Fate Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia episode 3

Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

[Synopsis] Fate Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

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So, he wants us to show our strength.

Ana, sorry, but would you give them a hand?

into a useless fight again.
Please die, Merlin.


A waste of time.
I want nothing to do with you. Begone!

Your Majesty…
Are they the strangers you spoke of?

Merlin brought them here,
so yes, they probably are.

King Gilgamesh! Can we get at least a word with you?

There’s no need for that!
Know that I am capable of all things, and so, possess all knowledge.
I am already aware of what you over at Chaldea are about.

Th-Then, that’s all the more reason to hear us out!
If we don’t retrieve the Holy Grail from this era, humanity will be destroyed!
So, as fast as possible…

The Grail…

What’s wrong?
You’re after the Grail, aren’t you? And?

Is that the Holy Grail? B-But how?

Of course.
All of the riches in this world are mine.
This Holy Grail is probably what the Three Goddess Alliance is after.
Otherwise, they’d have no reason to attack Uruk.

And don’t you dare ask me to give this Holy Grail to you.

There’s no reason for me to give you any of my treasures!

Then…what if we defeat the Three Goddess Alliance in exchange?

Defeat them? You’ll defeat those goddesses?

Siduri, these fools may make me laugh myself to death!

Wow, that was a good one.
I’ll put it down in the court records.
It’ll say, “The king is in great abdominal pain.”

However, I must protect Uruk no matter what.
I don’t need help from Chaldea!

Forgive me for interrupting your pleasant chat, my king!

Does this look like a pleasant chat to you? Are you blind?

Oh, uh… We just heard your laughter echoing throughout the ziggurat.

Fool! Don’t you know that, at a certain age, one can laugh at the drop of a hat?

No matter. What is it?

Yes, sir! She’s heading for Uruk at high speed!
It’s one of the Three Goddess Alliance members…Ishtar!

That fool again? Does she never learn?

What did you say?

Is that Lady Ishtar…
–Retreat! Everyone, retreat! She’s going to smite us!

–Huh? Senpai, isn’t that girl…

It’s her! Is she one of the Three Goddesses?


Well, I guess we meet again.

Stand aside!
I only have business with Goldie over there.

Oh, strange things do happen.
To think that the Goddess Ishtar worries about someone’s safety…


I-I’m not considering their safety or anything like that!
It’s more for the sake of Uruk!

Wait, it’s no longer mine, so I don’t care about Uruk, either!

Why is it…I’m even pissing myself off now!

Okay, I don’t care anymore!
I’ll blow everything up to smithereens!

I’m not done yet!

Like I’d let you!


Did you think I’d brute-force everything? You’re an idiot.

Just listen to us!

You’re voluntarily stepping forward? You fail as a Master.

So, that’s what’s going on.

Things are getting complicated.
I changed my mind.

Astonishing. You’re running away with your tail between your legs?

I just dropped by while I was out for a stroll.

See you, oh shirtless King of Uruk! And Siduri,

when Gilgamesh dies, it’s not like I won’t save Uruk,
so keep a white flag ready!

A white flag? What does she mean?

That woman is such a nuisance!
Well, fine, let’s get back to work, Siduri.

Yes. We shall resume planning to flood the Tigris River.

–There has been a suggestion that we use
red clay from Ummah as new soil.

–I’d expected there would be some change
to the king with Ishtar’s appearance.

There’s not much we could do now.
Let’s go find a place to stay for tonight.
–The king is moody, so maybe he’ll listen to you guys tomorrow.

–You nitwit! Uruk is in unprecedented danger.
I have no time to deal with your Chaldean field trip!
However, if you still say you want to assist me…

Work our way up from the bottom? Do not worry.
We shall oversee your stay here for the time being.

Um, were you the one assisting the king earlier?

Pardon the belated introductions. I am Siduri.
I manage the Ritual Site.

I shall give you some advice.
If you would like for the king to listen,
having some noteworthy achievements would be the fastest way.

When you say “achievements,” do you mean combat in the Demonic Front?

Instead of that, how about you go and help with the various jobs in the city?
I will go and make the job arrangements for you.

Jobs within Uruk, you say?

I will do everything I can because the king ordered me to take care of you.
It’s not often he says something like that.

This is…our home base.

Yes. This is where you’ll be staying. It’s old,
but it should be sufficient for your needs.

Thank you so much, Siduri.

It’s the Chaldean Embassy, Master!
We already have a home to call our own!

I have a room in the ziggurat, but this place looks more fun.

Why don’t you go look, too, Ana?

No, it’s fine.

Ana! You should come over here!

It looks like I need to watch over him.

I’d like to put up curtains near the entrance among other things.

Well, shall we get ready?


Deploying Round Table.

Anchoring Leyline coordinates!

Um, do you have proper visuals, Fujimaru?

Yes. We can see clearly, Doctor.
Even inside your nostrils!

Oh no, why are you eyeing that of all things?
But I’m glad that it’s easy to prove existence in Uruk.

We can chat face-to-face like this.

But still, I was shocked to see you found an alliance of goddesses.

I thought you wouldn’t run into any living gods.
Ishtar’s Spirit Origin was extremely close to the real thing.
A god’s Authority is a Mystic far beyond Magecraft.
You could call it a “manifestation of omnipotence.”

We’re not sure who your true foe is in that era,
but it’s clear that the goddesses aren’t on your side.

Anyway, about how you should act from hereon…

Oh, this is quite an intriguing spell.


I live for this kind of thing!

But in any case…I didn’t realize King Gilgamesh had already summoned Servants.
Such reliable allies, Senpai!


They all have their quirks.

Merlin, were you summoned by the king, too?

Yeah. I mentioned how a powerful summoner brought me here, right?

