Fate Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia episode 1

Fate Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

[Synopsis] Fate Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia



So, you will arrive, Chaldea?

The lone candlelight which illuminates many a star!

Then,come forth!

To this land where the times of gods and deeds of humans intersect!

O humanity’s final Master!


Good morning, Senpai.

Mash Kyrielight arriving for duty!

Though, I’m late by two minutes.

I’m terribly sorry.

Morning, Mash.

Good morning, Dr.Roman.

Are you sure you’re okay?


I’m 100% recovered.

Good. That’s a relief.

Sorry to have worried you.

Well then,

Fujimaru, Mash…Now that both of you are here, let’s start the briefing.


As of 7 AM today, we at Chaldea have completed preparations for the Rayshift to Seventh Singularity.

The last Singularity…the seventh Grail that Solomon sent into the past himself.

My hopes for its recovery rest with you.

The day’s finally here.


The lost year, 2017, is fast approaching.

No matter what the cost…

We must eradicate the cause of the incineration of humanity.

You’re right.

That’s the goal of the Grand Order.





American continent…and Camelot.

We’ve made all sorts of journeys and come this far.

And we’re about to Rayshift to one of the world’s oldest civilizations in 2600 B.C., the end of the Age of Gods.

The land of ancient Mesopotamia…

A world before the Christian Era…


Just the process of getting there makes this tougher than any previous Singularity!

—Da Vinci!

Another good reaction out of you guys.

I appreciate it.

I mean, genius is measured by how much surprise one can generate!

Well, you don’t have to surprise us, you know.

What kind of response is that?

How boring!

Now, I shall give you a small lecture.

Mesopotamia is a civilization that flourished between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that flowed into the Persian Gulf.

And we’re headed now to the age of the first kings.

They say it was at this point that the Age of Gods came to an end.

It means that it’s a time when gods and monsters still coexisted.

You’re correct.

But we don’t have time to worry about that.

You heard him.

You’ve restored six Singularities so far.

You should be more confident with yourself.

On my honor as a genius, I hereby swear that I will flawlessly prove your existence.

So, don’t worry about a thing! Get out there and go have a grand adventure!

Leonardo’s statements are inappropriate, but this really is an experience not many can have.

Once we put an end to everything, tell me what you’ve learned on this journey.

I have the perfect gift for you.

You can look forward to it.

Um…DR.Roman, may I ask one question?

Rayshift preparations complete.

Destination set to Uruk, 2600 B.C.

Unsummon Program, start.

Commence Spiritron Conversion.

Ritsuko Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight…

Cleared all stages of Rayshift.

We’re ready.

Seventh Grand Order, commencing operation!

We’re falling! We’re falling!

We’re falling! We’re bungeeing!

Mash! I’m counting on you!


Mash Kyrielight, doing everything in my power!

Master, your hand!

Now,just grab onto my waist and hold tight please!

Deploying Noble Phantasm!

Sir Galahad, please lend my your power!

Reveal yourself! Lord Camelot!

Senpai…I mean, Master…Are you hurt?


Nice save, Mash.

No, I’m the one who should say thanks.

It happened so suddenly that my mind went blank.

It went blank…Um, you’re still clinging to me, Aren;t you?

I’m glad ypu’re okay, too, Fou.

I wonder…if the Rayshift was successful.

I thought we transported them to the biggest city in the era.

I see.

What just happened was a forced deportation caused by a bounded field.

There seems to be a bounded field around the city of Uruk.

Probably to ward off attacks.

Did both of you hear that?

We heard you, Doctor.

So, we bounced off of the city’s defense mechanism.


There’s no doubt that some sort of danger is approaching Uruk right now.

How do you like my present?

Good! It may be thanks to the new Mystic Code, but I’m not having issues even in the Age of Gods.

I’ve been replenished with all three Command Spells, too.

Very well.

Please proceed with caut—


We lost connection.

The band of light in the sky exists as expected.


For now, let’s check out what’s around here.



Mash, prepare for battle!

Roger that!


Battle finished, Master.

I’ve never seen this type before.

Right. I agree with you.

Unlike the Demonic Beasts se’ve faced before, I feel like they clearly had hostility.

By any chance, the reason why the city is in ruins is…

Mash, let’s get away from this city quickly.

I don’t think that was last of the Demonic Beasts—

Oh no, I’m going to hit them!


Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. What a disaster.

Huh? What?

H-Hello there. I’m your cushion.

Wait, what in the world are you? Why are you my cushion without permission? Hurry up and get out of the way! —Who do think I am?

—P-Please move aside! Right now! Immediately! Master is being crushed!

Will we be able to resume communication with Fujimaru?

It’ll take a little more. But we can observe them.

There was some kind of very strong response, but they seem all right.

