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Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

[Synopsis] Fate Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

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This is the one and only warning I will give you.

Know that abandoning everything now is the easiest way to live.

I care not whether to keep you alive or to kill you.

However, if you manage to destroy all seven Singularities,

I will consider this as a case to personally liberate.


Are you all right, Master?

Mage King!

Get a grip of yourself, Master! Master!

A month has passed since we arrived at Uruk.
This was the first taste of everyday life I’ve obtained outside of Chaldea.

Today’s work was a bit hard on us.

Yes. But I’ve finally gotten accustomed to working as of late.

Yeah. I’m finally getting the hang of things myself.

That man…

Maybe he’s hungry. Senpai?

Um…This may be uncalled for,but take this.

Compassion without reason is an evil.
Feeling shame is another.

However, I do appreciate such kindness.
I shall give you something in recompense.

Oh, you don’t need to do.

Heed me, child. Three storms will soon sweep over Uruk.


Empathize not with the hateful one.

Celebrate not with the joyous one.

And extol not the pained one.

Remember always. ‘Tis a fool’s task to speak of man’s ways…to a god.

Senpai, that just now…

Yeah. Storms are coming…here to Uruk!

You can’t sleep?

I was remembering what that old man said.

So, perhaps something will happen after all.

We’ve lost many people along this journey.

Both Servants and humans.

No! Stop! No, no, no! No! I haven’t even accomplished anything yet!
From the moment I was born, I’ve never been accepted by anyone!

Director Olga Marie!

I couldn’t do anything at all. Even then, we were able to repair six Singularities!

Uruk here marks the seventh.

As long as that belt of light is up there, our future, the history of humanity is still incinerated.
And when we lose, that will be confirmed.


Sometimes, I wonder. Did I make the right choice?
At first, I wasn’t ready. I was engrossed in running through it all, thinking I had to do it.

But there were people I couldn’t protect.

Previously, I had a conversation with Amadeus.

“I can choose,” you say?

Yes. Humans can choose what they love.
No, they must choose. Listen.

The world is not what you make of it. You are what the world makes of you.

Just like…human history that all of us have built upon.

That’s why…I’m sure that the answers you chose are correct, Senpai.
I believe in your answers.

The answers I chose, huh? You’re right.

The answer…that I chose back when I became humanity’s final Master…

Yes! That’s why I will always stay by your side…as Senpai’s Servant!

That is my I choice!

Thank you, Mash.

I will try to keep the faith in my own answer, as well!

Chances of sending backup to Uruk is looking grim as expected.

Rayshifting to the Age of Gods in itself is the epitome of recklessness after all.

There are things not even a genius can do, huh?

Is that sarcasm?

No way.

If that’s the case, we just think of some other way.
We will keep fighting to the very end.

My king…Lord Fujimaru and his entourage have arrived.

Have you called for us, King Gilgamesh?

I wouldn’t call for you if I didn’t have a reason…Ritsuka Fujimaru.

–Did he just say your name?

What of it? If your name is worth uttering, then it’s only natural for me to do so.

This is marvelous! Our activities have been acknowledged!

Is that so?

Your work was not that interesting in my view.

But I’m sure you’re getting bored of all the petty tasks.

That means…

That’s right, it’s a direct order from me!
You should feel honored, mongrels.

–Yes, sir!
–Yes, sir!

Head to the city of Ur and investigate what’s going on in that land.


At the very least, do try to amuse me with your heroics.

The king is in a great mood today. He even showed us the Holy Grail.

But that Holy Grail…For some reason…

I’m surprised you noticed.
That Holy Grail is different from the six you guys collected at the Singularities.

I’m waiting for Dr. Roman’s analysis for the details, but I’m sure of it.

Then, the Holy Grail that’s making this Singularity take form exists elsewhere?

I don’t know if it’s in the hands of the Three Goddess Allianceor of someone else.
But at the least, it doesn’t look like King Gilgamesh has it.

Lord Fujimaru!


I heard from Lady Siduri that you’re taking to the field! How wonderful!

Thank you, Ushiwaka.

It’s a shame we can’t tell Leonidas now as he is out in the field.

I must head out to the battlefront myself as backup for Lord Leonidas.
Best of luck to us both! I hope you survive so we can meet again!

Right! You, too, Ushiwaka!

Well now, I shall be gathering some forces myself. See you!

Let’s each do our best!

Once we get this far from the city, we start encountering Demonic Beasts.


This thing is called a “Mushussu.”

It’s one of the Demonic Beasts called “the Eleven Offspring of Tiamat.”
The Primordial Goddess Tiamat…It’s Babylon’s Dragon!

There also are Lahmu the mysterious beast, Ugallu the giant lion, and now onto the good part–
Hold on, wait for me!

We’ll hear the story later!

So muggy. So many flies. So hard to walk.

–Please stay quiet for a while! You’re increasing the heat!

–So muggy. So many flies. So hard…

So, this is what they call a jungle.

Was this what Earth was like 65 million years ago?

The saving grace is that we’re not encountering any Demonic Beasts.

But what is this incredible levels of Ether?
This is another world, on par with a Reality Marble!

According to the map, we’ll arrive at Ur shortly.

That means we only have to endure this heat for a short while longer.

Next time, let’s hire a guide!

What a commendable idea!

You wimps won’t last a day without a guide!

Master, be careful!

Wh-Who is there?

I am…Um, what am I? A mysterious purrretty girl, I guess!

All right, I got it! She’s a dummy!

I’m not a bunny!

Why does everybody think I’m a bunny? I don’t get it!