So, you were talking about King Gilgamesh.

Fate must have brought us together, Lord Fujimaru! Here, have a drink!

Thank you, Ushiwakamaru.

Fujimaru, humanity’s final Master who has come from a distant world to this troubled land!
We shall help you in every way possible to the best of our abilities!

Th-Thank you.

Ushiwakamaru, I think you should limit furthering your own drinking, as well.

–What was that, Benkei?

–How about you, Leonidas?
The ale in this country is truly tasty! A little bit can’t hurt, right?

No, I require only nutrients!
Alcohol should not be enjoyed until after we’ve wiped out the Demonic Beasts!

Here. This is your plate, Fujimaru.

Thank you very much.

Since we’re talking about food before the Christian Era,
I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like at all, but…

Something smells very good!

So juicy!

How is it? Does Uruk cuisine suit your palate?

I’m glad to hear that!
In Uruk, ale and mutton are what keep us alive.
In addition to that, as long as people smile, this place is filled with happiness.
That is what Uruk is.

Ana, what about your milk?

This is delicious.
I don’t like sweet stuff.

We also have some butter cakes for you today.

This is…

It is one of the best desserts.
Please have as much as you wish.


Um, can I save a piece for later?

Yes, but please eat it before lunch tomorrow.
It will go bad otherwise.

Listen here! Warriors are mathematicians!
Two hours of battle requires a 15-minute nap! Requires it! And yet…

What? Who poured ale into General Leonidas’s cup?

Who knows? It’s good medicine for him if you ask me.
He hasn’t rested as much as he says he has.

And yet! The younger soldiers tell me!
I’m the only one who can immediately wake up among a horde of Demonic Beasts…


Then, is Enkidu dead like the legend says?

Yes. The king watched as Enkidu died, and buried his friend in the Underworld.
There was nothing so beautiful or sad as Enkidu.
He may have been a puppet made by the gods, but he gained a heart.
Then, he was shattered, heart and all.

Enkidu gained a heart, but was shattered along with it…

Does King Gilgamesh know…that a fake version of his lost friend has been made into his enemy?

Yes, of course he does.
Though, they’ve never met each other in person.

But his response was unremarkable.

Yes. It didn’t feel like he was trying to keep us from worrying, either.

We’ll definitely find out what exactly that boy is.
But that can be done starting tomorrow.
Take time to get some rest tonight. Look…
Ana fell asleep, too.

And Merlin took the corner room all to himself. It’s not fair.
I’ll murder him after all.

Good morning.

Very well, let me give…your first assignment.

It really has nothing to do with battles.
But this is a bit fun in its own way.

Your next assignment…

Next up…

Merlin should help out a bit, too.

I’ve reached my limit!

Sparring with 100 men for training…

Leonidas does ask for the impossible.

In any case,

why do you look so fatigued?

Oh. That’s right. You don’t have a Master, Ana.
Masters who contract Servants…provide them a portion of the Magical Energy used.

I see. I was in the Cedar Forest this whole time, so I didn’t know…

You don’t know anything about being a Servant?

No. When I came to, I was in the forest and in this body.
But I knew just what I had to do.

I had to kill those Demonic Beasts.
I was killing them and using their souls to maintain my Spirit Origin.

That means if you were to contract with me…

No, that’s fine.Whatever happens to humanity is none of my concern.

Good morning, you two.
Have you gotten used to life here in Uruk?

I really would like him to acknowledge us soon.
But actually, it’s kind of fun.

Good. But unfortunately, I do have some bad news.
Here’s a message from Siduri.
“No requests today. Please use this day off to enjoy Uruk!”

A day off? That’s good, but…

Well, I’ll be taking my leave. Oh, but this is a good chance.
Why not take Mash on a date?


I-I’ve gotten used to these clothes now.Wh-What do you think?


Excuse me. Both of you are free for the day, right?
If so, I have a job I’d like to ask you to do.

Here’s all the silver I’ve managed to save up.
Would that be enough to have you accompany me?

Leave it to us, Ana.

Payment isn’t necessary, either.
We were just looking for some work worth doing.

Then, I’ll take you to the site.
We’ll have to fight, so I’ll be counting on you.



Good work. I think we’ve defeated all the evil spirits. I appreciate it.

I didn’t know such caves existed underneath Uruk.

Those spirits were every bit as shocking.
Ana, do you know what those spirits were?

They are like grim reapers.

A deadly disease is spreading here in Uruk.

A deadly disease?

Yes. Starting with the weak ones, people fall into an eternal slumber.
Those spirits must be connected to that somehow.

So, getting rid of them might reduce the death toll by emaciation?

Yes. In the Age of Gods, physical death is different than spiritual death.

So, even if the body is fine,
if the soul is taken away by a grim reaper, then it means death for that human.

Except having the soul taken away is not quite “death.”

It’s more like being asleep.
As long as the body is safe, returning a person’s soul will wake them up.

Ana, how did you find out about these spirits?

Because…there were so many gathered above the flower shop over there.

You are so kind, Ana!

That’s not true. I… Well, um…I’ve been wondering…
Why do you try to interact with the people of this era more than necessary?

After I arrived in this world,I had thoughts while I was eating meals, or while I was working.

Oh, they are the same. They’re no different from any of us.
There are people who are living in this world.

And if that’s so, I felt we really do need to give our best.

That isn’t much of an answer, is it?

I despise people. But…

I don’t despise thoughts of that nature at all.

We have said before…that not a single human shall survive, have we not?
I have swallowed up most of the northern cities.

It is only a matter of time before we break through the Northern Wall.

Yes. The goddess who kills the king of this era
and obtains the Holy Grail will rule this world.

And…that will be you, Mother.