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Anime Introduction

[What is “Celestial Method”?] 

Celestial Method” is a Japanese TV animation work. 

The abbreviation is “Sora Meso” . 

From October to December 2014, it was broadcast on TOKYO MX, TV Hokkaido (TV北海道) and others. 

13 episodes 

Animation production : 3Hz 

Production : Kiriyako Tourism Association 

Kiriyako , a fictitious city with a mysterious disk in the sky, modeled on Lake Toyako , Hokkaido 

A story centered on two girls, a third-year junior high school girl who returned to this town for the first time in seven years, and a mysterious girl of unknown age. 

  • Celestial Method”(天体のメソッド)
  • “Sora Meso”(そらメソ)
  • Kiriyako Tourism Association ( 霧弥湖町観光協会 )
  • Kiriyako (霧弥湖)
  • Toyako (洞爺湖)
  • Hokkaido (北海道)


A lake in a certain region, Lake Kiriya

One day, a huge and translucent mysterious disk appeared over it. 

The people of Kiriyako and around the world were confused in the face of an unprecedented situation that seemed to be a visit from outer space. 

However, the disc did not take any action and did not show any will, and it just remained silent and remained in the sky. 

After a while, the alertness and fear of the first disc that all mankind had gradually faded, and the disc became part of the everyday landscape that was seen by the residents of Kiriyako. 

At the same time, the area around the lake is crowded with tourists who are interested in seeing the disk. 

Seven years have passed since the appearance of the disk. 

Nonoka Komiya, a junior high school girl who moved from Tokyo to Kiriyako-cho with his father’s transfer. 

Meet the mysterious beautiful girl Noel in Kiriyako. 

And it was also an opportunity for Nonoka and some of the girls in the land to start a time that had been stagnant for seven years … 

  • Lake Kiriya (霧弥湖)
  • Kiriyako-cho (霧弥湖町)


Nonoka Komiya (古宮 乃々香 Komiya Nonoka

Noel (ノエル Noeru

Yuzuki Mizusaka (水坂 柚季 Mizusaka Yuzuki

Sōta Mizusaka (水坂 湊太 Mizusaka Sōta

Koharu Shiihara (椎原 こはる Shiihara Koharu

Shione Togawa (戸川 汐音 Togawa Shione

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