ritsuka Fujimaru.

Fou! Don’t wander off too far!

Time for a break.

Senpai…Thank you very much. Um, this is?

The researchers thanked us for our hard work.

I see.

They said, “It must be hard keeping up with the king’s ideas.”

That’s not true! Um, where is King Gilgamesh?

Actually, he said he had things to check out,

so he’ll stay behind at the observatory.

So, we can take a little break.


It’s a nice, peaceful day. If you’d only come here during your day off, you could be swimming in the sea.
That’s too bad.


Thank you both for your hard work.

How does the Persian Gulf look to the naked eye?

Isn’t it quite different…from what you experienced in Okeanos, the Third Singularity?

Yes, the thought that the vast Indian Ocean is beyond this point is quite exciting.

Then, I’ll give you an even more exciting tale.
The scale of this Seventh Singularity is greater than any of the previous Singularities.

The scale, you say?

We’re getting observation results of the Indian Ocean, far beyond the Persian Gulf.
I’m sure that’s because the ocean is an essential factor of life itself in Mesopotamia.
And that’s why things have taken shape in this way.

This is turning into one extraordinary story!

No matter how far in the past, humans came face to face with the vast ocean and conquered it.



Senpai, am I properly seeing things face to face?
Will I see things face to face, and be able to know what I truly wish for?

You already have a wish, Mash. All humans have some kind of wish.
You can’t live without one.

Humans…But I am…

Sometimes, sinners do saintly deeds, while saints sin.
That’s humans for you. That’s us.

That’s humans…

I’m sure you’ll know in the end. You’ll realize what you want to do, and why you continue to raise that shield to defend others.

In these journeys until now, I’ve been your closest observer, Mash.
Facing yourself seems easy, but it’s difficult.
What you should be doing, what you wish for…I want to ask you what answers you hold.

Because I’m sure you’ll be able to find them, Mash.


I’m sure it will turn out that way.

Doctor, something is beelining toward us from 9 o’clock!

I can see it on my end, as well! A speed of 500 km/h…within the mana concentration
of the Age of Gods?

It’s going to make contact in 3, 2, 1! Mash, shield up!

I don’t know what to say. It seems you people have a real lack of a sense of danger.

You’d even come to a secluded area like this without an escort?
Either you’re used to your own luck or you greatly underestimated us.

Enkidu…You should be already dead!

Master, I’m sensing the Mage King from this enemy! The enemy in front of us is not Enkidu!

Yes. I suppose you’re right. I am not the actual Enkidu.

Then, who in the world…

It’s because I’ve changed owners. Humans really are hopeless.

Changed owners?

But such things are all but trivial.

Master, he’s coming for us!

I’m an enemy to humans until I’m destroyed. Whatever happens, that will never change.
I’ll prove that…by ending your lives right now.


This fighting style is truly the specialty of the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh!

Of course. Creating an inexhaustible number of blades and firing every single one of them at you…
That is the optimal way…to fight with this body.


In fact, if he fights in a similar manner, he’s the one who’s imitating me!

Well…isn’t this a surprise? Surely, I’m misremembering, right?
I recall the new tactic I thought up back then…was ridiculed as the “ultimate waste of energy.”

Not true! Was that because you…

King Gilgamesh!

You are…Gilgamesh?

Who else would I be, you fool?

What happened to efficiency? What happened to being calm and collected as a weapon?

It’s unlike you to enjoy the thrill of battle, Enkidu.

King Gilgamesh!

That’s an impostor! Not the real Enkidu!

I see.

Quite convincing nonetheless!

Sh-Shut your mouth!

You must have acquired fine Magical Energy. Was it a gift from the three goddesses?

Shut your mouth!

I’m the most powerful creation on this planet!

There’s no need for a defective demigod like you!

Fool of a king…Enemy of my mother…I will make sure to kill you!

I will end this world and you along with it!

What are you?

King Gilgamesh!

Saved. It looks like Enkidu retreated toward northern Uruk.
We can’t trace him any further.

Though I don’t understand the reason for that retreat, you can rest assured for now.

Senpai, are you hurt anywhere?

I’m fine. What about you, Mash?

I’m fine thanks to King Gilgamesh.

I knew it was about time, but your bad luck is as impressive as ever.

Thank you very much!

Fool. Even my help wouldn’t balance the scales. You’ve been spared because of his whim.
If he had intended to do so, I would’ve died alongside you.

That’s impossible!

Um, why did he look like he was in pain?

Who knows?

Maybe he was broken. Maybe some cessation of cardiopulmonary function.
Those kinds of things happen.

Whatever it may be, it’s over. Don’t worry about it anymore.

You say, “Don’t worry about it,” but he clearly looked…

Let’s go back to Uruk. I’ve done what I came here to do, and saw what I came here to see.
Also, there’s something I now remember.

I’m stronger than them. I should be stronger than that damn king!

So, why… Why did I retreat?

The recording is out of order, too. It’s only giving me access to previous battle recordings.

I don’t understand. Why is this heart defective?

He is someone I should kill.

But I want to talk. No, there’s no room for conversation. I will only kill him. Kill him.

I must kill him! I must kill him! I must kill him! For Mother’s sake, I must kill him! That’s right.

For I am not truly Enkidu.