Comic Market 97 | Anime Event【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Event

This time, I went to the Comic Market 97.

[Announcement] Comic Market 97

750,000 visitors in 4 days!

Comike Preparatory Committee announced that the total number of visitors to Comic Market 97 (C97), which was held from December 28 to 31, 2019, was 750,000 in total for four days.

C97 had 190,000 visitors on the first day, 180,000 on the second day, 190,000 on the third day, and 190,000 on the fourth day.

At the C96 held in August 2019, the total number of visitors was 160,000 on the first day, 170,000 on the second day, 200,000 on the third day, and 200,000 on the fourth day, for a total of 730,000.

Announcement C98

The next C98 will be held in May due to the influence of the Tokyo Olympics.

It will be held for 4 days from May 2 to 5, 2020.

C97 Gallery