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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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[Synopsis] Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 7


Dear, what’s the matter?

Stop it!


You need to worry about yourself!
Please take a cloth and press down hard on the wound!

It’s all right.
Somehow, it’s going to turn out fine.
{\an8}The wife’s wound isn’t fatal!

It’s going to be all right.
This man hasn’t killed anyone!
Just a second ago, this man was just walking down this street!

Are you all right?
You mustn’t look.
It’s dangerous here, Rei-san.
Let’s move over there.

I can’t leave this man here!

Kibutsuji Muzan!
I’m not letting you get away!

{\an8}No matter where you go!

What’s the matter with that child?
What do you think, Tsukihiko-san?

No matter where you go, you’re not getting away!
I’ll follow you to the ends of Hell, and I swear I’ll slice off your head with my blade!
I will absolutely never forgive you!

What the hell are you doing?
Kid, step away from that man!

I can’t!
Bring some restraints please!

Shut up and step away!

Please don’t do that!
No one can hold this person down but me!
I don’t want this person to kill anyone!
Just stay out of my way, will you?
I’m begging you!

Dammit! Look, you…
If you’re going to keep resisting…

Blood Bewitchment.
Aroma of Visual Fantasy.

What’s this scent?

Is this some kind of attack?
If it is, that means trouble!
Is the scent growing stronger?

You still use…
the term “person”…
to refer to even a transformed demon.

And you’re trying to save him.
{\an8}Allow me, then, to lend you a hand.

But why?
Your scent tells me…

That’s right.
I am…
…a demon, but I am also a doctor, and I wish to annihilate that man, Kibutsuji.

Aren’t you coming, Daddy?

Daddy has work.
I have a business meeting to attend.
I’m also concerned about that disturbance just now.


Don’t worry.
I’m only going to speak with the police.

Aniki, let’s hit one more bar!

Yacchan, are you okay?

I’m fine! I’m fine!
I’m not even drunk yet━━

What the hell, you bastard?

Forgive me.

Hey, come back here!

I’m very sorry, but I happen to be in a hurry, so…

What did you say?
Hey, look at you, decked out in those posh-looking threads!
You piss me off!
You and your pale face…
You look like you’re about to fall over dead!

Hey, say something, will you?
Or did you just croak?

What did you do to my kid brother?

He’s dead!
Yacchan’s not breathing!

You bastard!

Does my complexion look unhealthy to you?

Is my face pale?

Do I look sickly to you?
Do I look like I’m not long for this world?
Do I look like I’m about to die?

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
I am a perfect creature infinitely close to perfection.

What do you think will happen if you receive a massive amount of my blood?

The human body is unable to withstand such transformation speed.

And its cells break down.

Bring me the head of the Demon Slayer who wears hanafuda-like earrings.

As you wish.
Your wish is our command.

Those earrings…

{\an8}Now, listen to me! Here’s the deal…

My point is this, okay?
It’s not about the money!
What I can’t forgive is your lack of intent to eat my udon, all right?

I’m so sorry!
Please serve me another bowl!

So, you’re gonna eat it?


You, too!
If you’re gonna have udon, take off that bamboo thingie first!
What is that thing anyway?
Take these chopsticks! Chopsticks!

I’d like a bowl of udon!
I’d like two bowls of udon!


Thank you very much for the meal!
That was delicious!

As long as you get it! It’s all good!
Thanks for your business!

Sorry about that, Nezuko.
Leaving you behind like that…
What’s wrong, Nezuko?

So, you’ve been waiting for us?

Because I was told to bring you to see her.

I could’ve tracked you by scent.

She’s in a place that’s under a cloaking spell.
No way could you find it.


Isn’t that woman a demon?
And an eyesore to boot.

Does he mean “ugly”?


Who in their right mind would call her an eyesore?
Just take a good look at her features!

She was the beauty of our hometown! Our Nezuko!

Let’s go.

Sure, we’ll go, but still…
No way is she an eyesore! Not on your life!
Take a look at her where there’s a bit more light!

Oh, I know what it is!
It’s this muzzle, right?
It might be because of this muzzle!

I’d like you to behold Nezuko without the muzzle!

Hurry it up.
While no one’s around.

There’s a house behind the dead end!

Get over here!
Listen. Make sure you don’t offend that person in any way.
Personally, I couldn’t care less what happens to you.
But I brought you here because she insisted!


I have returned.

Welcome back.

I’m sorry that I left you to take care of things just now.
How is the lady?

