CLANNAD | Tokyo 【Anime Holy Place】

Anime Holy Place

The place I went to interview this time is Tokyo, which is the holy place of the anime “CLANNAD”. 

Anime CLANNAD is an animation that deals with Tomoya Okazaki‘s high school life and life after graduation. 

An animation that includes everything from encounters at the school with the heroine Furukawa Nagisa to the hardships of marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing after graduation, and it is possible to encounter obstacles and joyful events that may occur more in life by looking through You can relive it. 

It is famous as a very crying anime

History of the anime version “CLANNAD”

CLANNAD was animated on September 15, 2007, and its broadcast as a television anime was broadcast from October 4, 2007. 

A total of 23 episodes of the first phase were broadcast, and 24 episodes of the second phase were also broadcast from October 2, 2008. 

It became animation based on being released as a PC game on April 28, 2004. 

It was drawn on the theme of “Kizuna” with people. 

This work became a big hit work following “Kanon” and “AIR“. 

Pilgrimage to sacred places

Let’s take a walk through the holy places. 

Tokyo Hamura Station 

First, Hamura Station, one of the holy places, is located in Hamura, Tokyo. 

There are facilities such as Seiyu and Matsumoto Kiyoshi around the station. 

Hamura Station has appeared several times as the nearest station for characters appearing in CLANNAD. 

In the surrounding area, there are many places where it is thought that there will be a Kamenoko Children’s Park, Furukawa Bakery that is Nagisa’s house, and many sacred places of CLANNAD such as Acorn Mountain Children’s Park

A lot of holy places pilgrimage can be done just by taking a walk around Hamura Station 

If you are accessing from Tokyo Station, take JR Chuo Ome Line Rapid Line Ome Line and get off at 26 stations

It takes about an hour, so it may be unexpectedly far? 


Kamenoko Children’s Park 

Kamenoko Children’s Park is a park in the vicinity of Hamura Station introduced earlier. 

There were characteristic objects in the park, and it appeared in anime. 

It is set that there is Furukawa bread which is Nagisa’s house in the street in front of this park in animation, but there is no bakery actually. 


Acorn Mountain Children’s Park

Acorn Mountain Children’s Park appears in the scene where Akio who is the father of Tomoya and Nagisa plays a baseball game

In this holy place there are sea otters and koala rides and slides, which are also reproduced in the anime. 

In this park, Tomoya asks Nagisa’s father, “Please give me Nagisa to me“. 

It may be said that it is an important holy place for CLANNAD fans. 

 [Tokyo Anime Holy Place]

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