What is this strange creature? Is it really an UMA? An Unidentified Mysterious Animal?

If anything, call meow “an avatar of the jungle”!
“An embodiment of great warriors”!


If you don’t fear these fangs, you can come right at me!


She’s strange no matter how you look at her! Exterminating!

Okay, I think I’ve got it! I will see you guys again! And I am not a tiger but a jaguar!
–That will be on your next test, so you’d better remember!

–What in the world was that?

So, this is Ur.

The trees are encroaching inside the city, as well.

Look at that, Senpai!

I’m so glad! The people of Ur are safe!

Um…We came here from Uruk to investigate by request of the king.

Oh my. It must’ve been a hard journey to pass through that jungle from Uruk.

But if everyone is all right, we’ll go back and have the king send a rescue party!

No, you don’t have to.

Why is that?

We do not need to be rescued. Ur is a very safe city.

Senpai! Is something the matter?


I just thought about how I’ve never seen a sunset like this before.
Nothing less from the Age of Gods.

You’re right. When I see scenery like this, I feel like this journey isn’t all about terrible things.

Sorry to interrupt you.

Merlin! Ana! Thanks for looking around the city!

Can I say something?

I want you to gather the city folk tomorrow.
I have something to talk about.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting, envoy for King Gilgamesh.
I heard that you had something to speak about.

Yes. I heard you didn’t need to be rescued.
However, we must ask you the reason why that is so.

Ur is safe! As long as the jungle surrounds us, the Demonic Beasts can’t come in!

That’s right! As long as we obey the rules of the forest goddess!

Indeed, we didn’t encounter Demonic Beasts within the jungle.

The jungle is protecting the people of Ur?

Then, you didn’t attempt to rescue those in other cities facing a crisis because you were safe here?

On the contrary! If something like that was possible, we would’ve done it. However…

A violation of the rules set by the forest goddess you speak of…Is that what this is about?
I see! I understand the situation now. So, Ur’s plan to defend itself is to do nothing at all.

So, you understand now.

Yes, I understand! If you don’t resist, you can survive.
That’s what people usually do when they have given up. So,

how many sacrifices?

I assume it’s about one person a day.

Wh-What are you talking about? There are no sacrifices!

I can tell just by looking around. There are far too few men.

Ur is not at war, so this disparity is all too strange.
Which means there must be another reason they’re gone.

There’s nothing else we can do! The sacrifices are necessary for us to survive in Ur!

Everybody understood and agreed to each selection!

All we have to do is offer one sacrifice a day to Eridu. That’s all it takes to satisfy that devil!

So, that’s what you all chose?

Can you really say you’ve been protecting yourselves by such means?

You outsiders wouldn’t understand.

You haven’t seen that terrifying goddess, or else you wouldn’t say something like that!

There is nothing powerless humans can do. So, please leave now!
There is nowhere left in Mesopotamia where human ethics are understood.

At this point, it’ll be difficult to persuade them or gather information.

I’m sorry.

No, I felt the same way.

Simply sacrificing someone without doing anything else…

There is no need to worry!

This voice!

Why, you say?

I was scolded that killing sacrrrifices was out of style!

It can’t be. That amusing thing is the forest goddess?

That’s right! The beautiful forest goddess, Jaguarman!

What did you do with the people you abducted?

They’re forrrced into labor over at Eridu!

Then, they’re still alive!

I’m a gourrrmet, so I only chow on the hearts of heroes!

I love birds! I love fish! I eat people and stuff! Witness the astonishing teleportation of Jaguar Warrior!

If you guys are planning on taking the sacrrrifices outside, I won’t let you!

If you were to take them, not only would all my efforts go to waste,
but then, Kuku’s going to make me cry!


Yes! This is our world. The world of the spiraling snake! Begone, you humans…
who are devoid of the gods’ grace!

So, you won’t leave. As long as there is protection of the jungle, our sun is invincible!
What I’m getting at here is, “At least bring us a gift or something, jerks!”

That’s a purrretty shield.

My shield is a wish entrusted by a Knight of the Round Table!

I’ll attack from above!

That was an afterimage!

Catch! What’s wrong, huh?

There we go! Jaguar…Kick!

Take this!

Jaguar Javelin!



Jaguar Dynamite!

Don’t take a god too lightly!

This self-proclaimed Jaguarman…is actually this powerful?


She may not look like it, but she’s a Divine Spirit.That means she’s a proper god.

In other words, we wouldn’t stand a chance without a Servant who has Divinity like her.

Unfortunately, I think this is as far as we get for now.

That’s right!

Just quietly give us a sacrifice and make a settlement with the cat! Of course,
I mean that in a Tezcatlipoca kind of way! Meow!

This thing is really powerful!

You’re really going to come against me some more? You have some nerves!

Fujimaru, we can’t win for now!

Make your decision!

Once again, I have to abandon a city!

Abandon the people of Ur! I… I…

Master! Please choose!


Master…I have faith in whatever you choose, so…

My choice…


Merlin, retreat!

All right! I’m very good at fleeing…from beautiful women! Here goes!


This is getting interesting!

We somehow managed to return.

Let’s report our findings to the king first.


Does what is going on in Ur bother you?

I thought you’d gotten accustomed to sacrificing someone through your previous battles.

I don’t get accustomed to it.

No matter how many times it happens, I don’t get accustomed to it.
That’s why…

I have to make sure to rescue them next time!

Good morning, all!

I’m coming in. Is this your dwelling?

Uh-huh. For a rain gutter,

it looks rather nice.