She’ll be just fine.
Unfortunately, I have to keep her husband restrained in the basement.

Isn’t treating human wounds unbearable for you?

You think demons treat humans while choking back their own drool at the smell of blood?


Stop it. Why would you resort to violence?
I never introduced myself, did I?
My name is Tamayo.
That boy is Yushiro.
I hope that you’ll be his friend.

I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

It’s not unbearable, you know.
I believe it’s much easier for me than for normal demons.
Because I’ve tweaked my body considerably.
I’ve also removed Kibutsuji’s curse.

Come this way.

Hey, Nezuko, that’s bad manners!

That’s quite all right.
Please make yourselves at home.


Now then, allow me to continue.
I adjusted our bodies so that we can live without devouring humans.
A small amount of human blood is all we need.

You mean…

You may find it distasteful, but what I do is buy blood under the guise of transfusions from those unable to make ends meet.
Of course, not so much that it would impair them.

I see.
So, that’s why I’m not picking up that strange scent unique to demons from these two.
But they do need human blood after all.
If blood is all they need, then Nezuko…

Yushiro can get by with even less blood.
I’m the one who turned him into a demon.

You did that?

You’re right.
It’s generally held that no one but Kibutsuji can reproduce demons.
That’s more or less accurate.
{\an8}After more than 200 years, I was only able to transform Yushiro into a demon after all.

Two hundred years…
You were only able to transform Yushiro after more than 200 years?
Exactly how old are you, Tamayo-san?

Don’t ask a lady her age, you uncouth ruffian!

The next time you hit that boy, I’ll make you regret it!

Yes, ma’am!

She’s beautiful even when she’s angry!

There’s one thing I’d like to clear up with you.
I’m not trying to create more demons.
I only perform the procedure on the terminally ill or those so gravely injured that they don’t have long to live.
And in those cases, I always ask them beforehand if they wish to live on even as demons.

The scent she’s giving off is pure and devoid of deception.
She’s someone I can trust.

Tamayo-san, is there a way to turn a formerly human demon back into a human?

See anything?

I can see.
I can see footprints.

This is it. This is it.

Making a huge turn over there.
There are three of them.
And one’s carrying some kind of big box.

How should we kill them, I wonder.
I can feel power flowing through me.
Because of all the blood he shared with me.

Of course we’re going to slaughter them cruelly.

There is a way to turn a demon…
back into a human.

Please tell me how!

Don’t you dare get so close to Tamayo-sama!


I only threw him, Tamayo-sama.
I did not hit him.

You mustn’t do either.

Yes, ma’am!

For any kind of wound, there’s always some kind of medicine or treatment.
At this time, I’m unable to turn a demon back into a human, but surely, that, too…
However, we are dedicated to establishing such a method of treatment.

Towards that end, I’d like to ask you to do something for me.
To produce such an medicine, it is necessary to study the blood of numerous demons.
I have two favors to ask of you.
One, permission to study your sister’s blood.
Two, to retrieve blood samples from demons as closely related to Kibutsuji as possible.

Nezuko’s current condition is extremely rare and unique.
I understand that she was asleep for two straight years, and I believe that her body underwent changes during that time.

Normally, any demon who went that long without consuming the flesh or blood of a human or beast would unquestionably go berserk.

Tamayo-sama is beautiful today, too!
I’m sure she’ll be beautiful again tomorrow!

And yet, surprisingly, Nezuko shows none of those symptoms.
This miracle will be the key to finding a solution.

The other request I have for you is a harsh one.
By “demons closely related to Kibutsuji,” I meant demons who have received a massive amount of power from Kibutsuji.
It won’t be easy to extract blood from such demons.
Are you still willing to go along with my requests?

If there’s no other way, then I’ll do it.
If it means you’re going to research all these demons’ blood and create this medicine…
If that happens, that means it won’t just be Nezuko.
Lots of other people will be saved, too, right?

That’s right.

Get down!

Did you decide how to kill them?

Cruelly, of course!

I’m starting with the Taishou secret today!
Yushiro’s hobby is to write in his Tamayo-sama journal.
I hear that he churns out seven to ten pages a day.

And now, I’ve found that very journal.
Let’s take a peek, huh?
Let’s see.
“January 10. Tamayo-sama was ethereal and gorgeous again today.
At 17:10, she called my name.
Twice, no less!
Her voice was beautiful.

At 17:29, when Tamayo-sama, deep in thought, slipped on the step…”
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