This is different from what we’d planned, but I’m sure those two will be all right.

Touching my body without permission…Which town are you from?

Touching? It was more of an accident.

Even from my viewpoint, that collision earlier was…Please, listen to us.

Um, well, Miss…

Are you guys seriously saying you don’t know who I am?

I’m sorry. We are members of a group called “Chaldea.” We were sent here to this Singularity to correct the course of humanity.

So, you’re guests from afar? Well, stuff like that happens. You might say I’m here in a similar manner.

S-So, that’s how it goes.

Fine. Normally, touching me without permission is something that can’t possibly happen in this world.

I’ll be careful.

I’m Ritsuko Fujimaru. I’m a Master who makes contracts with Heroic Spirits and commands them as Servants. And she is…

Mash Kyrielight, and this cute little one is Fou.

I’m not going to introduce myself. I won’t tell you anything. Actually, you tell me!

Like, whether or not you saw something precious lying around here!


Like, something that makes you think, “Wow!” At first glance. Answer me!

Even if you put it like that…

Did you drop something?

Of course not! I didn’t drop anything at all!

Say something! Silence can be very cruel at times!

Huh? North?

That’s not it! That voice wasn’t Senpai’s!

It’s dangerous! Stand back!

Master, they look like the Demonic Beasts from earlier!

—There are more here than earlier!

—Who do you think you are speaking to?

You are the one who should stand back.

My special move!


There are more of them.



Let’s work together this time.

Don’t make decisions on your own! Master Fujimaru, was it? If you have trouble dealing with this level of Demonic Beasts, the restoration of humanity is no more than a dream! Do your best with what you can!

Good! We’re connected!

Doctor, we’ll talk later!

The enemy forces are thin! Mash! Follow me!

Roger that!

S-So many…

We can’t possibly handle all of them by ourselves!

You want numbers? If so, I believe I may be able to help.

It is an honor to meet you, Master of Chaldea. My name is Enokido. I have waited in this Age of Gods for you to come.

With that attack, I believe I’ve nullified the Demonic Beasts in this area.

That said, the smell of the blood of the fallen will draw more here.

Who are you?

Are you from this land?

I believe I’ve introduced myself. Isn’t your Mage quite versed about me?

Y-Yeah. I’m assuming you are the real Enokida, correct? Oh boy, nothing less from the Weapon of the Gods.

The Weapon of the Gods?

If King Gilgamesh, a mix of human and divine blood, is the Wedge of the Heavens created by the gods, Enkidu is the Chain of the Heavens created to return Gilgamesh to the gods.

Not even the tyrannical King Gilgamesh could destroy this good-hearted hero.

It is quite embarrassing to be complimented this much.

Thanks for earlier, Enkidu.

A hand shake, Enkidu.

Oh, so this is… I’m sorry, I’m still not used to this.

Now, allow me to guide you to Uruk.

Thank you very much!

You know about our situation, too?

Yes, to a certain extent. The Holy Grail disrupted time. The alteration of history by those who were given the Grail… The Mage King created Singularities from them… in order to make the Foundation of Humanity collapse.

In order to prevent that, we’ve journeyed through six Singularities.

I know of that, as well. I came here by orders from the chief priestess of Uruk to protect guests from afar.

Then, this age still is…

The people in the Age of Gods do not succumb that easily. But I was really surprised. Well, I heard that humanity’s final Master would be coming, so I had imagined that some one like Gilgamesh would show up.

I guess I disappointed you.

No. I am happy… that it was someone like you.

How much longer to Uruk?

I’d like to take a direct route south, but that enters a different influential zone.

You mean it’s dangerous?

Yes. Mesopotamia currently is on the brink of extinction.

Then,those ruins we saw earlier were…

Cities fell to ruin one after another. The survivors have evacuated to the city of Uruk.

And all this was caused by the owner of the Holy Grail?

No. The Holy Grail is not in the hands of anyone. The enemy of humanity are the gods.

The Three Goddess Alliance. They have taken roughly 60% of the lands of Mesopotamia.


An alliance…

I-If they’re goddesses, aren’t they supposed to be siding with humans?

There’s never been a time when gods allied with humans.

The objective of the Three Goddess Alliance is the incineration of humanity.

But that’s… exactly the same thing as the Mage King!

Each of three goddesses destroyed this land with their own method. One of them is the Goddess of the Demonic Beasts. The Demonic Beasts that she created, including those we saw earlier, have completely covered the northern areas. To counter them, there’s something humanity has built. You will see it along the way.

You should be able to see it from here.

Th- This is…

Right. This is the hope of humanity.

The final and largest fortress to protect the four corners of the world… Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia!

Looks like he’s here. Humanity’s final Master.